Uncover the mystery of Russia’s “innocent people”

Nikolai, a resident of Yabinsk, Russia, may be one of the most peculiar people in the world. He stopped his heartbeat forever after a heart attack, but he did not die, but he has been living well, he became Russia. The only big living person without a heartbeat. This medical miracle shocked the medical profession, and he was therefore called “unintentional.”

Wife’s affair, angry husband

On November 12, 2006, Nikola, a steel factory worker in the city of Yabinsk, rushed home after work. Today is the anniversary of the 30th anniversary of his marriage with his wife, Guyana. It is a good day to celebrate.

Nikolai was born in Moscow. At the age of 20, he worked at the steel factory in Yabinsk, and his salary was enviable. Also in this city, he married a young and beautiful girl, Guyana, and soon they became married. The life after marriage was calm and happy at first, but with the restructuring of the steel plant and a large number of layoffs. Nikolai gradually lost the opportunity to guarantee the quality of life and promotion.

This made him depressed, he became a frequent visitor in the pub, and alcoholism became his biggest hobby. His ignorance made his wife, Guyana, very disgusted, and her husband and wife gradually became cracked.

One day, Nikolai inadvertently heard the neighbors talk privately. Said his wife, Guyana, had an affair. But Nikolai quietly followed her wife several times and did not find any unusual behaviors and actions. This made Nikolai feel deeply guilty while at the same time. He cheered up and his career revived.

On the day of the 30th anniversary of the wedding, on the way home, Nikolai drove while watching the gift he gave to his wife on the bridge. It is a pair of brooch, a pattern of swan. He remembered that his wife had told him before that he liked the swan most. She used to practice ballet. Performed many “Swan Lake” in the city hall. Nikolai whistled when he thought of the surprise of his wife after receiving the gift. He parked his car in front of the door and he opened the door with a gift.

The room was dark and there was no light. Nikolai is a bit puzzled, where will the wife go this time? He opened the electric light and found that the living room was cleaned up by his wife, and only the telephone receiver on the low table was placed on the machine. A beep sounds.

Nikolai sinks in his heart and looks at it like this. It is estimated that it is an urgent call for his wife to go out in a hurry. He walked over and hung up the phone, then pressed the play button. There was a strange man’s voice in the telephone recording: “Dear Guyana, baby, I want to die. I want you to come to me now, because I have to go to Moscow for a while, this time. We can’t enjoy the best things together! After I hear the message, give me a reply, my plane at night!”

Nikolai sat on the sofa weakly and felt a great heartbeat. The sudden blow made him feel at a loss. At this time, the door was opened, and his wife, Guyana, came in. Although she carefully arranged her appearance, her hair was still a little unkempt.

“Who is that man?” Nikolai whispered, Gu Yana stunned, and the look turned back to nature. She said, “Nikolai, since you know it, we still divorce, I want to follow me. He will be happier together.” Saying, Gu Yana turned and left the house.

Huge shame and panic made Nikolai feel almost suffocated. His heart beats violently. What followed was unbearable colic. Nikolai reluctantly called for help with his last strength.

After the heart stops, it is miraculously resurrected

The comatose Nikolai was taken to the hospital. According to the number in his phone book. The hospital informed his wife and relatives. Nikolai was quickly sent to the rescue room, and the doctors quickly connected the ECG and detectors and shocked Nikolai.

As the electric shocker spurred, Nikolai’s body vibrated with the current, and he slammed up and then fell heavily on the bed again. From the point of view of the detector, his heartbeat is gradually changing from a curve and a turbulent flow to a straight spot and a straight line. His heartbeat has stopped, and the doctor looked at his watch and announced his death.

From the eyes of the rescue doctor. Guyana could not believe this result. The doctor whispered, “I’m sorry! My wife, I think I tried my best.” Guyana looked very excited. She didn’t expect that Nikolai, who had always looked strong, was taken away. She regretted her previous behavior.

The happy moments of the past with Nikolai are now in front of Gu Yana. She couldn’t help but whisper, she pushed the door open and walked into the rescue room. Two nurses are preparing to take care of the various instruments attached to Nikolai. Suddenly, Nikolai’s fingers moved, and he opened his eyes miraculously, opposite Gu Yana’s eyes. He stared straight at Gu Yana and asked, “You tell me. Why, why?”

A person who was judged to have died by a doctor slammed his eyes open, which made Guanya very frightened. Looking at Nikolai’s angry eyes, the fear made Gu Yana scream. She waved her hands and fled the rescue room quickly.

Nikolai saw his wife’s departure again and sighed long. Just as he was about to sit up, the two shocked nurses had recovered from their surprises, and one of them immediately informed the doctor.

When the doctor came to the rescue room, he saw Nikolai lying quietly in the hospital bed. The band on the instrument that detects the heart that shows the heartbeat is still a straight line. This is almost unimaginable. Nikolai was breathing smoothly. He saw the doctor coming and he smiled at the doctor.

Immediately, the doctor made a judgment that there was a problem with the instrument. As a result, the new instrument was pushed in and the result was the same. The extremely shocked young doctor is in desperate circumstances. I called my own mentor, Levitsky, a senior professor at the Russian Society for Cardiology Research. After Levitsky heard about the situation, he immediately bought a ticket to the city of Yabinsk. This situation has not been encountered before.

Except for no heartbeat. Nikolai, who can’t check for any other physical abnormalities, insists on going home first. After he was discharged from the hospital, he asked about his wife’s whereabouts. In the end, Gu Yana was sent home by the police. She was obviously extremely scared and her eyes were sluggish. After seeing Nikolai, she was once again screaming.

The helpless relatives of Nikolai and Guyana can only send her to the hospital. The results of the inspection showed that it was excessively frightened. Her spirit is out of order!

Incredible way of living

Immediately after Levitsky arrived at the hospital, he organized a medical team to prepare a heart test for Nikolai. In order to be able to convince Nikolai to cooperate, the doctor can only tell his condition truthfully.

I heard that my heart is no longer beating. Nikolai reveals a look of disbelief. He said, “Don’t lie to me. If my heart is no longer beating, it will mean losing my heart. Which person have you seen lost heart? Can you still be alive?” Professor Levitsky asked Nikolai: “How many different things do you feel in your body these days?” Nikolai shook his head.

In order to get the answer thoroughly, it has been carefully prepared. On January 11, 2007, at the city hospital, doctors conducted a heart attack on Nikolai. As the camera device in the front of the fiber catheter enters the ventricle of Nikolai, the heart of Nikolai’s quietness is displayed on the machine screen, and it no longer beats. Not even a little bit of vibration. This has been confirmed that Nicholai’s heart has completely lost its function, and now it is just a developed muscle group. There is no difference from other muscles on the body, or not as good as them. After all, people can also mobilize some of the muscles they want to mobilize.

This result made Nikolai himself feel incredible. Professor Levitsky told Nikola that it was necessary to cooperate with the diagnosis and block the news before finding the exact cause. Because this weird thing is known to everyone, it is easy to appear many inaccurate legends, and even cause panic in the local area.

Nikolai, who had been on long-term sick leave, lived in the nursing room that the hospital had given him. Every day, someone will carefully record and observe his lifestyle and every move.

Professor Levitsky also used other instruments to test, and each time the results showed that Nicholai’s once healthy heart had completely lost its function.

The heart is dead, just like the drain has lost the pump. What is continuing his blood circulation and blood oxygen supply? This problem has deeply plagued Levitsky.

In February 2007, Nikolai, who had been living in the hospital’s nursing room for nearly a month, became tired of getting tired. He does not want to be observed as a monster. In order to adjust his mood, Nikolai made two simple skis from the planks in the house. This season’s Yabinsk snow is a good time to ski.

Nikolai sneaked out of the house and had a good time on the hill behind the treatment room. Just when he was most happy. Suddenly, he felt the heart part began to panic and pain again, and it spread all over the body. He barely slid down the mountain and completely stunned the past.

When he woke up, Professor Levitsky was doing a new exploration for him. From the image of the camera that goes deep into the ventricle on the screen, it can be seen that the position of the cardiovascular and large blood vessels on the inner wall of Nicholai’s heart has a slight pulsation, which indicates that blood is circulating inside the body through pressure. Levitsky shouted in surprise: “Fast! Quickly measure the elasticity of his blood vessel wall!”

The results of the inspection were quickly handed over to Professor Levitsky, and there was no difference from the estimate: after Nikolai lost his heart function, it was these extremely elastic cardiovascular and large blood vessels in the body that sustained their lives. The enormous pressure, relying on relaxation and contraction, acts as a pump, replacing the heart to keep the blood circulation in the body normal.

This situation is the first in the world! If it weren’t for Nikolai’s skiing, it caused the blood circulation to accelerate. The cardiovascular and body blood vessels have been subjected to tremendous pressure to lead to coma, and this secret may not be uncovered.

“Flexible” secrets create new topics of life

In March 2007, Professor Levitsky published his thesis to a professional medical media. He believes that as long as the human blood vessel wall maintains a certain degree of elasticity and toughness, it can completely replace the heart for blood circulation and function. If you can study the secret of the blood vessel wall to maintain elasticity or increase elasticity, it will be a boon for all patients with heart disease.

In order to thoroughly study this subject. Professor Levitsky conducted a comprehensive medical examination of Nikolai. The results of the medical examination surprised Professor Levitsky. In addition to the elasticity of the blood vessels, Nikley’s body indicators are almost the same as their peers. In this case, his blood vessel wall is elastic, and there are only two possibilities: one is that he has any special exercise methods or lifestyles, which promotes the increase of blood vessel elasticity; the second is the genetic problem.

For these two possibilities, Professor Levitsky took the exclusion method. He first found Nicholas’ brothers and sisters, and they did a blood vessel elasticity check. The results show that their blood vessel elasticity is no different from that of ordinary people. This made Professor Levitsky have to look into the lifestyle of Niklet.

In order to be able to master the comprehensive materials. In addition to consulting Nicholas himself, he also invited famous neurologists and psychologists to treat Nikola’s wife, Guyana.

After a period of collection and sorting, Levitsky’s materials show that Nikley’s life is not much special, and the only thing that can promote the increase in the elasticity of the blood vessel wall is only three aspects. First of all, he loves sports and is always idle. The strong blood flow in the exercise promotes the elasticity of the blood vessels. Secondly, Nikola abused alcohol in his early years and later changed his fault at the request of his wife, but he Give up vodka, but drink some dry white or red wine every day; the last one may be Nikley’s work in front of the smelting furnace of the steel plant, the temperature is very high, and the workers in this workshop have a habit of drinking cold water. Or go outside the workshop during the break, or simply take a warm bath. This alternating hot and cold stimulation has great benefits for increasing the elasticity of blood vessels.

At present, the answer has been uncovered. Professor Levitsky’s next study will revolve around “how to increase the elasticity of the vessel wall in a knotful manner.”

Nikolai also forgave the gradually recovering wife, Guyana, who said that he would continue to take care of her for the rest of her life if possible. Because relying on blood vessels for blood circulation, after all, the strength is not as good as the heart, Nikolai is no longer suitable for the work of the steel plant. Levitsky said that Nikolai now needs the life of a normal person. High-intensity exercise and work cannot be performed. He and his wife can travel and quietly spend the rest of their lives. If this is the case, the life of this “unintentional person” can be known at any time. No one can say clearly.

Nikolai created a miracle of life in ignorance. We have reason to believe that perhaps in the near future, Professor Levitsky’s research will bring us even more surprises!