30% of British marriages begin on the Internet

Due to the popularity of dating software, the traditional British marriage model is being disrupted: by 2037, the UK will usher in the “newborn E era”-the love crystallization caused by “online dating” will exceed the “offline combination” for the first time Production of babies.

The British “Daily Mail” reported on the 27th that a recent survey of 4,000 adults in a UK dating site shows that the size of the “online dating” population is increasing year by year: from 2015 to 2019, up to 32% of all marriages in the UK Relationships start online, and this proportion was only 19% in the 10 years before 2015. Respondents generally praised software dating, and nearly half said that the Internet has created a more friendly communication environment for introverts.

It is estimated that by 2035, more than half of the marriage relationships in the UK will start online, and online dating will also officially become a marriage and recognition model recognized by most people. By 2037, the love crystals of the British “online dating family” will be born one after another, and will surpass the babies born in other modes of marriage, marking the official arrival of the “newborn E era”.

the Tokyo version of the Michelin Restaurant Guide 2020 announced the selected restaurants. Surprisingly, the number of top Japanese sushi restaurants that have been rated as Samsung since 2008 has been dropped by Yoriyabashi Jiro Sushi.

It turned out that the reason for the drop was not the decline in the quality of the meal, but that the high-end sushi restaurant had stopped accepting reservations from ordinary people. Chef Shuji Onoyajiro, a sushi restaurant, is highly skilled and has been made into a documentary by an American director. He is known both inside and outside Japan as the “God of Sushi”. Japanese Prime Minister Abe also hosted Obama here.

The defeat of the sushi restaurant caused a lot of shock in Japan. A Michelin representative said in a statement: “Michelin’s policy is to recommend restaurants where everyone can eat.” It is reported that another sushi restaurant called “Sato” also does not accept phone calls from ordinary people. Fall off the list.

pigeons in Paris are “notorious” for being too dirty, dirty, screaming, liking to turn over the trash and possibly spreading diseases. In recent years, it has also been found that the paws of these “urban stray birds” often lack a toe and limp along the road.

Many people are convinced that pigeons are crippled by disease due to unclean habits, but a survey by the French Museum of Natural History and a large researcher in Lyon found that it was humans that caused the pigeons to become crippled. It turned out that barbershops often threw the cut hair to the bins and the streets without sorting. When the pigeons were looking for food in the bins, their paws would be tangled, and over time, it would cause toe necrosis and fall off. Although some pigeons are entangled in toes with wires, ropes, etc., hair is the main culprit. The report said that to measure the pollution and health status of a city, the number of pigeon toes and the metal residues of feathers are good indicators.

more than 50% of young people in Russia hope to emigrate abroad, reaching the highest point in nearly a decade. According to a report by the Russian “Businessman” on the 27th, the poll showed that 53% of young Russians aged 18-24 expressed their desire to leave Russia, and in 2014, only 20% held this Kind of point of view. Some people who want to move abroad are out of concern for their children’s future, some are not satisfied with the economic and political situation, and some people think that the quality of medical services abroad is higher. According to Anatoly Vishnevsky, an expert at the Russian State University of Economics, “Young people are the most uncertain group in the future for the population. Therefore, not people who want to migrate will leave in the future.” Duma, Moscow Assemblywoman Yelena Nikolaeva said that the government has established many technology parks and development centers, and wages are also rising. Russia is a country full of opportunities and cannot claim that a large number of young people are leaving the country.

Crimea is currently facing severe water shortages, mainly due to rain this year. Less and unusually high temperatures. In recent months, there has been no rain in the area, and even the local temperature was as high as 28 degrees Celsius in mid-November, which dried up many local reservoirs.

However, local water supply leader Igor Wally said the water shortage was caused not only by drought but also by excessive tourists in summer. “Unfortunately, due to the influx of tourists, during the holidays, the water supply department provided an additional 3 million cubic meters of water for this. They drank more than the planned millions of cubic meters of water.” Facing the water shortage The local government has called on residents to save water. The Crimea branch of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said that there will be heavy rains in the Crimea region on the 27th, and the problem of drought will be eased by then.

after entering the 21st century, scientific and technological crimes have become more advanced, and financial fraud and telecommunications fraud have greatly affected the public. Whenever the Spanish police involves many high-tech issues in the process of case detection, it needs scientific and technological units to assist in solving the case. This will increase the time to solve the case and give the suspect a chance to escape and re-offend. The establishment of a high-tech police station will not only improve the efficiency of case detection, but also save funds for case detection. It is reported that high-tech police must have a PhD or above, and the most popular subjects are chemistry, genetics, biology, telecommunications and so on. In the case of telecommunications fraud, with high-tech police, as long as the other party’s number is known, the source can be found, no matter what software the other party uses to change the number will not help.