Circle of friends

 Huawei conducted an experimental test and made it into a video. The content was like this:
  After obtaining the consent of the five respondents, the testers backed up and published their mobile phone address book, and then continuously presented them to them. There are 5 questions.
  The first question is “guess the number of people in your phone’s address book.”
  Respondents guessed it was very conservative. Some people said two or three hundred. Some people said that there were many. However, the actual number of people in the address book is much larger than the number they suspected. The respondents were also surprised that there were more than a thousand people in their address book.
  Next, respondents were asked to “delete people who would not contact you actively”.
  As a result, some people who have seldom contacted and can’t help each other have been deleted. Some people think that many people who are socializing do not contact frequently, but it is not convenient to delete them.
  As a result, the tester raised the third question, “If you don’t have to think about work and entertainment.” How many people are left in the address book? At this point, there are only 20 or 30 people left in the address book of the respondents.
  ”Aside from the family, how many people can you tell the truth?” After the fourth question was asked, the respondents seemed to be silent all at once.
  Finally, at the moment when the answer was revealed, the five respondents were very embarrassed – the address book of more than a thousand friends ended up with only two or three people.
  The last question is “Where are you left in your address book, when was your last contact? Call him or her.”
  When I heard this question, the respondents choked and became more silent, because even such a precious person has not been in contact for a long time.
  Switching one by one: One interviewee and a friend who hasn’t been in contact for a long time talked very tacitly about each other’s current situation, just like never separated. Someone put up the phone with anticipation, but was directly hanged by the other party… Video In the end, the viewers felt the heart of the heart, as if they saw the true portrayal of their circle of friends.
  It is said that everyone will encounter 8,263,563 people in their lifetime, and will greet 39,778 people. They will be familiar with 3,619 people and will be close to 275 people, but in the end they will be separated from the crowd, who really care about you and can accompany you from beginning to end. There are few and few, so few.
  Affectionate for a long time. We should believe that time will leave the most worthy people.