New marketing logic

Success must be logical, but logically not necessarily successful.

A new system must first be logically self-explanatory and then verified in practice. The logic of new marketing is expressed in a set of words: communication → cognition → traffic → transaction → relationship.

New marketing, spread as the origin. 4P is all about communication, everything is spread, and logic is born.

New marketing is marketing in the context of the Internet. When the prefix “new” is added to a noun, it means that the “new” does not form a system structure. In order to distinguish it from the tradition, it can only be named after “new”.

Some tools (technologies) are just ordinary tools (technologies). However, the steam engine is not an ordinary tool (technology), because it has entered the industrial civilization from the agricultural civilization, and the United Kingdom has risen.

Internal combustion engines and electricity are not ordinary tools (technologies). Because of its emergence, the world entered the second industrial revolution from the first industrial revolution, and the United States and Germany rose.

Internet technology appeared very early, but the popularity of mobile Internet has made China and the United States the first to enter the era of information civilization.

A new civilization era is not only a change in the production system, but also a reengineering of the consumption system, the knowledge system, and the value system. Just as productivity determines the production relationship, the economic base determines the superstructure.

The traditional management knowledge system reached its peak in the 1980s. Under the background of information civilization, traditional strategies, management, and management have been challenged and even subverted. Just as the industrial revolution emerged, the knowledge system of agricultural civilization was challenged. The marketing knowledge system is also challenged.

New marketing is marketing in the above context.

In the context of the mobile Internet, the original separate marketing links have been integrated. The typical one is the “trinity” proposed by Shi Wei teacher – cognition, transaction, relationship, trinity. The essence of marketing is information asymmetry, using information asymmetry to establish favorable cognition. Trading and relationship occurrence are products of cognition. In the past, the three were separate and now merged.

Where does cognition come from? Cognition comes from communication. If we say that in the commercial communication, the traditional mass media is basically controllable (paid communication), now in the era of media, Internet communication often gets out of control. In the era of industrial civilization, traditional media is only responsible for communication, and transactions are completed by another system, such as channels and terminals (retail), that is, cognition, transactions, and relationships are generally separated.

It is now a Trinity and the three are integrated. For example, the three of the Tmall are completed at the same time. Tmall is responsible for draining (creating cognition) and placing orders (transactions), and can establish a more direct relationship after the transaction is completed. Therefore, it must not be said that new marketing is a simple tool to replace, such as the use of Internet communication instead of traditional media communication.

In the above logic, communication and cognition are decisive, and the results of communication and cognition are called flow. Transactions and relationships are derivatives of traffic.

Traffic in the Internet era is divided into platform traffic and independent traffic.

Ali’s “Double 11” trading volume is so large because Ali’s platform traffic is large enough. This principle is the same as the traditional KA. In the past, Wal-Mart’s traffic was also platform traffic, but even as the world’s top 500, Wal-Mart’s traffic is small compared to the Internet platform.

The era of information civilization is not only the era of decentralization, but also the era of supercentralization. BAT is the three platforms, Tencent controls social traffic, Baidu controls the flow of exploration, and Ali controls the flow of e-commerce. Some people say that the platform era is 721, that is, the leading platform occupies 70% of the traffic, the follow-up platform occupies 20% of the traffic, and the other people account for 10% of the traffic.

Once the platform controls the absolute traffic, it becomes the traffic distributor, whoever has a high bid, and who the traffic will lead to. If there is no empowerment, the traffic bidding under perfect competition will inevitably result in the sum of the profits of all participants being zero.

This has nothing to do with business ideals, which is the inevitable pattern of platform business. Therefore, the Internet era business needs another kind of traffic, which I call independent traffic.

What is independent traffic? It is the traffic that the manufacturer can control. For manufacturers, there is no independent traffic as there is no brand in the traditional era.

Therefore, the emphasis on independent traffic must be as important as the traditional era of branding. Because the traditional era channels can also bring their own traffic, channel drivers can sometimes disable brand drivers. In the Internet era, channel drivers have been greatly reduced, and the only remaining traffic drivers.