Strange neighbor

I really can’t stand the neighbors upstairs. I have been here for a week and I can sleep well without a day. why? Every night at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, the upstairs will make a sound of pacing on time. The voice is not too big, but it can be drilled into the ear, making people unable to sleep. Today I decided to go up and talk to the owner upstairs.

After dinner, it was dusk, and the sky was dark. I think there should be someone upstairs at this time. I thought about my stomach and came to my upstairs – 7th floor. Knocked on the door, it seems that there is no reaction inside, I think, the people inside are still not coming back, but in order to get a good sleep, I decided to wait outside the door.

It was already around 8 pm, I stood outside the door for a while, and I was very impatient to prepare to go home. I didn’t expect this time to hear the footsteps that tortured me for a whole week, and it slowly came downstairs. I thought, the master is back. But I don’t know why, at this time, I faintly produced an ominous premonition. When I felt that something was wrong, I saw an old woman in her 60s. God! She turned to the 7th floor with a prosthetic arm. It is no wonder that the sound sounds a bit strange.

The old lady didn’t seem to see me. When she walked straight, she pushed the door open and the door didn’t lock. I was about to say hello to the old lady. I didn’t expect that she suddenly turned back and asked me: “Young man, are you looking for someone?” I didn’t expect her to call me back and was shocked. I replied: “This is the case. I am going to work at 6 o’clock every morning. I have too little time to sleep at night. Your work schedule seems to be different from me, so when you walk at night, can the sound be smaller? The old lady nodded and said, “Well, it’s embarrassing to bother you. I will pay attention.” Then he pushed the door a little bigger and slowly entered. I looked at the room curiously. Suddenly, I was shocked by a current. I saw an old man inside, and I used to walk with a prosthetic limb, and it was exactly the same as the old lady walking. The door was gently closed, and I didn’t want to stay here for a moment, trotting back home.

The footsteps upstairs this night were gone, but I still couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about my strange neighbors upstairs. Why did they walk with prostheses? Why are you still walking around at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night? I already think that things are not that simple.

The next afternoon, my colleague Xiao Li came to my house to get a manuscript. When he came, he said to me mysteriously: “You are so bold, how dare you live in this place?” I asked doubtfully. : “What? What do you want to say?” He said: “You still don’t know? No wonder you will come here to rent a house. There are a lot of strange things in this building, here…” He suddenly approached me. , low voice, “I heard that there were two women who lived here and were scared of madness. There are several families who have been here for less than a month and moved away.” Hearing this, I can’t help but think of the mystery upstairs. The embarrassing neighbors came, and could not help but feel a chill. Did not talk for a long time, Xiao Li left.

In the afternoon, Xiao Li’s words have been lingering in my mind, and I am more and more curious about everything here. I have to see what happens in the end. At 11 o’clock in the evening, I finished my life, stretched and prepared to wash and sleep.

At this time, the footsteps appeared again. I think, maybe the two old people practice walking in advance in order not to quarrel me to sleep. However, it is a bit strange that two old people like this activity at this time? I think in confusion. The sound of the upstairs is getting bigger and bigger. I find that I can’t use the footsteps of people to describe this kind of sound. It is a bit strange. I put my head out of the balcony and looked upstairs. To my surprise, there was no light upstairs and it was dark. Looking at the 7th floor from the outside, I feel that no one is inside, or the people in the house are already asleep. However, back to the room, the kind of “footsteps” are still there. Is it that they like to exercise in black?

My watch has shown 1:20, the sound of the upstairs still has not stopped. I have calculated it carefully, my God! They have been “walking” for more than two hours. According to common sense, it is impossible. What is going on? I have no sleepiness, I have to go up and ask what is going on. When I came to the stairs, I was surrounded by darkness. Ugh! The management here is really bad, and the lights are broken and no one is going to repair them. I groped for the 7th floor and once again came to the door of the neighbors upstairs. I listened to their door and it seemed that there was no movement at all. Just as my head was still attached to the door, the door opened. I was surprised to say “ah”, the old lady I saw yesterday. Her eyes were particularly bright in the dark, she stared at me, but I was embarrassed by my sneaky behavior. In a half moment, she said quietly: “It’s you, I just had a fight, I’m sorry.”

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel a bit strange. You walk around in the evening, why don’t you turn on the lights?” I finally said the doubts in my heart. When the words just exited, the atmosphere was silent, and I felt that the old lady’s expression must be very weird. Two people are silent, there is a coughing sound inside, I feel a little cold in the back. The old lady seems to know what I think and says, “We are blind, we can’t see anything, and the lights don’t need it.” What? ! Are they blind? I am terrified in my heart, is this impossible? It doesn’t look like a blind man to see her look!

Then she suddenly reached out and wanted to touch me. I instinctively stepped back and kicked something. Obviously, I felt that it was a soft object, and I was shocked. The old lady didn’t seem to feel my strangeness. “You guys, go back to sleep, we must be whispering, don’t bother you to sleep.” How come home, I don’t know. My head has been smashed by the things I have encountered, and the soft things seem to be a leg. How is this going? I decided to go back and see, I have to figure out what is going on.

I carefully came to the 7th floor and explored the place. I have countless thoughts in my mind and I have been vetoed one by one. When I was in a state of chaos, I couldn’t wait to verify what the bag was. The door opened silently. The thin old man appeared at the door. He didn’t seem to see me. He walked straight to me. . I held my breath and didn’t dare to move. He dragged the bag and slowly returned to the house. I fled back to my room and never dared to go out half a step.

In the afternoon of the next day, I was alone in the room and didn’t dare to go out. I also invited it. At this time, my doorbell rang. Must be Xiao Li! I am busy opening the door, ah! Yes, it is her, the old lady upstairs! I only felt my throat dry, and I only said a few simple words in a long time: “You, what are you looking for… things?” I saw the old lady mysteriously smiled: “Young man, we have some pig’s feet soup, Give it to you specially. “Ah… my legs are straight and soft, and the old lady’s eyes are not at all blind, staring at me, my heart is cold. She took a black lunch box from the back, handed it over, opened it, and saw some “pig feet” in the muddy soup. I can barely breathe and say, “You, you…” The old lady grabbed the lunch box with one hand and the other hand stretched out: “Young man, you must taste it, where to eat it.” I only think His eyes are black, and the unspeakable fear in his heart has reached its limit.

Is it a dream? I think I have a dream! I woke up from the bed and I remembered the “dream” of yesterday. However, I clearly saw the black lunch box on the table – the old lady’s lunch box! This is not a dream! God, I have to move, I can’t stay for a moment. I called my friend Ajie and he can help me. Unexpectedly, there was no signal at home! At this time, it is already in the middle of the night. I began to hear the sound of a prosthetic walk upstairs. “Hey…” Someone slammed the doorbell! I dare not open the door, 80% is…

The door opened silently, it was them! They walked in slowly and came in with that strange way of walking! My teeth are constantly shaking, God, who will save me! “Young man, soup is good, huh, huh.” Even the words are so consistent, I really can’t hold on, I feel the head is blank, retreat to the room, somehow caught my phone, and finally used the last strength A group of numbers, I fainted…

“Wake up…” I heard a gentle voice. I opened my eyes. Ah, it was a female nurse. She was standing next to a policeman. What happened? What’s wrong with me? “Is such that……”

It turned out that the two old people were not blind at all, and even the prosthetic limbs were installed. The purpose was to drive away the tenants here, so that the prices here were greatly reduced, and they bought them again. Many tenants have been scared away, and I am only one of them. Fortunately, my mobile phone dialed a service hotline. They heard the conversation between the two old people and immediately reported the police.

The strange noise upstairs is finally gone. I can finally sleep well! I am full of expectations for a new life.