Be a pure and determined traveler

  Over the years, the formalism of travel has leapt to the top. People have decided that there is no problem that a trip can’t solve. If it doesn’t work, then abandon six pennies, naked travel or interval years.
  Everyone who lives in the city of steel, who is a murderer of rice, claims that he loves to travel, is eager to travel, and often shouts: “The process of life, whether it is the spring snow or the green tofu, I have to taste what it is. Only by looking at the real thing, will it not go to the world!” After all, most people often take a break, leaving only a small number of people to take a train or plane for more than ten hours, punching foreign nets, and trying hard to The mountains and lakes took a few attractive photos and couldn’t wait to announce to the circle of friends: “It’s so exciting, my life’s confusion has been cured by travel!”
  But in fact, travel has never been opposite to life. This kind of “singularity” makes people live more and more superficial, and there is no essential difference between buying a yacht, spending a luxurious sea view room and buying a limited number of luxury decorations. Just paying for travel is like paying for knowledge, which proves that you are a quest for a sense of ritual, freshness and taste.
  In fact, there has been another kind of travel in the world.
  Xu Xia’s shoulder straps are far away from the crown. The footprints of Yan, Jin, Yun, Gui, and Guangguang have been used for 16 years in 16 provinces. Xuanzang traveled west for 17 years. Confucius traveled around the country to promote political opinions for 14 years. Even today, travel is still not that easy. Since 1997, Li Yuezhong has traveled 147 countries around 225 times in 19 years, spanning six equator lines in Asia, Africa and the Americas, reaching the Arctic Circle in the farthest and Ushuaia in Argentina in the south. As of July 2018, only Antarctica has left his footprints on seven continents.
  Coincidentally, there is also a traveler on the other side of the ocean – Bill Porter, a famous Sinologist who keeps his feet and does not stop writing, and is one of the most translated translators in China. The Columbia University anthropology doctor has a strong interest in Chinese culture. He has lived in the mountain village of Taiwan for 14 years and has been living in Buddhist scriptures and ancient poetry. As an American, he traveled to mainland China, along the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, followed the footsteps of 36 poets such as Chen Ziang, Li Qingzhao and Bai Juyi to explore the remains and write down the series of people who did not meet the series. His “The Southern Hermit Visitors” “Empty Valley”, “The Zen of the Zen”, is very insightful, with rich details.
  In the opposite direction, there will always be different happiness. It is the real experience that has laid the foundation for the tone and interest of those who I admire and admire, and has shaped their poetry.
  Coronation wrote in the notes: “There is no enjoyment in travel.” A person embarks on a journey in order to self-cultivate, that is, to practice inner and eternal sensibility. No matter what kind of travel, if you enslave for a clear purpose, it makes no sense, just a psychological comfort and satisfy your own vanity.
  In the four years of the university, I have earned a six-figure draft fee by submitting articles for major publications and participating in many essay competitions. This not only allows me to independently pay tuition and living expenses, but also gives me the opportunity to travel to more than 20 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Yunnan, and Sichuan.
  After the return trip, the people around me said that I had a history of many public expenses. But compared with some travel experts who have traveled to nearly 100 countries, I dare not mention my own simple and sad travel experiences, but I am willing to share the stories I have encountered in the toss. Because I know that every time the heartfelt roaming of the soul gives me no re-enjoyment, let me know myself and know the world.
  What is the meaning of travel? Looking at different scenery? Accumulated flight miles? A small seal on the punch map? Still leaving a lot of gorgeous background selfies? Compared to every trip, there is always an expectation of “acquisition”. I think the better answer is actually “willing”, a kind of pious perseverance in the heart.
  Travel is not just to show “I am very powerful” and “interesting”, it has never been a panacea. This journey is full of happiness, temptation and adventure ideas. It is not necessarily great to go far, but you can live a very good attitude, just like poetry and rock music. Similarly, it is not enough money and time to be able to play tricks. The wonderfulness comes from our vivid, immediate, natural and free-spirited reality, from the unknown, courage, courage, and intelligent entanglement.
  Those insignificant but vital, such as the “I”, the kaleidoscope of world views, the gifts along the way, and the re-given sensibility and spiritual experience outside of daily life, may be the most appropriate for us. Travel significance.
  Of course, even if you don’t leave home, it’s fine. Be sure to keep a curiosity about life, a pure and firm traveler’s heart, like the words written by Mu Xin: “The former day has become slower, cars, horses, The mail is slow, and you only love one person in your life.” To be slower, the target is weaker, continue to taste and arrive, and never stop doing intellectual and spiritual exploration around the world.
  May everyone pray for it, find it and find it, knock on the door and open the door for you.

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