Large-scale squatting scene for adults

A few days ago, “After 80% 90, I dare not look at the medical report” and boarded the hot search. “Be sure to take a deep breath before you open the report.” “Seeing the medical report is as stressful as checking the final exam results when you go to school.” “I am afraid that I have something to do, I dare not go to the medical examination.” I want to kill an adult. A medical report is enough. Even if the report is not mentioned, those physical examination sites have already begun to beat the psychological defense of adults, and it is really tempting to drill on the spot.

The physical examination site is a capitalized 尬 Lined up on an empty stomach, filled with water and urine, wrapped around the chest, the last time you stay in the urine may also accidentally urinate into your hands… All the shackles you have experienced in life are not in the morning of a physical examination at the hospital. Like a cargo that is ready to make a factory inspection, it is poked by a doctor.

When I walked out of the hospital door, I discovered that being a “person” turned out to be so beautiful. Fully equipped, internet access Recently, the variety show “My Family” was just in time to catch up with Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo, and contributed a section of the most variety show in history. After the nurse took Zong Zuo to a mysterious small room alone, he said to him without any waves, “The facilities are complete and you can go online.”

This kind of experience is really too embarrassing. You are always one liter of water away from the bladder. Hemorrhoids, the only way for adults to undergo physical examination, after a series of unconventional operations such as fasting blood, non-stop irrigation and not allowing to go to the toilet, you have begun to greatly confuse the meaning of the word “filling”. When you think that your bladder is full, you will always be beaten back by the nurse’s soul three times – “Do you want to go to the toilet now?

You hurt here? Is it still not filled?” When you reach the “filling” standard, you can start to accept various squeezing presses from the doctor in bed, and feel that you will not be able to take care of yourself on the spot for the next second, but you can still hold your smile with your smile. On the day of returning from the hospital, severe PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) was produced for all water quality fluids.

I dare not scan my medical report Finally, after completing the medical examination, the next challenge is that it is too difficult to see your medical report. I am afraid to know how much my eyesight has risen, I am afraid to see how much my body fat is over-standard, and I am afraid that I will be checked out for any serious symptoms that my life cannot bear… Many years of blindness and confidence in my heart collapse. The medical report of an adult is a self-hypnosis that never breaks.

However, once the medical report is finished, the mentality has undergone a lot of ups and downs, and contemporary young people can immediately find the ability to sophistry. I have no problem, it is definitely a problem with the hospital. It is especially suitable for inspection items such as height, weight, and vision that have room for debate. As long as I don’t directly report the risk, I am healthy. As the number of physical examinations increases, the mentality begins to numb. Why do young people dare not look at the medical report?

The strange mentality of this young man: afraid of death, but more afraid of physical examination. According to the “2019 National Health Insight Report” survey, 96% of the public said that they have health-related problems, only 41% have regular medical examination habits, and the proportion and frequency of physical examinations after 90 are the lowest. 30%.

In contrast, although the medical examination is not dare, the consumption data of young people in maintenance, health care, fitness, and sleep are getting higher and higher. Even so, often staying up late, drinking, and diling, this is the young man. Therefore, it is time to care about your health, take a good medical examination, and then you have to face it, like an adult.