Dreaming of death

At 5 o’clock in the morning of 1979, the sleeping Sleeping Helen Hiltheson was awakened by the knock on the door. She heard the mother Ma Qoli, who was outside the door, saying, “Is Helen at home, what happened to my family just now?” She hurriedly opened the door. The mother who lives in the opposite apartment is standing outside the door. The mother asked Helen what was knocking on her door a few minutes ago. Helen was puzzled and explained to her mother that she went to bed at 11 o’clock last night until she didn’t wake up before knocking. Mrs. Marjorie insisted: “I saw you and spoke to you. However, if you didn’t answer anything, you will return to your home immediately.”

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly appeared outside. The two walked toward the window and saw that Mrs. Marjorie’s apartment exploded due to a gas leak. The floor where she lived was blown up and broken. The fire brigade later said: “At that time, if the lady was still sleeping in the house, she would have no life.” Is Helen having night snoring or is her mother having an illusion? Anyway, one of the two felt the danger of an explosion, and saved the life of Mrs. Ma Qoli.

Predicting who is dead

At the beginning of 1979, the Spanish hotel manager, Starar, heard in his dream that “the child born after 3 months, it must be impossible to see”, and he was sure that he would soon drop the dead Starstar and immediately dropped 5 Ten thousand pounds of life insurance. A few weeks later, Castal drove home at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour after he had finished his work. On the way, a 160-kilometer-long car hit the guardrail in the opposite lane, and turned a few somersaults in the air, just in the car of Castal, both drivers were killed. After paying £50,000 in insurance money to Kastal’s wife, the insurance company said: “As usual, such insurance will soon die and the company should conduct a thorough investigation. But for this incredible accident, there is no It’s necessary to doubt, because as long as it is a fraction of a second, he won’t hit.” In fact, some people also predict that events will happen, but they feel that they are not directly related to the tragedy of foresight, like Like Lille May Jones, the result was the victim of tragedy.

On October 20, 1966, 9-year-old Welsh girl Eriel told her mother that she had a dream. She dreamed that she would go to school, but the school was gone. She said: “There is something black that is on the top of the school.” The mother did not foresee that her daughter was about to be killed. The next day, Eriel went to Aberdeen to go to school. As a result of the collapse of 500,000 tons of meteorites (the mountains of coal gangue), 140 people including Eriel died. This is the famous “Aberdeen tragedy” that took place in the UK. The dead are almost all children.

Similarly, many people died on the Titanic, which sank in the maiden voyage in 1912, but more than 50 people pre-feeled the disaster and canceled the booking before the flight. Among them was a London industrialist named Donna Middleton who booked a ticket to New York because of business, but 10 days before sailing, he made an incredible dream: a luxury he had never seen before. The ship, the keel slowly sank up. Around the ship, passengers and crew are swimming desperately. The next day, he made the same dream again. Middleton felt ominous and retired the ticket to New York, so he took a life.

On May 26, 1979, American Airlines’ DCIO aircraft crashed shortly after leaving O’Hare Airport in Chicago, killing 273 people and becoming one of the biggest air crashes in American aviation history. David Pus, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, foresees the accident. He had the same nightmare for a few days a week before the accident: at first he heard the abnormal sound of the engine, and then the huge fuselage swayed in the air, followed by a planting on the ground surrounded by a blazing flame. In his dreams, he not only heard the explosion, but also felt the heat of the flame. He was convinced that it was a hunch. On May 22, he called his FAK and the psychiatrist at the University of Cincinnati. After receiving the call from Pus, the FAA inferred from the contents of its nightmare that it seemed to be a domestic airport and an airplane, but it could not be implemented and could not be squandered. Afterwards, they heard the news of the crash, and the content was almost identical to the dream. The aircraft seen in the dream is a DCIO-like passenger plane with the aircraft head falling down, and the location of the fall described is similar to Olympia International Airport in many respects. No wonder the FAA spokesperson Pagar said: “This is really frustrating.” On the day of the accident, Puss sat in front of the TV to see the news, and could not help but be stunned.

Proposed prophecy

Often, reports of prophetic or predictive information are limited to events that occur after the event, but occasionally there are predictions that have been published beforehand. The famous British journalist Steader who linked his destiny to the Titanic once wrote a novel about a passenger ship crashing into an iceberg, telling the story of a tragedy caused by a passenger boat crashing into an iceberg. At the end of the novel, the author added a prophetic word: “If the passenger ship does not have enough lifeboats to sail to the sea, then such an accident may actually happen, no, it will definitely happen.” Obviously, Stude has already There is a hunch, but whether he predicts his future is still not confirmed. In fact, in the “Titanic” incident, many people were killed because of the lack of lifeboats. Sadly, Stade is also one of the victims.

There are also cases where the prophecy was accidentally announced by the newspaper. On December 6, 1978, the Scottish newspaper published a message titled “The Prophet Without a Ticket”, which was an unemployed prophet in Wales, Edward Pearson (43 years old), taken from Inver on December 4th. The train from Nes to Perth was sued by the state court for not buying a ticket. It is said that the purpose of his train ride is to find the Minister of the Environment and report that Glasgow will be attacked by the earthquake. Obviously no one believes that the earthquake will happen, because the earthquake in the UK is very rare, and this is just an excuse for the unemployed to travel without a ticket. However, one night a few weeks later, the earthquake really struck Glasgow and caused enormous damage to buildings across Scotland.

When dreams become reality

Skeptics believe that it is impossible to foresee the future, especially when it comes to predicting or responding to the future on a regular basis. If you have the freedom to predict the future, it is even harder to use current science. Despite this, history has left an amazing record.

Before Mark Twain became famous, he was named Samuel Clemans, who worked on the “Pennsylvania” steamship between St. Louis and New Orleans on a regular basis, when his brother Henry was on the same boat. Do the chief of affairs. Samuel often lives in his sister’s house when he is in St. Louis. There he had a very clear dream. The living room on the second floor contained a metal coffin with Henry lying inside. He was wearing Samuel’s clothes with a large garland on his chest and a red rose in the middle. Surrounded by white roses, the coffin is parked in two chairs. Because the dream was so clear that he couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or a reality, he decided to be a dream after he went to the living room to verify it.

A few days later, Samuel, who returned to the ship, had a quarrel with the pilot on the “Pennsylvania” and was transferred to another ship called “Leich”, but his younger brother remained on the “Pennsylvania”. And sailed two days earlier than the “Leich”. Samuel, who arrived in Greenville, Miss., heard that the “Pennsylvania” had a boiler explosion in the area of ​​Ship Island, downstream of Memphis, killing more than 150 people. His brother Henry still had breathing, but his body was severely burned. Samuel immediately rushed to watch the 6-night night next to his brother until he died. After the death, the younger brother was taken to the morgue, and the exhausted Samuel slept at a friend’s house.

However, unexpected things happened in that moment. Usually, the coffins are made from unpainted pine, but the Memphis women spontaneously donated money and prepared metal coffins. Henry’s body lay in the uncovered coffin, wearing Samuel’s clothes. The old woman had a wreath, surrounded by white roses, and a red rose in the middle, exactly the same as the dream, placed on Henry’s chest.

Sammy’s escort to his brother’s coffin arrived at St. Louis at 8 am. He is going to call his brother-in-law to go to work, but the brother-in-law has already rushed to the dock where the ship was stopped. Thus, when Samuel returned to the ship, the coffin was shipped to his sister’s house. When he arrived there, the brother-in-law was planning to carry the coffin on the second floor.

Since Samuel did not want his mother to see the face of his brother, he opposed the coffin on the second floor. Later, he went to the second floor alone, and he was shocked. As seen in the dream, the two chairs were placed face to face, ready to put the coffin up.

In the future, Mark Twain made such memories in his autobiography. He said: “If I rush to two or three minutes later, it is exactly the same as the dream a few weeks ago. My brother’s coffin has been placed on two chairs. “”

In this regard, can we say that Mark Twain’s dream is a coincidence or a hunch? Obviously, modern science cannot explain it.