Is yin and yang eye is true?

When I was a child, I often heard the old man say that the newly born child had yin and yang eyes. It is said that he could see the “not clean” thing, so the child would always look at somewhere crying. The yin and yang eyes have always been folk legends, but this is true or false and has not been confirmed so far.

Most of the yin and yang eyes are pure and pure, and they are always clean. Therefore, it is generally the yin and yang to choose humans, not humans to have yin and yang. Most people with yin and yang are born, and it is difficult to get it through training or taking drugs the day after tomorrow. The yin and yang eyes are a kind of psychic special function in the folk beliefs, which means that the existence of supernatural phenomena that can be seen by other people such as ghosts can be seen.

Some people think that a newborn child has a yin and yang eye. When a person is born, between the two eyebrows, the nose and the bone are on the upper side. There is a place called the halogen door. That is the Taoist eye, that is, the yin and yang. Therefore, children often cry at night, especially when they are in a place with heavy yin. However, when a child reaches the age of 3, it is the time to start having a memory. Because of the vulgar pollution, the sky will slowly close, and this ability will no longer be available.

Some people believe that the phenomenon of yin and yang is caused by illusions and delusions caused by schizophrenia or other mental disorders. Because it is very realistic, people who see it can be described in a very specific way, so people are very easy to believe. It is also believed that yin and yang eyes are caused by eyeball disease Bona syndrome, that is to say, some people’s retina loses part of the visual function, and the part of the eyeball has an illusion. However, these statements do not explain why two people with yin and yang eyes will see the strange phenomenon of the same thing without communicating.

However, in many religions, there are people who can see the spirit with the naked eye. These people are usually gods (such as Jesus in Christianity), prophets or divine characters. What kind of mysterious existence is the yin and yang eye, and further scientific confirmation is needed.