Can black sesame make your hair black?

Net pass to eat black sesame seeds, Polygonum can make hair black, is this true?

Why are there white hair?

The basic chemical components of hair are keratin, melanin and trace metals. We have black hair because of the presence of melanin, which is inseparable from tyrosinase. If the activity of this enzyme and its related proteins is reduced, melanin synthesis will be reduced, pigmentation will be reduced, and white hair will be whitened. .

Modern medicine generally believes that the lack of vitamins and trace elements caused by parental genetics, high mental stress, poor dietary habits, and environmental pollution are common causes of increased white hair. In addition, diseases such as hyperthyroidism can also cause whitening of hair. Of course, if it is senile white hair, there is no need for treatment.

Do you eat black sesame seeds, black beans and other black foods to make your hair black?

Indeed, black foods such as black sesame are rich in nutrients such as protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, trace elements, etc., which can provide raw materials for the synthesis of melanin. In addition, black sesame seeds contain melanin, which has free radicals and resistance. Oxidation and other functions.

However, the problem of white hair is not solved by eating some black food. More importantly, we should pay more attention to the comprehensive and balanced nutrition in the normal diet. If the diet is not balanced, it is easy to cause some lack of nutrients, and the lack of certain nutrients may lead to whitening of hair, such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and other B vitamins, iron, copper. , trace elements such as zinc and cobalt, or essential nutrients such as proteins.

Is the practice of Heshouwuzhi white hair worth promoting?

Polygonum multiflorum is a traditional Chinese medicine containing stilbene glycosides, strontium and phospholipids, as well as starch, crude fat and various trace elements. There are two kinds of raw products and processed products, which are recorded in the Pharmacopoeia. One of the traditional uses of the latter is to treat “early white”.

However, the General Administration of Drug Administration of China reported in the “Adverse Drug Reaction Information Bulletin” that oral administration of Polygonum and its prescriptions may have the risk of causing liver damage. Over-dose, long-term continuous medication may increase this risk. Its adverse reactions are mainly systemic fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms (loss of appetite, oil, etc.), jaundice (urine yellow, yellow eyes, yellow skin, etc.), laboratory abnormalities (bilirubin and elevated transaminases, etc.). Therefore, oral administration of Polygonum multiflorum or Polygonum multiflorum is not recommended for the treatment of white hair, especially if it is blindly taken without guidance.

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