Confessions of a cancer cell

  Dear human: How are you!
  I am a cancer cell that is daunting. Once, we are also friends of peaceful coexistence. I lived in you when I was born. At that time, I was still a normal cell. Like my brothers and sisters, I worked hard every day for the normal operation of your body.
  I received an invitation today and confessed why I was “bad”. If I can help you with “the road to prevent cancer and cancer,” I will die without regret.
  How I turned out of
  your body, like a huge “cells kingdom”, which is home to nearly one trillion people. Every 300 million compatriots are replaced by new compatriots every minute. At the beginning, I was just one of the ordinary ones. However, there are always a variety of bad guys to stimulate and seduce me, such as chronic inflammation, viral infections, ingredients in cigarettes, alcohol, ionizing radiation, foods containing carcinogenic mutagens, contaminated water, and so on.
  Most of the time I have stuck my teeth and will not become cancerous when I encounter temptation. Not only do I do my job in many times, but I am also bound by various systems. One of them is the system of investigating genes for tumor suppressor genes. The most famous name is the p53 gene, which often tells us to “see the mirror, the crown.” If I make a small mistake occasionally, the p53 gene will try to fix it; if it is not repaired, he will never let me have a bad chance. However, he is sometimes too tired, or sometimes he has changed himself! At this time, I will slowly change and become a “devil” that is less and less like myself and incredible.
  Change made me lose myself
  first of all, I began to look more and more strange. Compared with other brothers, I stand out because of strange shapes and different sizes. At this time, the human body has another system to bind me, such as the immune system. For those who have poor immunity, I will lurk in their bodies and grow up with peace of mind. This incubation period may be several months or many years.
  What is even more frightening is that I have super proliferative ability, which means that it can proliferate indefinitely! Even if I want to control, I can’t stop it. The children and grandchildren who ran out of my body and I clung together and became a large group. When I split to 1 million, the group is only 1 mm in diameter. You can’t find it with any medical examination equipment. When it grows to 1 billion, the diameter is 1 cm, forming a fortress (lumps, you are called tumors). ). At this time, even if the immune system finds us, it is no longer our opponent!
  As more and more cells are split, the demand for nutrition is getting stronger and stronger. My fortress is getting bigger and bigger, and it is getting deeper and deeper. Because of the large amount of nutrients required, we have repaired the blood vessels ourselves and allowed the nutrients to provide us with supplies. A lot of nutrients make us grow wild. Sometimes we will pierce the original “organization” and invade other organs. In the end, we will run around the whole body along the blood vessels and lymphatics! Everywhere we have our footprints, there is no good soil. We find that you are suffering and getting weaker.
  How external forces destroy us
  though I lose ground in the body, but I’m afraid of screening and physical examination! I am afraid of hospitals and doctors!
  Because although I grow very fast, it is not as fast as you think. Generally, it takes 5 to 10 years from cancer to symptoms. During this period, if I am discovered by you, I will be wiped out by external force:
  one is surgery, often copying my old nest; the other is radiotherapy That is, a high-energy ray kills us; there is also the use of chemotherapy drugs to poison us. In recent years, targeted drug applications have become more widespread, and some of our cancer cell brothers have caught small scorpions that attack us against these targets. There are also some immune drugs that can block our means of deceiving immune cells, turning immune cells back into the “superman” of the eye, killing us while not licking good cells.
  Now, do you know me a bit? In fact, people have some bad habits in the long road of life. These bad habits seem small but fatal! If some bad habits last for many years, you may become a “cancer candidate”!
  How not to become a “cancer candidate”
  Human friends, I don’t want you to be a “cancer candidate.” I hope to live in peace with you before I have cancer.
  Eat more yellow, green food, what you eat, a lot of things, relatively speaking, we are still very afraid of vitamin C-rich yellow, green food. Eating more of these two colors of vegetables and fruits can greatly reduce the probability of mutation in the stomach, intestines, lungs, uterus, prostate, etc.!
  Frequent exercise studies have found that the incidence of lung cancer and colorectal cancer decreased by 68% and 38%, respectively. At the same time, even for cancer patients, active exercise can inhibit our vitality and make us tired and weak.
  Multi-station and less-sitting experts say that more than 92,000 cases of sedentary-related cancer occur each year, and it is difficult to offset the risk of sedentary cancer even if it is exercised regularly. Therefore, in order to contain us, please take up an activity every hour, so that we can be quiet and no longer cause trouble.
  Insufficient vitamin D in the sun, it will increase the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and stomach cancer. Take the sun for 15 minutes every day, let the body absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun to synthesize vitamin D. This is a vitamin that our cancer cells are super afraid of! Don’t let it dry for too long, otherwise my activity in your skin will increase dramatically.
  Ensuring sleep and sleep will promote the growth of immune factors, so we can’t move. The researchers said that women who sleep less than 7 hours a night have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Develop good sleep habits and never let us have energy. If you can take a nap at noon, you can effectively control us.
  Eat less sugar as a cancer cell. My favorite “food” is sugar. 57% of the sugar in your blood is used to nourish me. The longer I can control, the faster, the longer and the stronger. The study found that drinking only two sweet drinks a day would increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. So for me, and for yourself, please eat less sugar.
  Testing my presence A number of studies have found that colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer can be detected by early screening. In other words, during my long growth, you still have many opportunities to discover and destroy me as soon as possible! At the age of 40, he had a gastroscope and at the age of 50 he had a colon cancer screening. If you smoke, please remember to have a chest CT every year; if you have chronic hepatitis, please remember to check your liver regularly. Therefore, early screening is the most effective way to defeat us! Of course, I may also be born to ambush in your family. If you find that two or more of your family members have been “pilled” by me, please do a genetic test to find out if I also exist. Your body.
  In fact, if everyone loves themselves, cancer cells are always “healthy babies” in normal cells; but if you don’t give up some bad habits and squander your life, cancer cells can only give up. So, please take good care of yourself from now on!