What makes men attractive?

When it comes to men’s appeal, shiny shoes, neat hair, and pinstriped suits may be the details of many women’s attention. However, apart from these factors, does the attraction of men disappear? The answer is obviously no.

A study by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom showed that men with slightly longer than average legs were more attractive to women, and that the upper limbs were longer or the legs were too long. In other words, the attraction of men to women – just enough to see the legs!

Scientists believe that this conclusion is the result of human evolution. Because human evolutionary pressure has a great influence on women’s romantic feelings, women can instinct to choose healthier men. An important parameter to measure whether men are healthy and healthy is the proportion of the body. . A study by Johns Hopkins University in the United States found that the lower limb to height ratio, that is, people with shorter legs, had a slightly higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of hormone secretion or nutrition before or during childhood. Feeding conditions can affect the development of the height ratio and thus the risk of diabetes.

Does this mean that men are only attractive to women and are only healthy? Other proportions such as the arm, elbow and knee can also be related to a person’s health. Does the proportion of the body in these parts also affect the female point of view?

In order to answer this question, the researchers collected body proportion data of about 9,000 people in the US military, and synthesized the data by computer to generate the average body proportion of men. These images have no face, set an average height of about 1.8 meters, and the length of the limbs is slightly The difference is that the longest leg is 7.62 cm longer than the average. The researchers then adjusted the body proportions of these figures to make their arms and legs longer or shorter, and finally let more than 800 women in the United States compare the appeal of each model.

The results showed that males with a leg length longer than the average of 1.27 cm had higher scores, and those with too long or too short legs were scores. The other three experiments show that the length of the upper limb does not affect the attractiveness of men.

Obviously, women don’t care about men’s elbows or knees. It doesn’t matter where they are placed. Men’s arms don’t make women’s pulse beat faster. But when the woman’s eyes noticed the man’s legs, especially when the man’s legs were almost half the height of the whole body, their heartbeat began to accelerate and their gaze began to blur.