Cuban swine fever, CIA’s “special war”?

In 1971, the Caribbean island nation of Cuba, which was far from Africa and had never had an African swine fever in history, suddenly broke out with an unprecedented scale and destructive large-scale African swine fever. The destructive power of the epidemic reached the level of terror: from Havana in the west to Santiago in the east, almost all pig farms in Cuba are difficult to be independent, and even the pigs housed by individual farmers are also in the middle of the game. Cuba, which has perfected the medical system, has been forced to do this, and has to adopt the most primitive and effective way to prevent all domestic pigs from being responded to in the epidemic area.

In just six weeks, Cuba has Preventively culled a full 500,000 pigs. The strong mobilization capacity and decisive response of the Cuban government quickly controlled the epidemic in a short period of time, and the social temperament that once provoked anxiety was gradually stabilized. But the side effects of this action are also obvious: as a developing country, pork is one of the most important sources of meat for the Cuban people. 500,000 pigs have been “evaporated” and the pork processing industry has been shut down for nearly half a year.

Health has an impact. The African swine fever epidemic was referred to by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as “the most shocking event of 1971”. Because before this, the African swine fever had only a small-scale epidemic in the Dominican Republic, and its source of transmission (European Iberian Peninsula) was clear and clear, and the epidemic was wiped out. After that, there was no record of African swine fever in the entire Western Hemisphere. After all, the method of raising pigs in the Western Hemisphere is relatively “clean”. There is no large-scale wild boar population in the wild, and it is separated from the infected area by the vast ocean.

It is much easier to isolate and quarantine and control. Cuba is an island. How can it be so large and Intensity of African swine fever? At the time, there were rumors that Cuba had “sentered the independence of the colonial countries” and sent a large number of military personnel, experts and workers to the Portuguese colony of Angola, who brought the piglets and pork products back to the country, triggering the spread of the African swine fever. Some people have also said that the African swine fever epidemic may have been brought in by the “Soviet Big Brother” aid.

After all, the outbreak of African swine fever in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has indeed provided a lot of assistance to Cuba. But a US media report six years later surprised the world. On January 10, 1977, the San Francisco Chronicle published a striking article on the front page, stating that the Cuban anti-Castro organization planned and implemented this “under the acquiescence” of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Hog attack.”

According to reports, the Cuban anti-Castro organization set up a secret camp in the US military base in the Panama Canal Zone, Gulike, to conduct subversive activities, where they secretly cultivate African swine fever virus and inject these dangerous viruses into sausages and the like. Meat products. The report quoted an anonymous US intelligence source as saying that he had seen the “African swine fever virus in a label-free container” and another anonymous Cuban exile confirmed that he was involved in sending the virus to Borsdale, Panama.

To the beach near Toro, a trawler was brought to the trawler and the trawler took the virus to a secret operation between the uninhabited islands of Jamaica and Haiti. The viruses were sent to Guantanamo, a military base on the island of Cuba, which was forcibly leased by the United States, and then distributed by agents to rural Cuba through various channels. Other sources said that the Cuban exiles pretended to be tourists, took a commercial flight into Cuba, and threw sausages with African swine fever virus as “living garbage” in Cuban bins during the tour.

Cuba still has the habit of sending domestic garbage to the countryside, so that pigs that are free-range or simply housed have a high probability of eating these “living garbage” and thus infecting African swine fever virus. The provider of the former statement firmly believes that “the CIA is definitely involved, otherwise I will not get so much compensation”, and the provider of the latter statement seems to believe that “this is the Cuban exile group’s own work, the CIA only provides a variety of Convenient, at the time, some analysts believed that the former approach was more likely. After all, such a fierce and large-scale epidemic, it seems difficult to achieve through the latter kind of “big-bang” style of communication.

Of course, the bigger possibility is the “two-pronged approach”, which has both “biological warfare”-style targeted delivery and “bio-waste”-style “complementary placement”. In response to this report, then CIA spokesperson Berende said, “We will not comment on anonymous news, which is at best a few unknown roads.”