Life is not for competition

I rode on the horse, but the horse refused to run. No matter how I begged it, threatened it, and cheated it, it was only a leisurely pace, and I could feel it, it thought it was like me. Stupid, this is already a very good face. I have no choice but to admit defeat and no way to admit defeat, I don’t know how to continue the next lesson. The coach seems to be desperate than I am.

He thinks that he is responsible for my satisfaction in every class. All the students who come to class hope to be able to run wild after the first few classes. So, let the horse It is his duty to run. After all the tricks were seen and ignored by the horses, we explored it and still did not use violence very civilized. Later, both of us were silent. The coach continued to use his brain to deal with this proud horse. I was relieved to ride on the horse to do the most basic sit-up exercise. The horse seemed satisfied, and its insistence was obtained. Victory.

The coach told me in a previous class that I can practice with my progress and horse sense, and I can participate in professional competitions later. I am very surprised, because I never thought about playing before, learning equestrian just for fun, and wearing an equestrian equipment looks particularly handsome and fascinated me. But the coach’s words made me start thinking about it. I even flashed my mind on the podium, pretending to be humble and pretending to be humble.

Why not? If you have a chance to win, you can try it. There will be a win or lose heart. In the club, if there are no special requirements or have their own horses, the teaching horses are randomly arranged. Like all animals, they have their own personality and quirks, encounter a cooperative horse, cooperate with all the instructions, and the achievements of the class. The feeling is very strong; if you encounter a horse that loves to make a temper, you don’t listen to the command, and the frustration is really strong. Before, for me, class is to play, of course, good to learn, happy to learn.

But after I felt that I might become a high-profile rider on the court, I started to stop enjoying it. I feel angry about myself, I feel depressed for no progress, and even see others riding. The horse easily jumps over the obstacles and there is a kind of dissatisfaction that is unwilling to lag behind. In the past, it was simply envious, imagining that he would jump at once. This is probably from the simple pleasure of not seeking advancement to the positive evolution after being ignited by the enterprising heart.

Simple and precious is more precious! Originally, it was an innate nature. If you lose it and chase it back, you have to work harder. The heart of competition is misplaced, adding fatigue and stress. I want to understand this on horseback. I learned equestrian, just for fun. They said that the horse is the rider’s teacher and taught them confidence, willpower and responsibility. I haven’t felt it yet.

I only saw it teach me to enjoy simple happiness. There is no conquest, no competition, it is the secretion of dopamine in the moment of jumping on the horse. When I walk slowly, I am leisurely. When I run, I am excited. It is said that the feeling of jumping obstacles is very beautiful, I am waiting in learning. Things that bring happiness should be better and better. As for the game or not, it may be the result, not the goal.