The Middle East frights the pain of the broken arm of the Jerusalem explosion

In recent years, the suicide bombings in the Middle East have almost never stopped. But for people in the country, this danger can only be felt from television and newspapers. However, Chen Yongjun, a Chinese construction engineer who worked on labor services in Israel, experienced this dangerous scene and lost his left hand in the explosion. On December 13, 2016, when he took the disability and walked down the plane flying to the Beijing Capital Airport, he stepped on the land of the motherland. He couldn’t help but tear his eyes and truly appreciate how valuable it is to live in peace.

First thought crisis

The 32-year-old Chen Yongjun, who lives in Xipu Village, Tong’an District, Xiamen City, is an engineering technician at Xiamen Jianlong Company. On February 18, 2016, he and several colleagues, as the company’s labor exporting Israeli technical staff, flew to Beijing’s capital Tel Aviv via Beijing.

It was already 10 o’clock in the evening on the 19th when arriving in Tel Aviv. Stepping on the land of a foreign country, the heart is empty, there is a feeling that every day should not be called, the ground is not working. Chen Yongjun, who walked off the plane, and the car sent by Miyaderu Film Company, which they went to work for, went to a concentration camp and settled. The person in charge of the company said to them: “You live here today. After work, the company arranges again. you guys.”

Since the following Saturday is still the Jewish Sabbath, all the companies and shopping malls do not go to work, and they do not have Israeli Sheikh coins, can not buy what they can eat, can only rely on seaweed soup to send a hungry stomach.

On the third morning, the company sent a car to the concentration camp and pulled them to a small town site called Amyco in Haifa. Although at home, Chen Yongjun is a technician of the construction company, in Israel, he is still assigned to the construction site as a cleaner with his companions, responsible for the simple work of cleaning the site.

Chen Yongjun, who rarely cares about international news in China, felt for the first time in his morning ten days after he went to work that he was in a dangerous place everywhere. That morning, on the way to his work on the train, the radio was playing on the radio on the car. Although he could not understand Arabic and English, the translation from China translated the news about the “Successful Bomb Explosion” on a bus in Tel Aviv’s city center and told them. During this time, there were frequent bus bombings in Israel, and they must be very careful when they take the bus.

In the days that followed, Chen Yongjun often heard news about Palestinian suicide bombings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. On the TV, the scene of the explosion was often broadcast live. When I saw the bloody bodies in the picture, Chen Yongjun really felt that the land under his feet seemed to be full of danger everywhere. From the TV news and people’s arguments, they also found that the explosions were mostly crowded places, especially the bus was the target of the bombers. Chen Yongjun did not dare to take the bus every time he went out.

On June 18, 2016, on the day they paid their wages, it was on the Jewish Sabbath. The fellows who received the salary decided to go to Tel Aviv to send money home, and let the families far away from home to share their first bucket of gold in a foreign country. On that day, those who were afraid of the explosion did not dare to take the bus. Several fellows rented a minibus to travel to Tel Aviv. Just after they got on the train, they were on the phone at another construction site and told them that they were on the way to the city. They said to them: “You must not go to Rome Street, it just exploded. “For the first time in four months in Israel, Chen Yongjun, who went to the city for the first time, heard the news when he was on the road. There was a feeling of creepy feelings. All the way, he was afraid, and he was afraid that the explosion would appear beside him.

Experience explosion

In a blink of an eye, Chen Yongjun spent more than four months in Israel working hard. On July 6, 2016, the company informed him that three Chinese fellows, Cai Xianyang, Lin Jinmou, and Lin Meichun, went to work at a construction site in Jerusalem.

Just a week after they arrived in Jerusalem, unfortunate things happened. It was noon on July 15, 2016, just on Friday. In Israel, they go to work every week until 12 am on Friday, from the afternoon to Saturday on the Jewish Sabbath, and go to work as usual on Sunday. After work this day, the four people negotiated to buy food from a relatively cheap open-air market not far from the construction site. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, they went out. At the bus stop just at the door, a bus just started. Chen Yongjun, who couldn’t catch up, joked about Lin Chunmei and Lin Jinmou: “If something happens today, it will be harmed by two people.” “At that time, I just talked casually. I didn’t want to be fulfilled later.”

When they took the bus for less than 10 minutes, the car stopped and could no longer move forward. I saw that the car in front was like a long dragon, and it was blocked. At the beginning, Chen Yongjun thought that there was a traffic accident. When the car could not move forward, he got off the bus and walked. After getting off the bus, I walked for less than two minutes. I saw that the front was blocked by the police. I squeezed closer and saw the stone on the fountain in front of the open-air plaza. There was a bomb that had not exploded. The police were using a robot to detonate.

With a loud bang, a strong shock wave hit them, shaking their bodies back a few steps, and a stream of air rushed into their mouths. Chen Yongjun thought in his heart: “Today is unlucky, I will meet this kind of thing.” At that time, my heart was extremely uncomfortable, and I must secretly pray that there should be no accident.

After the detonation, the police cleared the scene in time, and the car and the flow of people began to flow again. The four people walked less than 1,000 meters and arrived at a bus stop, so they took the bus and continued to advance to the vegetable market.

After buying some daily necessities from the market, the four people who witnessed the scene of the bombing were still worried. They decided to return to the station as soon as possible. Waiting for 10 minutes at the bus stop at the entrance of the market, the bus has not come, waiting for some boring Chen Yongjun, see an Arab next to the station is selling eggs, the bearded Arab sees him On his own, he showed a kind smile to Chen Yongjun. Chen Yongjun went to the Arab booth with curiosity to see the eggs he sold.

“Supporting the army, the car is coming.” After watching it for a while, Cai Xianyang standing on the side shouted at him loudly. When Chen Yongjun just picked up the items placed on the ground, he heard a loud bang, and then a group of fireballs flew toward him. It was too late to react. Chen Yongjun suddenly felt a little numb in his left hand, looking down, the whole hand from The palm is split upwards, it is nearly broken, the whole body is bloody, and the legs are full of nails. Chen Yongjun subconsciously searched for his companions, only to see Lin Jinmou, who was less than 5 meters away from himself, crouching down to the ground.

“Not good, I saw an explosion.” Chen Yongjun’s mind was very aware that he had encountered a suicide bombing. After a while, he felt the pain of the heart and lungs, and the consciousness began to blur. At this point, he faintly felt that an Israeli came close, tore his clothes that had burnt only the cloth, to help him bandage the wound, and then hugged him to the side of the road to lie down.

In less than ten minutes, Chen Yongjun, whose consciousness gradually became blurred, heard the ambulance whistling, feeling that he was taken to the ambulance, and then was shot, and then completely lost consciousness.

When Chen Yongjun first woke up, it happened to be at night, only to see that everything around him was white. Two male and one female Jewish nurses were sitting at their bedsides, looking at him with concern and seeing him open his eyes. They all showed a smile. When the nurse told him that it was already 18 days, he knew that he had been in a coma for 4 days and 4 nights.

Chen Yongjun, who woke up, blinked and saw that he was full of blood transfusions, infusions, and oxygen-supplying tubes. He looked down and saw his left hand disappeared. He clearly realized that the explosion a few days ago completely lost his left hand. His heart is very complicated, thinking that he will lose one hand in the future, I do not know how to live. At that moment, he missed his loved ones very much and wanted to tell the family about the injury. However, the nurse worried that he had just woken up and would affect his condition, that is, he would not give him a call. Soon, Chen Yongjun fell asleep again.

At 8 o’clock the next morning, when Chen Yongjun woke up, the ward was full of people, and a staff member of his company’s office in Israel, surnamed Lin, stood in front of his bed and there were some strangers. Through the introduction of the company’s staff, Chen Yongjun knew that there were also Ambassador Pan Zhanlin and the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Israel. It turned out that when the embassy learned that there was news of injuries among Chinese employees in the explosion, they took the staff to visit the hospital deliberately. Far away in a foreign country, after seeing the relatives of the motherland after the injury, Chen Yongjun’s heart was very excited. He couldn’t help but shed tears in his bed. It was only this morning that he knew that Lin Chunmei and Lin Jinmou, both of whom were with him, had been killed in the explosion, and Cai Xianyang was also blown off a leg.

Return to hometown

After the injury, Chen Yongjun has been living in a hospital in Jerusalem. After waking up, because there is no family to take care of the language, the Israeli side has arranged a Chinese translation that understands English and Arabic. Every day, he is accompanying Chen Yongjun in the hospital for three hours. He can only stay in the hospital for the rest of the time. The days are particularly boring.

On July 30, 2016, Chen Yongjun’s wife and father finally came to Israel from distant China. When the relatives met, the wife, Chen Yongjun, hugged her chest and cried into tears.

Chen Yongjun, who had lived in the hospital for more than a month, basically stabilized his condition. Considering that his expenses in Israel were too great, his father would return home first, leaving his wife to take care of him in Israel.

On August 23, after more than one month of treatment in the hospital, Chen Yongjun was transferred to the Hadassah Rehabilitation Hospital near Hebrew University for rehabilitation treatment. Due to strict regulations in the hospital, family members are not allowed to stay in the hospital except for patients. Chen Yongjun’s lover can only take care of the hospital during the day, and at night he is arranged by the Social Insurance Bureau to stay in a hotel near the hospital.

Just after Chen Yongjun transferred to the Hadassah Rehabilitation Hospital, at 5 pm on September 5th, Chen Yongjun and his wife were watching TV in the ward, and heard a loud noise from the cockroach. The window glass of the ward shook a bit. Chen Yongjun just felt the hospital. An explosion occurred nearby, and then an alarm of a sharp, harsh ambulance was heard. Upon inquiring, I learned that there was another explosion under an overpass not far from the rehabilitation hospital. It is said that when the explosion occurred, some people threw explosives from the bridge onto the bus stop under the bridge. At that time, many passengers stood under the bus stop and waited for the bus. Immediately after the explosion, they were killed. Nearly 20 people were injured in 9 people.

Since then, Chen Yongjun, who lives in the hospital, has rarely gone out, fearing that there will be another accident. On the morning of September 31, 2016, accompanied by his wife, Chen Yongjun was preparing to go to the insurance bureau to identify the disability level. He just walked out of the hospital gate and saw many ambulances heading for Hebrew University on the road at the hospital entrance. Chen Yongjun only knew that something was wrong. Someone placed a remote-controlled bomb under the school’s table. At lunch time, the students came to the restaurant to eat. Someone detonated the bomb. The restaurant flew flesh and blood, and the wounded were countless. After this, Chen Yongjun seemed to live in the danger of an explosion all day, nervous and nervous, often nightmares. During that time, he always hoped to escape this dangerous place as soon as possible and return to his home country.

After a period of hard work, Chen Yongjun’s disability results finally came to a conclusion, and various claims procedures have been submitted to the Israel National Social Insurance Agency. The Israeli Social Insurance Agency also explicitly promised to send claims directly to China in three months. At the same time, the Social Insurance Agency no longer pays for his living expenses and the accommodation expenses of his lover. Chen Yongjun, who could not afford these expensive expenses, decided to return to China to wait for claims.

On December 13, 2016, spent nearly 10 months in Israel full of fear, Chen Yongjun finally got on the flight back home. When the plane arrived in Beijing, a Jewish girl who was in college with him on a plane in China said to him: “The following is your motherland. You are coming home.”

Chen Yongjun listened, looking out from the window, I saw the blue sky, the tall buildings that lined up, and the heart suddenly gave birth to a solid sense of security.