The biggest escape of the train robbery

On December 18, 2013, the robbery Ronnie Biggs, who had participated in the British “Tax Robbery”, died in London. After being sentenced in 1963, Biggs was successfully sentenced to prison for only 15 months. Later, he took his family to the mouth, flew to three continents, fled for 36 years, and with his astounding escape experience, became the focus of media coverage.

Participate in the British train robbery

On August 8, 1963, on the 34th birthday of Biggs, his life trajectory was completely reversed. At 3 o’clock in the morning, Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind of the train robbery, led 15 brawny men to wait in the Sears Tunnel in Buckinghamshire, intending to implement a “major event” that had been planned for nearly half a year. Biggs waits at the designated unloading point.

When the expected Royal Mail trains were about to pass, they adjusted the lights to show them in a special case of red, forcing the train drivers to brake. Subsequently, the robbers stunned the driver Jack Mills with an iron rod, and let a retired train driver, Stan Agat, prepared in advance, take away the registered mail box carrying valuables. However, Agat does not know how to operate the postal train. In desperation, they had to force the bloody traffic truck driver to serve them, driving the designated carriage to the Dabridigo Bridge where Biggs was half a mile away.

Under the bridge, the robbers unloaded 120 bags from the mail truck, worth 2.6 million pounds, equivalent to 40 million pounds today. The robbery was a huge robbery in the century that shocked the world.

Rijes Reid Farm is a pre-selected branch point for robbers. Here, Biggs scored 147,000 pounds. After the tillers were completed, they hired people to ignite the farm and wanted to destroy the evidence. However, the raging fire quickly attracted the attention of the police. In the end, the police quickly detected the case based on a lot of evidence, such as the fingerprints that Biggs had left on the tomato sauce bottle.

In September 1963, Biggs and 11 associates were sentenced to jail. Biggs, who had a criminal record, was severely punished and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

On August 8, 1929, Biggs was born in a working family in Lambes, London, England. Five of the Biggs brothers and sisters, he is the youngest. At the age of 15, Biggs entered the court for the first time because of the rubber displayed in the window. At the age of 18, he joined the Royal Air Force. Soon, because of a burglary in a pharmacy, Biggs was dismissed from the military and was placed in the Levins Youth Correctional Center for four months. Biggs’ third imprisonment occurred after a car theft. It was also this imprisonment that led him to meet Bruce Reynolds in the jail of Wandsworth in the southeast of England.

After the parole, Biggskin washes his hands and learns the craftsmanship of the carpenter. In February 1960, Biggs married a 21-year-old daughter of Chamien Powell, the daughter of a primary school principal, and gave birth to two sons. In 1963, due to family financial constraints, Biggs contacted Reynolds and borrowed 500 pounds from him. At this time, Reynolds is planning a big train robbery. Reynolds was anxious because of the lack of train schedules and cargo carrying conditions and the right train drivers. Reynolds was ecstatic when he learned that Biggs had repaired windows for a retired train driver, Agat, and knew that some trains were running. He gave Biggs a minimum of 40,000 pounds and invited him to join the robbery. “I joined.” Biggs readily agreed with Reynolds. Only he did not think that this door has entered 50 years.

Global escape 36 years

After Biggs was jailed for 15 months, on January 8, 1965, while other prisoners were distracting the guards from the stadium, he climbed the 8-meter-high wall through a homemade rope ladder and jumped outside the prison. Friends Paul’s cushioning mattress in an open-top moving truck for him opened the world of exile.

After a few days in London, Biggs fled to Brussels by boat. When the police noticed, Biggs was already in Paris. Biggs informed his wife and children by letter and asked them to join him in Paris. Biggs spent 40,000 pounds in Paris on cosmetic surgery and obtained a new identity certificate. In 1966, Biggs flew to Australia with his wife and children.

After a few months in Sydney, they settled in the port city of Adelaide. Biggs was renamed Terry King and Terry Cook, and later became a carpenter in the name of Michael Haynes, creating roofs and furniture for customers. In 1967, after the birth of the third son of Biggs, he received an anonymous letter from the United Kingdom saying that Interpol had suspected that he was in Australia and advised him to leave. So, Biggs moved to Melbourne alone. When he felt that the wind was not too tight, he contracted some construction projects on Melbourne’s 9th TV station. After two years of stable life, it will start again.

In 1969, news about British train thieves began to air in Australia. Five months later, Biggs’ colleagues saw the news of the robbery on TV and recognized Haines as Biggs and called the police. However, when the police broke into the door, Biggs had already taken the first step of the doctor’s friend’s passport and smuggled into Panama. Then he faked his passport and flew to Brazil within two weeks. This time, he could not take his wife and children again, and he was separated from his family.

In Brazil, Biggs needs to apply for a fake passport every six months to the Jungle of Argentina and Brazil in order to update his passport. The days when there were policemen and reporters did not let Biggs disappear. He spent the money to buy a house under the famous giant statue of Jesus in Rio, sitting at home overlooking the Sugarov Mountain River Copacabana Beach; investing in football clubs, singing songs every night. Biggs took the money he had robbed and spent his life in the sun. Not long after, he put himself in a state of poverty.

In 1974, on the occasion of Bige’s 10 years of flight, the British Daily Express reporter Colin Mackenzie learned that Biggs had contacted him after he was in Brazil. Biggs intends to use the exposure to escape the secret chip in exchange for the other side to help him to return home from the penalty. However, when he rushed to the discussion site, he did not expect that, waiting for him, there was the detective Jack Silibor who heard the news. Biggs was taken into a Brazilian prison.

Although there was no support and ventilation report from his best friend, the god of destiny gave a new noble to Biggs. In prison, the prisoner told him that he could get legal aid if he could prove that he was the father of a Brazilian child. This reminded him of the 19-year-old Brazilian striptease girlfriend Rimeda who was on the beach with her own children. As a result, Biggs continued to appeal in order to delay the time until eight months later, a baby boy was born. This made the United Kingdom, which had no extradition agreement with Brazil at the time, want to sever the second option of escorting its return to the country by choosing to expel Biggs. Biggs escaped from the French Open again, and the British police officers returned empty-handed.

Earning money “business” on the way to escape

Although the British police have repeatedly hit the wall, no matter whether it is official or private, it has never stopped hunting for Biggs. In April 1981, Biggs was kidnapped by several British veterans. They want to get paid by giving Biggs to the police, and at the same time, get the best stories and photos to sell to the newspapers to make money. However, when their ship went to Barbados, a mechanical failure occurred. After receiving rescue from the water police, because the Biggs were illegally detained, and Barbados and the United Kingdom did not have an extradition agreement, the Barbados police sent them back to Brazil. This time, the law once again gave Biggs a chance.

In the end, the police’s pursuit, the media’s tracking, and Biggs’ repeated escapes made Biggs famous and attracted the attention of the world. In the face of debt-ridden and illegal immigrants, in order to make a living, Biggs played his own idea and profited by selling his own wolf story. This became his way of living for many years to come.

Biggs hosts a barbecue party at home, and visitors from all over the world can come to his home to learn about the story behind the thief. Among them, there are many British people who come from afar and are only honored by a train thief. The local travel agency in Brazil even opened a tourist line for this purpose. Visitors come to visit, take a photo with Biggs and get a “Train Thief” T-shirt for $40. Staying at night and listening to Biggs tells the story of the big robbery story is $60. Listen to Biggs. The cost of the story and lunch is $25. If the visitor is a reporter, the charge is higher. Biggs even wears a British police cap for people to take pictures.

Among the crowds of visitors, there have been football star Stanley Matthews and rock star Phil Collins. Since then, the mugs with the words “Ronnie Biggs”, coffee cups and T-shirts with the words “I saw Ronnie Biggs in Rio” are everywhere in Brazil and become a local tourism industry. Root pillar.

Biggs’s life in Brazil is not limited to this, he also entered the film and television music scene. In 1974, the music album “Bag Blues” was published by Biggs. In 1978, his single “Nobody is Innocent” recorded with a famous punk band was ranked seventh in the UK’s single record list. In 1988, Biggs played a leading role in the autobiographical film “Prisoners of Rio de Janeiro”; in 1994, his personal biography “The Lone Traveler” was published; in 2011, he launched a new book “Freaks released from prison: the last straw 》.

In 1997, the United Kingdom and Brazil established an extradition treaty. Two months later, the UK officially filed an application for the extradition of Biggs to Brazil. However, the Brazilian Supreme Court rejected the application because the robbery case 34 years ago had already passed the statute of limitations. This time, Biggs obtained permanent residency in Brazil.

Return to the country to enjoy free medical care

After experiencing the legendary escape, Biggs finally failed to counter the sanctions of the Creator. In March 1998, Biggs suffered the first stroke. In 1999, after reluctantly organizing a 70-year-old party for himself, he had two strokes in succession, his right arm lost his ability to move, and his language ability was seriously impaired.

The weak physical condition puts a lot of pressure on the Biggs family living in Brazil without free medical care. In 1977, Remeda left home because of the unbearable temperament of Biggs. Michael Biggs, who was raised by Biggs alone, became a pop singer in Brazil, and he worked hard to take care of Biggs day and night.

In 2001, when he was away from Britain for 36 years, Biggs had the idea of ​​returning to the roots. The illness made him say goodbye to the beach, the beauty and the party. The drag of being a son and a family also made him feel that it was time to leave. He kept telling people how much he missed British beer, milk tea and milk custard. Of course, there is also a free medical system in the UK.

On May 2, 2001, in spite of his family’s repeated persuasion, he sent an e-mail to the British police, expressing his willingness to confess his confession and attaching his own handprint to show his sincerity. In order to help his father get the maximum exemption, Michael has repeatedly flew to the UK to deal with the matter and will donate to the British charity for the profit of selling the souvenirs on his own Biggs website. However, outsiders believe that Michael is doing this just to buy people’s hearts, in order to win some sympathy for Biggs. After many unsuccessful negotiations, Michael found the British “Sun”, which is famous for its sensation. The “Sun” proposed to assist Biggs to return to China and obtain exclusive rights to relevant reports.

Eventually, on May 7, 2001, Biggs arrived in London and was taken to a highly fortified prison in southeast London. Hearing the news that Biggs was returning to his country, his 61-year-old ex-wife Chamiam and his 53-year-old ex-girlfriend, Remeda, alleged that they still love Biggs. Remeda married Biggs in Belmarsh prison in 2002, and his son Michael acquired British citizenship.

The “headline” of life

After the imprisonment, Biggs’ body has gone from bad to worse. From being unable to chew to being able to deliver food through a hose, from being unable to talk, walking to a lung infection, hip fracture. He has applied for parole many times, saying that his experience of being tortured for many years has made him “criminal punishment.” On August 6, 2009, Biggs’ parole application was approved and became the best birthday present for his 80th birthday two days later.

After being released from prison, Biggs was placed in an elderly nursing home in northern London for care. However, the near-being of his physical condition made his wish to “go into a Margaret Bar like a Britishman to have a bitter beer” could not be realized. Despite this, his every move still affects the hearts of the media.

In 2011, when Biggs attended the new book launch conference, he for the first time apologized for the unfortunate death of the train driver injured in the robbery and the death of leukemia after 7 years. However, he still does not regret the involvement in the robbery, because it is good or bad, which left him with a name in history. In March 2013, Biggs attended the funeral of Reynolds. He made a V-shaped gesture with his hand facing out to the reporters who came in (in the UK, the gesture meant mocking, not victory). Front page image. In August 2013, Biggs attended the 50th anniversary celebration of the train robbery and the new book launch conference of “The 50th Anniversary of the Train Thief: 1963-2013”. This is his last public appearance. He told the Daily Mirror reporter that he hopes to stay in the hearts of the people with the image of “good father, good husband, good brother, good friend.”

On December 18, 2013, 84-year-old Biggs passed away. Like a glorious exit, he retired as the end of the 50th anniversary of the flood of books, documentaries, and audiovisual productions. And the indissoluble bond between him and the media after he escaped from prison has continued to the last moment of his life. From the death on December 18, 2013 to the funeral on January 3, 2014, the reporter gave Biggs a final dedication. Biggs took his “headline” to the last moment of his life. Also insisted on the last moment, and his screaming for authority. Behind the hearse of Biggs, there is a wreath of V-shaped gestures, and the hearse is followed by a police car escorted. On his coffin, the flag of the United Kingdom and Brazil is covered. He has a lasting wish, hoping that his ashes will be halved in Britain and Brazil.

For more than half a century, Biggs’ legend has become the subject of various novels and film and television works. Even the detective Slieber said after reading the autobiography of Biggs: “I didn’t dare to say that I liked him after reading this book, but I admit that his personality is really flattering. If I am with him. When you meet by chance on vacation, you may become a good friend.”

The legendary experience of the “train thief” Ronnie Biggs is staggering. In fact, there are a lot of “biggs” hidden in the world.