They are eavesdropping on the world

KGB agent cleverly taps the United States

Historically, there have been countless thrilling spy wars between the United States and the Soviet Union. But the most memorable thing is that the KGB used a bug called “Golden Lips” from 1945 to 1952. The US Embassy in the Soviet Union carried out an espionage operation codenamed “confession.” This eavesdropping action is both a shocking achievement of the Soviet KGB and a few classics in the history of the world’s espionage.

On November 16, 1933, the Soviet Union officially established diplomatic relations with the United States. From this day, the KGB agent never stopped monitoring and monitoring the US embassy in the Soviet Union. On December 17, 1943, the KGB developed a wiretapping device specifically for the US Embassy. This special type of bug is called “Golden Lip” and looks like a scorpion. It is very small and easy to hide. In addition, the working life of “Golden Lips” can also be extended indefinitely. In all respects, “Golden Lips” represents the top level of the world’s bugs at the time, and its advent provides extremely convenient conditions for the KGB to implement “confession” actions.

In order to install the “Golden Lips” into the core position of the US Embassy in the Soviet Union, the KGB took all efforts. They had designed a fire in the US embassy, ​​but when the agents dressed as firefighters tried to enter the office of Ambassador Harriman, they were turned away by the highly vigilant ambassador.

After many twists and turns, the KGB’s high-ranking participants came up with the idea of ​​putting the bug in the gift for the American ambassador. However, after the eavesdropping research authority, the Soviet Academy of Sciences academicians Berg and Iofei tested the selected gifts, the two experts agreed that these selected gifts were unreliable. The only viable option is to re-select the material to make the carrier based on the special properties of the “golden lip”. Considering that wood products are easy to place bugs without affecting eavesdropping, KGB’s head Beria and his high-ranking ginseng finally decided to let skilled craftsmen make a US national emblem with the most expensive wood and put “golden lips” “Hide it, send it to the Harriman office at the right time by giving a gift.” The “confession” action has finally turned around.

In February 1945, the world’s three major political giants Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met in Yalta. The KGB believes that the perfect time to conduct eavesdropping is over. The key question is how to invite Ambassador Harriman from Moscow to the Crimea on the Black Sea. The KGB has developed a whole set of lure programs. On February 9, the Soviet Union announced the opening ceremony of the “Altaike All-Su Shaoshou Fitness Camp” in Crimea, and issued an invitation to President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill in the name of the Soviet Young Pioneers. The KGB expects that the Americans who advocate “equality and fraternity” will never refuse the sincere invitation of the children, but the busy US president and the British prime minister will definitely go to the appointment, and the general officials will be appointed to participate in the children’s activities. Too suitable, the final candidate for this mission is most likely the two ambassadors to the Soviet Union. Sure enough, KGB, the US ambassador, and his British counterparts rushed from Moscow to Crimea to attend the opening ceremony.

The ceremony kicked off the tribute to the US and British ambassadors. Ambassador Harriman was completely immersed in the pure and tender voice of the children, and the alert and vigilance had long been dispelled by laughter and laughter. It was at this moment that four Soviet young pioneers carried a beautiful wooden American emblem to the ambassador of Harriman. The superb craftsmanship of the Soviet craftsmen made the well-informed American diplomat unable to help but marvel: “God! I can’t believe my eyes. Where is it best for me to put it?” Stalin private translator Lizhkov lost the opportunity to say to Harriman: “Just put it in your office, the British will definitely go crazy.” Harriman readily accepted this “special” gift and brought it back to the embassy. Hanging in a prominent position in your office.

This national emblem has been in the office of the US ambassador to the Soviet Union for eight years. In the past eight years, “Golden Lips” sent four ambassadors. The most amazing thing is that after the new ambassador, all the items in the office, from the fireplace to the ink bottle, will be replaced, but no one has ever touched the US national emblem. Its unparalleled artistic beauty has won the love of four American ambassadors, and even the opaque office curtains and furniture tones have been changed to match the national emblem.

But the perfect conspiracy will eventually end the day. Because the KGB was always familiar with the situation of the US Embassy, ​​the Embassy was alert, and in 1953, the “Golden Lips” bug was discovered by the CIA agent. At this time, it has been faithful to the KGB for 8 years. However, after discovering the “golden lips”, Americans have never had the courage to disclose their “disgrace” to the outside world. It was not until May 1960, when the Soviet Union shot down the U2 high-altitude reconnaissance plane in the United States, in order to respond to Moscow’s censure, Washington revealed the secret of “Golden Lips” to the whole world. At that time, the US representative to the United Nations, Cabot, also made an exhibition on the United Nations Security Council with the national emblem and the “golden lip” bug.

In the following decades, American and British agents have repeatedly tried to break the technical secrets of “Golden Lips” to imitate the same bugs, but in the end it was a waste of effort. To this day, the fine American emblem of the “Golden Lips” bug is still displayed in the museum of the CIA, allowing future generations to recall the history of the “shame” in the United States.

Anti-eavesdropping wars in countries around the world

Since the advent of the bugs, various anti-eavesdrop weapons have also emerged.

Among the anti-eavesdrop weapons, the most commonly used is the “anti-eavesdrop portable field measurer”, which is used to find a bug as a child playing hide-and-seek game. The anti-eavesman carried the instrument back and forth in the room, and the other person emitted a wide range of sounds and higher decibels in various corners of the room, such as clapping, whistle and music, when the hidden bug was inside. It will react to the sound, and the feeling of the eavesdrop will produce a weak electronic change in the eavesdropper. At this time, the eavesdropper can be detected extremely sensitively by using the “anti-eavesdrop portable field strength measuring device”. A weak electronic change, and then a little closer to the bug, until it finds its location accurately, completely cracking it.

In 1964, after the U.S. embassy in the Soviet Union cracked the KGB’s secretly installed eavesdropping network, the Federal German intelligence service was not far behind, sending a young electronic expert named Hearst Schwerkman to serve as a diplomat. Go to the Federal Embassy in the Soviet Union to inspect and destroy the bugs placed in the embassy by KGB. Whenever he finds a wired bug, Schweckerman uses his anti-eavesdrop weapon, the “anti-eavesdropping electric shock”, to input a violent high-voltage pulse shock wave into the eavesdropping line, thus connecting the eavesdropping All the eavesdropping devices on the line were burned out, and the spies who were listening to the headphones were shocked and squirming like shrimps, making them seem to have an electric shock.

In the 1970s, the US government made a strong protest against the KGB’s use of powerful microwaves to radiate the US embassy to the Soviet government, but the Soviet Union simply ignored it. In desperation, the US intelligence technology department had to send many technicians to install “anti-microwave eavesdropping equipment” for the US embassy in the winter of 1976. They installed “special screens” made of special metal mesh on the windows of the embassy, ​​and poured lead solutions that can block the microwave radiation in the walls of the conference room and the confidential room to make a “lead wall”. Advanced “noise jammers” have been installed in key departments to cover up some important conversations.

Western spy agencies have adopted a vocal attitude toward the Soviet embassy. For example, Japan also adopted advanced electronic eavesdropping on the Soviet embassy in Tokyo to implement day and night electronic surveillance of a target in the embassy. As a result, the Soviet KGB had to install anti-eavesdropping equipment. They made the walls, ceilings and floors of the room double-layered, and made a multi-layer glass window with special transparent glass. It was both soundproof and prevented from eavesdropping. For the sake of prevention, “music” was installed indoors. The electronic pulser” constantly emits into space to interfere with eavesdropping. Some countries have invented a “cage anti-eavesdropping office.” The “cage anti-eavesdropping office” is surrounded by metal mesh and the floor is insulated with insulators, even the lighting inside is filtered. In its interior, all furniture and materials are made of transparent plexiglass or molded plastic. It is impossible for a bug to be hidden inside, so that it can effectively cut off all contact with the outside world and ensure that the secret is absolutely not Was leaked.

Anti-eavesdropping is not always passive, as the anti-eavesdropping weapon of the Federal German expert Schwerkman is an active anti-eavesdrop weapon. At present, the active anti-eavesdrop device is mainly a telephone, and “scrambling secret anti-eavesdropping telephone” is one of them. It uses a scrambler to mix the voice of the conversation with a variety of artificial noises that make the eavesdropper unable to hear. However, in the other party’s telephone of the call, there is a “noise anechoic silencer”, so that there is no murmur from the other party’s earphones and it is very clear. The US National Security Agency has developed a new type of KL-43 high-privacy password telephone. It prevents eavesdropping and detects the location of eavesdroppers and bugs. Therefore, anti-eavesdrop experts have produced an “anti-belt”, which is known in some foreign countries as “cheese box” or “black box”. This kind of instrument can effectively prevent the discovery by the anti-eavesdrop device. Even if it is discovered, it can escape the early warning before the anti-eavesdropping team arrives.

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