New content era: public relations talks about brand stories, think twice

Public relations communication is essentially a systems engineering. The task faced by brand public relations personnel is not only the one-way delivery of information, but the “stickiness” of information. This means that “telling a good brand story” has become the ultimate proposition of public relations. But in addition to following the proposition or not, public relations communication is still under the big magnetic field of “social sensation”, which may be “good winds relying on power”, or “competitive speechlessness” or even “a hundred mouths to argue.”

The cases to be discussed in this article have produced a certain amount of sound in the industry, and even triggered the attention of the industry media and even the news media. However, if you really say “brand story”, you need to analyze it in different dimensions.

Durex tea 419 style change

With the support of the ring-time interaction strategy, Durex Advertising once became a “model” for the public relations case. Not only does it accurately target the human needs in the “social lyrics”, but it also ensures that it has a brand positioning that has its own characteristics and individuality. But I don’t know whether it is due to the change of strategic suppliers. In this year’s 419, the cross-border of the two popular brands Durex and Xicha did not show the effect of strong alliance, but showed a “double lose” situation.

On April 19th, Durex sent a weibo linked to hi tea: “Hi, remember the second date, I said to you, ‘Your first is the most precious?” The picture reads: Tonight A drop is not allowed. Soon the tea will forward the reply: “Hi Dudu, I remember that date. Say, from that day on, you always have my cheese on your lips.”

In addition to co-branding with Hi-Tea, Durex has also crossed the border with a number of well-known brands. For example, with the Taobao ticket: “Drill into the secret corner tonight”, Weibo copy: “Hi, remember the third date, I told you that I would like to play a big love action with me?” And hungry: Feed every mouth tonight.

In this way, Durex not only changed the size of his edged ball, but also felt too “direct”, and even suspicion of slipping into vulgar and sinister tastes, causing considerable negative grievances on the level of “social lyrics” (user comments mostly “windflow coins” Scaring the flow is just a word difference, “disgusting”, “nothing”, etc.). On the morning of April 23, the national “anti-vice and pornography” official micro-transfer article “From Durex to “Breast Breast” coconut milk: Chinese people destroyed by soft pornography”, and pointed out that in recent years, vulgar advertising marketing is not uncommon, its methods There is always a constant sexual suggestion, consumption of women, and gender discrimination. “This kind of soft erotic behavior, to a certain extent, is even more terrible than real pornography.”

In the end, Durex’s 419 plan ended with a solemn apology to the society.

Casa Di + a little information, home appliances need a life bookstore?

Advertising public relations practitioners from the class, probably did not know Xu Yuying. And “Zhongxing Department Store Bookstore” is one of her masterpieces: “Cultivate temperament in the clothing store, show clothing to the bookstore / but you should think about it anyway / What do you need after you have a chest? Head / Have What do you need after love? What do you need after your head/money? What do you need after your head/Armani? What do you need after your head/knowledge? Knowledge.” So say Knowledge does not necessarily appear as an individual. In the era of the cultural economy, “knowledge” can be described as a high-quality cross-border element.

Recall that from October 13th to 14th last year, Casa Di opened a “Cassie Life Bookstore” across the boundary of the Beijing CBD business district, with “Knowledge + Life” as the brand’s offline cross-border scene, claiming to “build In a specific operation, the organizer “combines the IP content of “Knowledge is Power”, the user can test it through a creative H5 on the spot. Get your own knowledge map and get the best book recommendation for yourself.” At the same time, Casa Di set up a variety of sensory experience areas in the life bookstore, and planted Casa di home appliances.

However, “knowledge is power” although the heat can form a response to “Cassie”, but it is not necessarily a precise choice. In terms of function, Casa Di belongs to the category of “family space”. The IP of food, life and even household knowledge can form a precise response to “Casa Di” and even activate the potential community to flow to Casa Di.

People’s Daily + Bo Vision, Time Museum

On October 26, 2018, the Creative Experience Museum, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, was launched by the People’s Daily New Media Center. The “Time Museum” airborne Beijing Sanlitun. As of December 26th, the Time Museum has been touring in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and participated in the “Great Reforms to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up” held at the National Museum. It has become a “phenomenon celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up”. Level” media event.

By the end of 2018, incomplete statistics, the People’s Daily Weibo, WeChat, client, fast-hand, and vibrato platforms participated in the topic of the Time Museum’s total interaction of more than 600 million. The total number of discussions on the whole network was nearly 3 billion. The “Time Museum” became The “explosion” is well-known. On August 1, 2019, the 2019 Time Museum, hosted by the People’s Daily New Media, unveiled a new image at the SOLANA Blue Harbor in Beijing, kicking off the national tour. It is reported that the theme of the “Flowing Time, Marching China” is to “load” the memory of the people’s 70-year life into two time-caravans. The scene blends and vividly tells the people’s clothing, food, and housing for 70 years. Changes in lines, literature, and education.

In the implementation details, the queuing department provides free mineral water and free medicines (such as Huoxiang Zhengqi) to reduce the heat accidents caused by the long queue time. On-site, visitors who are randomly involved in the live interaction can take photos for free, print photos and clothes for free, and print newspapers tailored to the birthday of the visitor. But for many business partners (such as Netease Cloud Music, Fast Hand, Vision China, Pepsi, China UnionPay, SAIC, SAIC Datong, SAIC Hongyan, Dabao, Baidu Brain, etc.), there is very little exposure at the scene, such as at the corner of the stairs. Set up a vertical board. Another example is Pepsi Cola, which implements product embedding in the old package, but it does not seem to be presented separately, but in the exhibition area similar to the real estate restoration of the canteen. For Pepsi, which emphasizes young positioning, there seems to be little room for public relations topics.

It is reported that the public relations strategy partner behind the Time Museum is Beijing Bo Audience Information Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as “Boguan”. In the relevant PR manuscript, “Founded in 2016, headquartered in Beijing. Broadview Consulting has a wealth of media resources, and maintains close contact with the financial and TMT industry media, as well as the Boao Forum for Asia, Wuzhen World Internet Conference, number Platforms such as the Expo also have long-term cooperation.”

The above three cases correspond to the scale and boundary of the topic public relations, the precision and linkage of the cross-border public relations, and the cooperation space judgment of the large IP. Therefore, brand public relations can not only be “hot”, but also think twice.