Sex is the first criterion for testing true love

Originally wanted to write sex is the only criterion to test true love, girlfriends think I will be killed by readers, suggesting that I change to the first standard to test true love. I really want to talk about this topic because I found that many girls’ attitudes toward sex are dispensable. Xiaohua is my school girl. At the age of 26, she started talking about the third love.

Called me in the middle of the night, saying that kissing a boyfriend is disgusting and doesn’t like the smell on his body. I asked her, love has been talking for so long, do you want to go to bed with him, she said no. I said that you don’t love him at all. Xiaohua disagreed and felt that he was cold. In addition to the Korean drama star, she did not have the idea of ​​wanting to sleep for any boy in real life. “The person I want to sleep is too far away,” she said sadly. Fortunately, this boyfriend soon became the ex-boyfriend of Xiaohua.

She finally found a person who wanted to sleep. The boys are white and fat, and they don’t look sexy at all. The little flower that drools over the Korean drama star is actually this one, and love is really unreasonable. Recently, they are getting married. I teased Xiaohua: “Are you not cold?” Xiaohua said with embarrassment: “I used to think that sex is the standard for measuring love. It is too simple and rude. Now I totally agree with you, I don’t want to be jealous. Certainly it is not love.” I don’t think it’s true love, maybe it’s just lust, but I don’t want to be jealous.

To love someone, the first thing is to love the smell of him. This has nothing to do with washing without bathing or spraying without perfume. The attraction of smell is the attraction of sex. It is the instinct of human beings, and secondly it is the consideration of the running-in and the three-view.

If you don’t like the smell on his body, think that his hand is like a bear’s paw, touch your little piece of meat, and you will get along with each other for a long time, and you can only develop the emotion of friendship or partner, not true love. Some people finally choose to marry a friend or partner, try to convince themselves that he is suitable for me; he is good to me; I am not young; we are very uncomfortable every time we break up, isn’t it love? Sorry, no.

You are only used to having his existence, or afraid of being alone. After you get married, you will find that he is not as good as you were before, and you are always picky about him. After the quarrel, you will keep him out of the door forever, and never have a chance to get together in bed. How many trivial things about the oil and rice oil and salt can be explained? But a hug, a kiss, a sex, and enmity. Without the lubricant of sex, you are smeared with each other.

Recently, I received a question from a girl. It roughly means that she has been with her boyfriend for half a year.

Others are honest, good to her, and work well, but she does not like to have physical contact with him. Now the family urges them to get married, he also wants to get married soon, she doesn’t know what to do. I told the girl, you don’t love him at all, how could he be suitable to marry you? Even if marriage is a sale, the so-called honesty, good to you, good work, is not enough to balance your love.

If you choose someone who doesn’t love to get married, you must have a bigger stack of chips in order to make you feel calm. When a person does not know how to choose, he should listen to his heart. However, why are there so many girls who are unwilling to face up to their inner needs and are willing to listen to the opinions of the seven aunts and gossip, and feel that the work is stable, and the honest man can marry?

Because most girls grow up in the environment, almost no one “coming over” tells us that sex is important. If you are married, just to survive, not for happiness, sex and love do not have to be considered, this is the view of marriage and love of old Chinese women. Nowadays women are in the sky, and the power of this kind of marriage and love concept is still there.

The trilogy of marriage is: sex, love, marriage.

Sexual desires Before the feeling of love, with this desire, you may fall in love with him; but sexual behavior is not necessarily before the feeling of love, after all, we are not animals. Sex is very important, it is your inner needs. If a girl does not want to face up to her own inner needs, no matter how much money you earn, how many independent slogans are called, they are not really independent women. Independent women must first love themselves, and loving themselves is to respect instinct.

Inequalities in sexual rights can directly lead to inequality in the rights of men and women. In a sexually disharmonious marriage, if the husband is not satisfied, it will derail in all likelihood, and they believe that this derailment is not guilty. “I haven’t lived with my wife for many years, and she is cold.”

The sisters of Chinese married men are bitter and hateful and tell young girls that they are not in harmony with their sexual life and prove that their marriage is not happy. However, if the husband is cold and can’t satisfy his wife, he is still at home. This is incompatible with men, marriage is still maintained, women can not give birth, they must be swept out of the door.

In the American drama “Sex and the City”, Yan Mansha said that how we perform in bed means how we live. This sentence may be a bit absolute, but it can be used to neutralize girls who do not value sex, let them understand the goodness of a girl, including the beautiful sex she has. Whether in love or marriage, there will always be pain and disappointment in the run-in, and everyone will have the idea of ​​breaking up countless times.

What prevents us from making our final decision is sex and money. Don’t try to come together with the opposite sex you don’t want to save, save time to find true love or live alone. You love not to love him, first see if you want to talk to him, this is a basic. Understand this basics, you will not spend time building a destined building on land without foundation.

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