The world is wonderful

“Upside down” cafe takes you to see the world from another angle

A roadside cafe in the town of Wertheim, Germany, uses the art of “inverted” to reverse everything in the store and let the customer stand in a new perspective to see the world. When you first enter this coffee shop, you are likely to have a dizzy feeling. From the outside, the whole house is head-down and the feet are facing up, feeling the car swaying at the top of the building. When you enter the store, all the decorations are reversed: in the bathroom, the sink, the toilet and the tub are the opposite of the normal display; in the kitchen, the table is hung on the roof; in the child’s room, the toy car is hung in the air. This creative café is very popular. Visitors who come here often take a selfie on the roof, then take photos on the Internet and share their unique experience in the “reversed” cafe with friends.

The shortest international flight will only fly for 8 minutes and the fare is about 300 yuan.

A commercial flight between St. Gallen, Switzerland and Friedrichshafen, Germany, is about 20 kilometers. In fact, it is just from 8 minutes to the other. It takes only 8 minutes and the fare is about 300 yuan. This flight is designed to make it easier for passengers to travel to the larger Cologne airport in Germany. The short route in Europe is amazing. The shortest domestic flight takes only 47 seconds! It is operated by the British Logan Airlines, from Westerly to Papa Westray, only 2.5 kilometers away. The officially announced sailing time is 2 minutes, but ideally it can be completed in 1 minute.

An alternative “coffin club” helps the elderly to solve loneliness

According to foreign media reports, Katie Williams, a 77-year-old retired nurse living in Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand, founded an alternative “Coffin Club” in 2010. Here, retired people can meet new people, dispose of loneliness, and think about and accept death while making and painting their own coffins. Katie used to be a hospice nurse. During her work, she witnessed the grief of various people in dying, and the funeral of these people is always far from the appearance of their vitality in their lives. Katie said that others will not be very clear about the lives and preferences of the deceased, and people deserve a more “personalized” farewell. The Coffin Club now has 12 branches throughout New Zealand. Katie said that many elderly people feel lonely and lonely. The “Coffin Club” is a very good social event, which makes them feel “useful”. In addition to making coffins together, the old people will also have morning tea, lunch, chat and music in the club.

The woman suffers from “dysphoria”. Other people can breathe loudly and make them angry.

Australia’s 24-year-old woman, Marina, suffers from a rare condition called fear. As long as someone else eats, snoring, or even breathing a little louder, it will cause her to be annoyed, and then she will scream loudly and unconsciously. Marina said that when she was 16 years old, she found herself with this strange “terrorist”, because at that time in the school cafeteria, she rushed out because she couldn’t stand the sound of others eating and chewing, and had to bring it. Earplugs can be alleviated. Now, with age, this situation is getting worse. At present, the audiologists in Brisbane, Australia are actively trying various ways to help treat Marina’s “terrorism”.

Men and their parents went out to seal the house with 100,000 meters of tape

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, the American Pittsburgh man Jonathan Hatchick went out on vacation and made a prank at home. He used his 1,000-volume Scotch tape with a total length of 97,000 meters to surround his house. Jonathan invited friends to help complete this “big project.” They put about 10 rolls of tape on a wooden stick to improve efficiency, and then began to tear and entangle, covering the outside of the house, the roof, and even the toilet with tape. Jonathan took the entire process and uploaded it online. He said in the video: “My parents have been out of town for a few days, I hope I can take care of my family. Now I am going to use tape to enclose the whole house.” After seeing the video released by his son, Jonathan chose to return to the city immediately. However, after returning home, he could not enter the house because the door was also sealed by tape.

India’s 200-year-old prison allows visitors to experience prisoner life

According to foreign media reports, a 200-year-old prison in southern India can provide visitors with the opportunity to live a prisoner’s life. The prison is located in the Sanger Adelaide district of the province of Telangana. Visitors will receive prison uniforms, basic bedding, soap and dining utensils, and will be taken to the cell. The accommodation fee is about RMB 50 per night. Singh, a prison official in the province of Taren Ghana, said that in addition to promoting sightseeing, staying in prison for one night can educate people and how hard it is to eat rice. Xinhe said: “We hope to let people know that in any case, don’t sin.” It is reported that the prison was built in 1796. It was originally intended to be a cavalry barracks. It was later converted into a prison and closed in 2012. The prison is now a museum that displays paintings and other works related to Indian crime and prison life.

The town train station platform is too high, passengers can only climb the window and ride

In a railway station in the town of Bad Bentheim in northwestern Germany, the platform for the disabled to get on the train was raised by 41 cm during construction, but the train door could not be opened. Passengers wanted to enter the train and only climbed the window. It’s ridiculous. As early as March 2016, the German Federal Railways decided to raise the platform from 35 cm to 76 cm. After the construction, it was found that the ground of the train station hall was not raised to the same height, so the entrance of the railway station could not be opened, for the passengers. Travel has added a lot of burden. After the passenger climbed the window for a while, the local security officer said that the operation was very dangerous. A small door was opened on the right side of the train station, and passengers could get on the train, but for many passengers, this small door Let them travel more and more. The town’s mayor said that the station was still waiting for the state government’s appropriation of RMB 8.17 million to complete the hall ground elevation project.

The man robbed the bank for jail because he did not want to live with his wife.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a 70-year-old man named Lawrence John Ripple of Kansas, USA, on September 2, he came to a local bank and wrote a note to the bank teller. He robbed himself with a gun and asked the bank to get cash. At that time, the teller satisfied his request, but surprisingly, Ripple did not escape, but sat in the hall and let the security guard arrest himself. Later, the FBI staff investigation revealed that Ripple did not intentionally commit a crime. He only chose to live in jail because he had a fight with his wife and did not want to live with his wife.