Is there really a green child in the world?

In the 12th century, Woolpit Village was a densely populated, agriculturally developed region of England. On a summer morning, the villagers are busy harvesting soybeans and corn, which will be a very busy day. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the trap for the wolf in the distance. The villagers thought that the wolf had fallen in and ran over, but the scene in front of them shocked them. There were two children in the trap.

The two children seemed to be two brothers and sisters. They clung together and looked at the villagers in horror, crying in fear and crying out loud. The villagers were also surprised that the skin of these two children turned out to be green, the color of the clothes they wore was very strange, and the material of the clothes was not seen by the villagers. What is even more embarrassing is that no one can understand the language they speak. They watched the two children tired and hungry. Because of their kindness, the villagers put down their farm work and brought the two children back to the village.

However, when people gave them a hearty cheese, sausage, bread and other foods, they just cried and then refused all the food, so they starved for a few days, and the two children were dying. One day, the children accidentally discovered the raw beans that the villagers had just harvested and began to devour them. In a few months, they only eat raw beans every day before they start eating bread. Soon after, the thinner boy died of the disease, and the girl adapted to the new life, learned to eat other foods, and the skin slowly returned to normal. Later, she married a man from a surrounding village, gave birth to 13 children, and learned how to speak English.

Life experience

When girls learn English, people are able to understand their life. However, their lives are even more bizarre than their green skin. The girl said that she and her brother came from a country called Saint Martin, which is an underground world where there is no sun, the light is as dim as the light under the twilight, everything is green, the residents are green, they All believe in Christianity.

In the place where they live, there is a river. On the other side of the river, there is a “lighting” land, but people in their country have never been to the other side. One day, she and her younger brother were on the sheep and followed the flock to a cave. They entered the cave. After walking in the dark for a long time, they suddenly came to this “lighting” land, the world ratio. The place where they live is warmer, this is the first time they see the sun. It was then that they saw the villagers who were harvesting, and before they tried to return to the cave, they fell into the trap and were finally discovered by the villagers.

Story source

This is a legendary story that took place in the 12th century village of Woolpet, England. The story about these two green children has been circulating in Europe for more than eight centuries. Many people believe that this legendary story may indeed have happened, because the chroniclers who recorded the story of the green child first came from the 12th century, which happened to be the possible age of this legend. One of the writers, Ralph, may have first-hand information. Ralph was then the Cistercian Society (Catholic Religious Society, founded by the French in 1098, practicing the practice of silence, prayer, etc. The Catholic Church’s dean, the place where he lived was only 42 kilometers from the village of Woolpit. In 1187, he continued to write “The English Notes”, which included this green child in this chronicle. The story, and he repeatedly quoted the parties who adopted the green child in the text.

Another writer, William, is also a British historical writer and monk monk. The story of the green child appeared in the “England Chronicle” that he wrote in 1189. The “Emperor of England” recorded the history of England from 1066 to 1198. Although William lived far away, there may be no first-hand information, but in the source of the green child story, he also specifically stated: “Although I am very suspicious of the truth of the incident, judging by reason, a person has green skin. It was impossible, but in the face of so many witnesses and historical documents, I was still convinced.”

Given that the two people who recorded this incident are important chroniclers and have a certain prestige, some believe that this bizarre story may have happened. So, if this legend is true, where will these children come from? Why are their skins green?

Alien man-made visit to the earth?

Since mammals do not have green pigments, they certainly cannot produce green color themselves. So, in the past few centuries, a very popular theory is that these two children are aliens with short stature and green skin. In 1621, the British writer and missionary Robert Burton specifically mentioned this story in his masterpiece “The Melancholy Anatomy”. Burton studied at Oxford University. Although the Melancholia Anatomy is a medical textbook on depression, it still analyzes the story of the green child and guesses that the children may be aliens. Until 1996, astronomers published an article, speculating that the children may have come to Woolpit Village from the outer planet through time tunnels through accidents. The planet of the little greens may be far from the sun, because the surface is too hot, they I can only hide in the cave to live, so there will be children described in their country, and every day they see only a faint dawn.

The idea of ​​alien man-made visits to the earth is still very popular today. However, scientists have given another more speculative speculation.

One argument is that children’s green skin may suggest that they are suffering from a disease. In real life, there is indeed a chlorosis that can make people’s skin appear green. This disease is caused by the malnutrition of the human body affecting the color of red blood cells, causing the skin to be yellowish green. Supporting this theory is that in the story version, after the girl’s diet is normal, the skin returns to its normal color. So where are the children whose children describe them?

After studying the legendary description of the strange land, in 1998, British scholar Paul proposed his own guess. In the 12th century, many immigrants from the Flemish region of western Belgium flooded into the east of England, and these immigrants were persecuted after Henry II became king. In 1173, many immigrants were killed near St. Edmunds, and the village of Woolpet was about 11 kilometers from Bury St Edmunds. At the time, the children might live in a nearby village called St. Martin, which is just across the river from the village of Woolpet. In a turmoil, the children’s parents were killed and the two children and surviving immigrants ran into a nearby forest called Thetford. For the frightened child, the dim forest is like a permanent twilight, and the refugees living in the forest suffer from chlorosis due to food shortages. In an accident, the two children entered an underground mine and were later discovered by the villagers in Woolpit Village. Since the two children themselves are immigrants, their dress and language may be strange to the villagers of Woolpit Village.

This seems to be a reasonable speculation, but there are also places to be discussed. Because there is still a certain distance between Woolpit Village and Thetford Forest, if the children have chlorosis, they have no physical strength to walk for several kilometers. Moreover, there is no underground passage between Woolpit Village and Thetford Forest.

In any case, this statement is the only one that is more reliable. But before there is no definitive proof, the mystery of these two green children will continue to plague historians.