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According to the literature, the crop circle first appeared in England. It was 1647, more than 360 years ago. In the early 1980s, the British people repeatedly found strange circles in Hampshire and West, and most of them were in wheat fields. Therefore, they officially named the circle of crops. For hundreds of years, this mysterious phenomenon has emerged. The United States, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia have frequently found crop circles, most of which are in the UK. Judging from the relevant records, the most frequent seasons in the crop circle are in spring and summer. The early crop circle pattern is relatively simple. However, over time, the patterns become more complex and symmetrical, and some even present a three-dimensional effect from the sky.

The crop circle and its mysterious pattern are the real phenomenon that appears in the wheat fields all over the world; but so far, no one can tell us: what forces like to create these beautiful and mysterious patterns in the wheat fields…

The mystery of the crop circle

Crop circles are made in a wheat field or other farmland, and the crops are flattened by a certain force to produce a geometric pattern. It is still impossible to explain what kind of equipment or practices this phenomenon can do.

The mysterious phenomenon of the wheat circle began to attract public attention in the late 1970s. At present, there are many crop circle incidents that have been discovered by others or themselves as someone deliberately making them for fun or soliciting tourists. The cropping phenomenon of the crops in the crop circle and the burnt marks of the stems of the plants are not achieved by human leveling. There are also MIT students trying to reverse the phenomenon with homemade equipment but still fail to achieve .

The first report on the phenomenon of the crop circle can be traced back to the United Kingdom in 1647. Since then, the United States, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places have frequently found crop circles, most of which are in the UK. Up to now, there are about 250 crop circles in the world every year, and the patterns are different. Regrettably, for more than 350 years, the scientific community has been controversial about how the formation of the circle has been formed. There are currently five main reasons for the cause. The earliest illustration of the crop circle was found in the ancient book of 1678. In the painting “The Devil of the Maid”, a demon holds a sickle and makes a circular figure in the wheat field. This figure is evidence of a strange circle in the 17th century. However, the illustration shows that the devil did not bend the wheat but cut it, so it was a little different from the wheat ring.

Cause of conjecture

“UFO and alien creation” said

This is the most controversial theory. Those who support this theory believe that the crop circle is the “business card” that aliens handed to the Earth, or the traces left by the alien spacecraft when they landed on Earth.

Witnesses said that when the crop circle appeared, they saw the light from the UFO or heard some strange sounds, so some people think that the appearance of the crop circle is related to the UFO phenomenon.

More than 80 witnesses reported that they saw the crop circle formed in just 15 seconds. According to their description, before the crop circle is created or during the crop circle generation process, bright light balls appear, and sometimes a spiral-shaped light column appears, and then the crops in the ground form various patterns.

One night in 1972, two UF0 phenomenon lovers sat on a hillside near the English town of Warminster, hoping to have the opportunity to witness UFO, which has been a frequent occurrence of UFOs for more than a decade. They didn’t see the UFO that night, but they saw the scene that shocked them: in the bright moonlight, about 30 meters away from them, a crop suddenly fell down in just 20 seconds, forming a crop circle.

In August 2001, in the Netherlands, two witnesses saw some white light beams illuminating a green bean field, and soon a crop circle appeared in the light beam.

“Cyclone formation”

One of the most scientifically feasible theories is that a crop circle is formed by a cyclone. A rotating wind column generated by a cyclone vortex pushes a part of the crop to the ground to form a crop circle. This cyclone vortex is common in some mountainous areas, such as some parts of the south of England.

Crop circles appear in a variety of crop fields, including wheat, corn, oats, rice, rapeseed, barley, rye, tobacco, etc., as well as weeds; and, most crop circles are found in steep mountains. Nearby low-lying area. These characteristics help explain the theory that crop circles are formed by cyclones.

In the 1980s, Dr. Terence Miden, an editor of the international academic journal Meteorology, and a professor of retired physics, attributed the spiral pattern of crop circles to atmospheric phenomena, such as cyclone vortexes or tornadoes formed by sandstorms. He believes that the cyclone that causes the crop circle (he called it “plasma vortex”) carries some kind of energy. When the dust particles are brought up by the energetic cyclone, it looks like a UFO in the eyes of some witnesses. Bright light.

Midden’s theory may explain some simple crop circles, but for increasingly complex patterns that emerged after the 1990s, such as ovals, triangles, complex circles, irregular graphics, hieroglyphics, etc. There is nothing to do. Some people say that if Dr. Midden has witnessed sandstorms and tornadoes, he may not think so. For example, in Phoenix, Arizona, in the evening news program, there is often a scene of sandstorms sweeping through the desert: as the sandstorm moves forward, forming a circular whirlwind and turning forward, but spinning forward Dust storms will not form a neat and orderly circular trajectory, nor will they overwhelm crops, but only bring dust that has become the main body of sandstorms.

A tornado is the most destructive storm on Earth. It can roll up houses, people, livestock, cars, trees, etc. where it passes. However, the tornado does not squash anything on the ground, but just pulls everything up from the ground and then squats away. The same is true of the hurricane. If something is tornadoes and hurricanes, it will be destroyed, for example, the leaves on the trees where the hurricane and tornado will pass will be swept away.

If the atmospheric disturbance is the cause of the formation of the crop circle, then the crop stalk should be uprooted from the ground, even if the stalk remains in the ground, the leaves and grains on the top should be peeled off, how can it be arranged? Neat, unbroken stalks? What’s more, how can a whirlwind that can be swept past a beautiful and complex crop circle in a matter of seconds?

“Earth energy” theory

Some people who enter or approach the crop circle say they will have some uncomfortable reactions on the body and even emotionally. Some people may have nausea and vomiting, headache and dizziness, acupuncture and numbness, and loss of direction; some people may feel calm or nervous; some people will get some kind of treatment effect. In 1996, a group of women reported after visiting the crop circle near Stonehenge in the United Kingdom that their normal menstrual cycle had changed, and some menopausal women suddenly came to menstruation again.

Some researchers believe that the crop circle is formed by the energy of the Earth itself. One possible form of earth energy is electromagnetic radiation. In fact, there are scientists who have measured strong electromagnetic fields in the crop circle.

In the early 1990s, the American biophysicist Dr. William Levingood discovered that the crops in the crop circles were damaged in the same way as they were heated in a microwave oven. According to this, the crops in the crop circle are heated from the inside by some kind of microwave-like energy.

Other researchers say that energy comes from the ground. This energy may come from a kind of natural force. For example, fungal infections may cause crop stems to bend, and may also be a by-product of man-made objects, such as the subsequent effects of bomb explosions in World War II.


Some people believe that there is a mysterious power behind the crop circle, just like the Bermuda Triangle. According to this speculation, some people describe the crop circle as a “disaster warning” to spread the heresy.

Artificial theory

The more widespread argument is man-made. Quite a few people think that the so-called crop circle is just a mischief of some people. After a 17-year investigation by the British crop circle scientist Andrew, 80% of the crop circle is artificially manufactured.

Ten characteristics of non-artificial crop circles

1. Most of the circles are formed at night, usually from midnight to 4 am, and the formation speed is amazing. No traces of people, animals or machinery were found near the wheat field, and no one witnessed the process of creating a circle pattern. The animals are far from the scene, and the crop circles are in front of the crops.

2. Unclear or abnormal sounds often appear near the crop circle.

3. The drawing is drawn with absolutely accurate calculations, often using extremely complex geometric figures, or performing golden sectioning. The largest span of the crop circle is more than 180 meters, bigger than the football field. The most complicated crop circle has more than 400 circles, which is called the “mother of the crop circle”.

4. Crops are dumped in a certain direction, in a regular spiral or linear shape, sometimes layered and woven, up to five layers, but each crop is still orderly like a fine arrangement.

5. The stalk body is thickened and extended outwards. There are small holes in the stalk, and the germ is deformed, which is obviously different from the wheat that people break or step on.

6. The carbon molecular structure of the bent position of the straw is abnormal due to the electromagnetic field, but it can continue to grow normally. It grows faster than wheat that is not overwhelmed. If the flowering crops form a crop circle, they will not form seeds. The crop circle formed by the mature wheat will make the fruit smaller due to the variation.

7. In the circle, the dried soil contains trace amounts of non-natural radioactive data in the same number of bits, and the radiation is enhanced by three times.

8. There are many magnetic particles in the soil in the crop circle that are 10 to 50 micrometers in diameter and can only be seen under the microscope.

9. Infrared enhancement inside and outside the graphic.

10. Most of them appear in the Earth’s magnetic field energy band. The electromagnetic field is weakened, and the compass, telephone, battery, camera, car, and even the power station are malfunctioning.

For hundreds of years, the mysterious phenomenon of crop circles has been unveiled. The United States, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and other places have frequently found crop circles, most of which are in the UK. Especially in 1990, there were crop circles in the UK almost every week, and there were 75 in the week. According to the relevant records, the most frequent seasons in the crop circle are in spring and summer, and the patterns are different. According to the history of its shape development, from small progress to large; from simple lines to complex curve patterns, including geometric figures, animal shapes, computer drawings, text and so on. There are dozens of books on crop circles. Those who are keen on the crop circle can also buy video tapes, color photos, postcards and keychains that introduce these graphics. The crop circle phenomenon has not yet been fully explained. Like UFO, this may be a problem that scientists have to overcome!

Is the crop circle a man-made prank?

Who is the maker of the crop circle? At present, more and more people have come out to declare that they are the makers of the crop circle, but some people still insist that the pattern of some crop circles is too strange, which hides too much information, it is impossible to do what humans do. Is the crop circle phenomenon real or is it a human prank?

The sun slowly descended from a piece of land in the southern part of England. When it illuminates the land again the next day, the crops in the ground have been bent one by one overnight. A huge art painting with a simple or complex pattern – a crop circle. So who created such a wonder on the earth?

Weird circle

The crop circle is a mysterious phenomenon that has not yet been solved. It often appears in the UK, and most of the time is consistent with the crop growing season. From April to September each year, in the middle of the night, the crops (especially cereals) in the ground are inexplicably laid down one by one, forming strange circles with round, circular or other complex geometric shapes. These circles are usually It has the following characteristics: the crops in the strange circle are spirally or linearly inclined in a certain direction; the edge of the strange circle pattern is neat, as if it is cut out by machine; although the crop is bent, it does not suffer much damage, in most In the case, it still grows normally; the strange circle is often formed at night, as if the manufacturer intended to avoid the curious eyes of the people… all of which add to the mystery of the crop circle.

The record of the phenomenon of crop circles can be traced back to the 17th century. In a woodblock print created in 1678, a devil with a long-handled trowel harvested in a field of wheat, forming a circular pattern around it. This is an illustration of an interesting story. The sturdy farmer thought that the wages required by the maidens were too high, they were unwilling to pay for their wages, and they cursed and said: “It is better to let the devil work.” The result was that the corn field appeared brightly on the night, like a fire. Like. The next morning, the farmer went to the wheat field and saw that all the wheat was cut and placed in the wheat field. Form a mysterious circular pattern. Did you really call the devil? The farmer was scared and afraid, and did not dare to enter the wheat field to take back the cut wheat. This story shows that when people in the 17th century could not understand the crop circle that suddenly appeared, they could only explain it with the power of ghosts and gods.

In 1880, an article was published in the British magazine Nature. Amateur scientist John Rand Kaprun listed a large number of crop circles in the article. He also clarified his point of view. These crop circles may be the role of natural forces and are caused by “some kind of cyclone action.” He described: “The local storms in the western part of Surrey have been violent and frequent, and there have been some strange phenomena. When we walked in the nearby farmland on Wednesday evening, we found that some of the wheat in the fields fell so badly, but not all. The wheat is like this. It is a small piece and a small piece. It looks like a circle from a distance… How are these circular patterns in the wheat field formed? I can’t find it nearby. Any reason related to it being blown down by the wind? It was rained down? It is still the result of the wind and rain. It seems to be unknown. In my opinion, it seems to be related to the effect of a cyclone…”

In modern times, before the crop circles became a global hot spot, anecdotes about crop circles have appeared in some UFO sightings. In 1966, a famous UFO sighting took place in the town of Tali, Queensland, Australia: a farmer said he saw a dish that rose from the swamp and flew away when it rose to about 12 meters. . When he rushed to the place where the flying saucer was raised, he found that the reeds in the swamp were intertwined strangely in a clockwise direction and could withstand the weight of 10 adult men.

Before the 1970s, crop circles were only found in some villages in the UK (today, Britain has become the world’s most populated area). In the 1980s, the crop circle phenomenon has spread all over the world. By the 1990s, this mysterious phenomenon reached its peak – the number of crop circles found in 1999 reached 190, and some people thought that this might be some kind of prediction for the arrival of the new millennium. In June 2009, a huge jellyfish-shaped crop circle appeared in Oxfordshire, England, which was 183 meters long. It is the largest and most unusual crop circle ever discovered, and some people think it is information from another galaxy. To warn humans not to destroy the global environment.

Today, about 12,000 crop circles have been discovered around the world.

a variety of crop circles

The term “crop circle” was first proposed by Colin Andrews, a crop circle scholar and author of The Round Evidence, to describe the simple circular pattern he found in the wheat field. Since 1990, many crop circles have presented more complex patterns and are not limited to simple circular rings. Despite this, the word “crop circle” has been used.

The pattern of crop circles can be described as strange and varied. The patterns of the early crop circles are relatively simple, mostly circular. After 1990, some of the more complex crop circles began to appear: smiles, flowers, letters, etc., including some ancient graphics. After 2000, more complex and delicate patterns began to appear, including geometric patterns such as triangles, irregular patterns, and even three-dimensional patterns. Of course, the simplest and most common crop circle is circular, consisting of one or more rings, such as a large ring surrounded by several small rings. Astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins pointed out that the pattern of circular rings, triangles or other geometric patterns in some crop circles is based on a special numerical relationship, such as In a crop circle composed of a plurality of rings, the outer circle area is exactly four times the inner circle area. Hawkins believes that the unique layout of the crop circle pattern shows that no matter who the makers of these crop circles are, they (or they) have a deep understanding of Euclidean plane geometry.

The researchers also found that the stems of the crops in the crop circle are usually swirled, some in a clockwise direction, and some in a counterclockwise direction; in a crop circle made up of multiple rings, sometimes Both rotate in a clockwise direction and in a counterclockwise direction; sometimes even in a ring, there are several layers that rotate in different directions. Most crop circles appear in wheat fields, corn fields, oats, canola fields, and barley fields, but crop circles appear on the canopy and even in the snow.

Man-made mischief?

How is the crop circle formed? Most critical observers and the mainstream scientific community believe that the crop circle is a man-made prank. In fact, more and more people have said that they have made a crop circle, which is also proved by some video materials. However, there are still many people who hold different views. They think that at least some of the crop circles are not manpower.

In 1991, the most famous crop makers, the British Doug Bauer and Dave Jolly, announced to the media that since 1978 they have produced hundreds of crop circles and they have also shown some wheat fields. The video of the strange circle.

According to Bauer and Jolly, inspired by the UFO sightings in the Tali town of Australia in 1966, they made a whimsy of crop circles in a bar in South Hampton, England, one night in 1978. Soon after, the two men used wooden boards, ropes, hats and wires as tools to create a crop circle with a diameter of about 2.5 meters. What makes them feel disappointed and frustrated is that their carefully crafted crop circles have not caught the public’s attention as they hoped. So, in 1981, they made a crop circle on a natural terrace on the outskirts of Winchester, Hampshire. As the terrace was surrounded by a road, the passing vehicles clearly saw their “masterpieces”. The pattern of the crop circles in their initial design is relatively simple, and it is easy to be explained by natural reasons. However, the design of the crop circle pattern is more and more complicated.

In an interview with the media, Bauer and Jolly said that they could use a simple tool to create a crop circle with a diameter of about 12 meters in just 15 minutes. After the “fake” exposure of Bauer and Jolly, some people began to publicly make crop circles, and people began to accept the idea that crop circles are an artificial phenomenon.

Joe Nickel, a senior researcher at the Supernatural Science Scientific Research Council, said that crop circles have all the characteristics of mischief: they are mainly concentrated in the south of England, and they are more sophisticated year after year (which shows that the craftsmanship of crop circles is becoming more sophisticated ); their makers always steal secrets and never see them.

In June 1989, the first human organized action of arresting the crops of the crop circle began. More than a week, dozens of people, 24 hours a day to monitor the wheat field… The duration of this action is 10 days. The team used a van as the command center and parked near the wheat field as an observation point. This car is equipped with low-brightness and high-definition camera equipment. The research team consists of 25 people. A group of at least 4 people, 24 hours of continuous observation of wheat fields. Although the crop circle has appeared many times in the nearby area, the team did not capture the newly formed crop circle during the action of the white crow, but they took some unusual light in the sky above the wheat field…

Not a fresh crop circle

The crop circle was mentioned in some academic materials in the late 17th century, and nearly 200 cases have appeared before 1970, some of which have witnesses. Since then, nearly 80 eyewitnesses from the United Kingdom, Colombia and Australia have claimed that the crop circle has been completed in less than 20 seconds; such events are often accompanied by light balls, beams, and even structures that emit glare or bright colors. Sexual spaceship.

The initial figures were simple circles, circles with outer rings, and deformations of the Celtic cross, after which the graphics slowly evolved into straight, pictographic patterns. After 1990, the pattern of strange circles has become more complicated. People often see some crop circles that mimic computer graphics and four-dimensional image elements in quantum mechanics. Of course, their area has also increased a lot, and some even cover an area of ​​20,000 square meters. To date, there are more than 10,000 crop circles in the world, 90% of which are from the south of England.

If you happen to read such a story, it is said that all the crop circles are created by two 60-year-olds holding wooden boards, rollers and ropes. You are not a minority, and most people have read this. Then the story. The British government has invented a way to control public interest in unexplained phenomena, a method known as “demystification” – a method invented in the Cold War to achieve the sorrowful purpose of controlling popular thought. This method is very effective, especially when the media is unable to provide scientific and real information. Later, the topic was ridiculed because of the lack of evidence; some so-called “experts” interpreted all phenomena as abnormal weather conditions, or the works of some pranksters, and even estrus animals!

According to the TV documentary, all the crop circles before 1992 came from the hands of two old people named Du Ge and David. Researchers—such as George Waynefield and Oman Victoria—found that the story of Dug and David may be the product of a collusion between the British Ministry of Defense and the US Central Intelligence Agency and other organizations. Evidence from a senior official of the British Ministry of Defence shows that the government’s intention to push two counterfeiters to the public is to suppress people’s growing interest in the crop circle. When people asked for evidence of certain special crop circles, Dug and David changed their story and even overturned the original statement (or simply because they really can’t explain everything in the real phenomenon). Characteristics). In the end, even Dug and David himself couldn’t figure out which crop circles were from their own hands. Although they finally admitted that they had forged a crop circle since 1978, when crop circles were first made public, the signs of crop circles that were not released by the media date back to the 1890s. The public has never heard of such a preface, and has not seen such a “retraction, clarification” trick. Of course, they have no chance to compare the story of Dug and David with the true and accurate phenomenon. The intricate relationship is clear.

However, in 1998, one of the two forgers who were still alive said unbelievable words to the British newspaper, acknowledging that he was under the control of unknown forces.

Since the appearance of the story of Dug and David, the blind imitators of the crop circle have emerged one after another. The reasons why they do this are varied. Some people are trying to refute and even fool researchers. Some people are for the benefit. Some people do this because they are anti-social. Some people think that they can come back through the phenomenon itself. To achieve the purpose of communication (had to point out that the results of this are very funny).

Before 1989, people had not heard of forged topics. Since 1990, man-made patterns have appeared every year, but in some cases – 90% of the total in 1992 and 1998, and 2% in 1996.

It’s never been difficult for people to enter a certain field by receiving a lot of training and eventually create a plausible figure in the field – recently, a professional circle maker called “Satan Group” consisting of a group of deceivers. I was hired to travel to some remote areas of New Zealand to create a complex crop circle for the Discovery Channel. This is a deceptive tactic that misleads the audience to accept the forgery theory.

The crux of the problem is that the artificial crop circle can’t satisfactorily replicate the characteristics of the real crop circle, which is also confusing for scientists and researchers. The crop circle seems to have been created by a special force that is incompatible with modern science. Forgery of crop circles must use a special object to flatten the crop and break the straw of the crop. In the real crop circle, the crop straw is not broken but is bent at the first section about 2.5 cm from the ground. The crop stalk seems to be softened by a powerful heat that erupts instantly, making it bend at 90° to the ground, then cools back to a hard state and remains in this position without being hurt. Botanists are very confused about this, and farmers who are familiar with land changes cannot give any explanation. This is also the only way to prove the real crop circle. Research and experimental tests have shown that only microwaves and infrasound can produce such an effect.

The crop circle is sometimes accompanied by sound. This harmonic sound consisting of a frequency of 5200 Hz is recorded by tape and analyzed by NASA and is considered synthetic.

Electromagnetic investigation can also distinguish between true and false crop circles. This naturally occurring energy exists in ancient sites such as Stonehenge, narrow ancient tombs, ancient tombs, vertical stones, and Christian and Catholic churches built on these sites. It has been found that crop circles, holy places and other religious sites are also at the intersection of the invisible energy network of the Earth. The frequency of this energy is related to changes in the form of brain waves; they also affect the circadian rhythm of the creatures, so when people It’s no surprise that you claim to have experienced something unusual in the Holy Land. People may also have symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, and nausea.

Biophysical evidence includes: expansion of the plant epidermis; plant nodules produce new shapes through intense stretching; seed embryos are different; plant cavity divisions produce new forms as if the plants were heated from the inside. Microscopic photographs show that the crystal structure of plants has also changed in real crop circles. However, in all cases the crops are not destroyed, and people can continue to grow and mature without destroying it. And if they are really hurt by some kind of energy, this situation (growth and maturity) is almost impossible.

The crops in the area where the crop circles are located are lightly pressed and twisted to form a scaled base similar to the golden section. The golden section is used naturally to create precise organisms such as shells, sunflowers, and the spatial relationships between human palm bones, and even galaxies. The base of the crop circle can have up to five layers of roundabout combinations, each of which is opposite to the surroundings, with the crop ears close to each other and in contact with each other, as shown in the museum. The center of the crop circle is nested, styled, topped, or just a sample of a withered crop; sometimes the center consists of only one erect plant.

The real crop circles are not all precise circles, but are similar to ellipse (the forgers need to be fixed with a rope, so this is not so accurate). The edge portion is cut very accurately with the flattened crop, as precise as a surgical sawtooth cutter. In contrast, the forged crop circles are just similar in shape, like messy hair that has not been combed, and all plants are trampled and crushed.

There are other unusual places in the real crop circle. There is evidence that there are traces of infrared radiation inside and around the crop circle; the soil inside the crop circle contains four unnatural, short-lived radioisotopes (disappear after three or four hours); the soil around the crop circle seems to be baked Baked.

From a mathematical point of view, the real crop circle seems to apply the geometric principles of Euclidean and other fixed features of geometry. They can change the local magnetic field so that the compass can’t be pointed north, the camera, wireless communication equipment and battery can’t work, and the plane can’t fly over it. When the crop circle is found around, the local background radiation is usually three times the normal value, the radio frequency fluctuates up and down within its range, and the animals on the local farms avoid this area or become restless, the whole village car The battery will not start the next morning, and in some cases, the entire town’s power supply will be interrupted.

Because crop circles often appear at the intersection of the Earth’s magnetic field currents, they have an impact on local forms of energy. They affect the size, shape, and direction of the Neolithic sites in the area, and there are as many as 150 concentric circles outside their actual range, like the ripples in the water, so they can be detected. In fact, one year later, when the crop was harvested, the land was ploughed and re-seeded, although the physical form of the crop circle was long gone, the energy left on the land could be detected.

Research in this area has made crop circles a possible treatment, and they have long been used successfully in radiographics, pollen fragrance purification, and magnetic resonance therapy to help people in need and improve the environment.

The crop circle is basically completed between 2 am and 4 am. Usually, in the shortest time of the UK in the middle of the year – only 4 hours, there are farmers, soldiers, laser alarms, scientists and hundreds of fans in the sleeping bag waiting eagerly, hoping to be the lucky one. It is possible to see the birth of a crop circle. A handful of lucky people claimed that they saw a brightly colored sphere throwing a golden light into the field below, and the crop circle appeared the next morning. Despite the surveillance of many people, there are high-tech detection instruments in the farmland, but the crop circles are still appearing under the eyes of people without being noticed.

In 1996, a pilot flew over Stonehenge and he said that he did not see any unusual objects. However, after 15 minutes, a huge pattern of about 270 meters in diameter, containing 149 layers of circles, similar to the Julia collection (a representative crop circle) appeared in Stonehenge! Just measuring this strange circle took a group of 11 people for more than 5 hours!

Still not convinced? Or you’d better see the crop circle in person, and you’ll soon be able to draw a conclusion.

When you do this, then please tell your friends about this story.

Extended reading

Tourism fever brought by crop circles

Although the peasants expressed their anger at the loss of crops in the crop field, this mysterious phenomenon unexpectedly promoted the development of the “grass circle tourism”. Tourists, crop circle researchers, driving cars, helicopters, and even hikes to the place where crop circles appear. By the 1990s, crop circles had become a hot spot for tourism.

In 1996, a crop circle appeared in a wheat field near the prehistoric Stonehenge in England. Local farmers set up a toll point there, and they earned £30,000 in just four weeks, while the crops in the field were only worth £150.

In recent years, there have even been some crop circles for profit. Some crop circle makers have used their talents to create a real industry – to make profits by making crop circles. A team of crop circle makers, including artists and filmmakers, toured around the world, using the crop circle to advertise for large companies. On their customer list, they even included a computer chip company with billions of dollars in assets, a car manufacturing company, and a digital TV company.

a strange circle that appears everywhere

The world’s first report on crop circles can be traced back to the United Kingdom in 1647, when people found that the originally brushed wheat fields turned into a giant geometric picture overnight, and later people rose in the circle. A statue. Since then, crop circles have been discovered around the world. In the past 30 years, there have been more than 2,000 records of the phenomenon of strange circles. The pattern is either a single circle, or a circle composed of circles, or a combination of other geometric figures and lines, such as dumbbells, new Moon shape, wheel shape, etc. The places that appear are in most countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, Europe, South America, Asia, etc., and the most frequent and dense in southern England.

Since the 1980s, crop circles have appeared more and more times, and their circles have become larger and larger, patterns have become more and more complex, and gradually evolved into geometric figures, which are called by some astrophysicists in the UK. It is “the pictogram that aliens send to the earth.”

In May 1990, a 20-meter-diameter circle appeared on a wheat field in the town of Eston, Hampshire, England, and the wheat in the circle formed a spiral pattern in a clockwise direction. There are four “satellite” circles with a diameter of 6 meters around it, but the spiral in the circle is counterclockwise.

On July 17, 1991, a British helicopter pilot flew over a wheat field near Swindon, and found an equilateral triangle on the wheat field. There is a bilateral circle inside the triangle, and another one on each corner. Small circle.

On July 30, 1991, a weird fish-shaped pattern appeared on a farmland near the town of Rockridge, Wed County. In the following month, seven similar patterns appeared in the area.

However, what is most shocking to the world is the farmland cycle that was discovered on July 12, 1990 in a small village called Alton Bani in Weide County, England. More than 10,000 people visited this farmland cycle, including several scientists. This huge figure is 120 meters long and consists of a circle and claw-shaped auxiliary graphics. Several astrophysicists have expressed their feelings after visiting. They think that this strange circle is definitely not artificial, it is probably information from the sky.

In recent years, reports on crop circles have been commonplace.

In July 2006, a pilot found a three-dimensional crop circle on a wheat field in Oxfordshire, England. Experts are also deeply shocked by the “three-dimensional” crop circle diameter of 110 meters. They believe that it is almost impossible for a prankster to produce such a huge “three-dimensional” crop circle overnight. This is also the world’s first “three-dimensional” crop circle with a three-dimensional sense.

In the more than one month between July and August 2007, there were four consecutive crop circle events in Lausanne, Switzerland. The fourth circle was in the shape of “8” with round and irregular patterns. “8 There is a “W” shaped “hat” on top of the word graphic. These strange circles are formed overnight, and there are no traces of artificial processing.

In September of the same year, a giant Nazi symbol appeared in a corn field in Mercer County, New Jersey, USA, each of which had an “arm length” of more than 100 meters.

In June 2008, a huge crop circle with a diameter of nearly 150 meters was found in a wheat field near Barbary Castle in Wiltshire, England. Some people calculated the number of color blocks in each group from the center and found that the data was clear. The ground shows a value of 10 digits after the pi of the pi, and this crop circle is therefore called the “pilot code map.”

In mid-June 2008, shortly after the appearance of the Circumfert crop circle in England, a staggered pattern with a diameter of up to 200 meters was found in the area of ​​Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, with a DNA-shaped pattern in the middle. Although the South Korean UFO Research and Analysis Center speculates that this is a man-made fake crop circle, the police also believe that this is the work of the performance artist, but no evidence has been found to confirm these inferences.

On July 15, 2015, Oxon at the Rolle Stone Group appeared in this strange circle. It is about 45 meters in diameter, with a small pentagon in the center and a small new moon in the center of the five-pointed star. On the periphery of the pentagon is a graphic of a huge pentagram and a new moon. This strange circle seems to have strange power. According to personal experience, walking into the center of this strange circle, the power in the body will disappear in an instant, just as the strength of the body is taken away. Perhaps this is a terrible magic circle.

On July 19, 2015, a circle of about 60 meters in diameter appeared in Hatherrow in Warwickshire. The circle at the center of the circle represents the sun, centered on the sun, and eight beams of light extend around and then explode on the surface—like a solar flare. The small circle on the outside of the circle is like a planet around the sun. Legend has it that this strange circle indicates that in the near future, an incalculable big bang will occur and some influence will be exerted on each planet.

The Nazi’s Black Sun Ring appeared on August 8, 2015 in Powell Charuk in Wiltshire. The circle is about 75 meters in diameter, centered on the circle, and spreads in a number of lightning-like lines around it. The focus is on the pattern of this strange circle, the symbol of the Nazi secret organs of Germany during the Second World War – the Black Sun.

On July 7, 2015, this strange circle appeared in Crebury Green, Wiltshire. The circle is between 90 and 95 meters in diameter, which is an array of delicate circles composed of numerous large and small circles and a sharp crescent-shaped knife pattern. Although I don’t know what this strange circle means, according to the circle expert, this is the badge of the insect-type alien “insect man”.

The strange circle showing the movement of the planet appeared on July 26 in Dodge Maidenburg, about 100 meters in diameter. The discoverer pointed out that this strange circle shows the trajectory of the planets in the solar system. There have been strange circles showing the orbit of the planet in the past, but no one has seen the strange circles of Neptune and Uranus. What does the geometric pattern on the outside represent? There is currently no answer.

The mysterious rose circle appeared on the large wheat field in Wolfkot, Wiltshire on June 22. It can be seen from the shape that this is a strange circle composed of rose petals, and the uneven parts are very three-dimensionally presented. Moreover, if you stand in the center of this strange circle, your body will become warm and you will be inexplicably happy. This is really a mysterious crop circle.

The image of the cross and the crescent moon was on July 10th, now in the town of Stoke, Wiltshire, Wiltshire. The circle is about 75 meters in diameter, and the outer side is lined with equally spaced rectangular wheat, with a pattern of crescent moon and cross star in the center. Look closely and you can see that this is a pattern of a cross piercing the new moon. Local residents speculate that this strange circle will indicate what will happen to the moon?

On July 16, 2016, there was a strange circle of geometric smashing in Hacken Mountain, Wiltshire, England, about 40 meters in diameter. The center of the circle is a pattern of three pyramids. As shown in the photo, the pyramid is three-dimensional.

On August 27, 2016, a shocking crop circle appeared in the wheat field of Bakerhampton, Wiltshire. This strange circle is the symbol of the Nazis. The circle is about 45 meters in diameter, and local strange circle experts say that perhaps this prophecy is that in the near future, the Nazi residual troops will cause the world to panic. The four small circles arranged in the center of the “卐” type may represent the “4” of the “Nazi Fourth Empire” that was born when the army ruled the world.

On June 4, 2016, Wiltshire had a strange circle with a diameter of about 45 meters. The center of the circle was a starfish-shaped pattern. When the discoverer of the strange circle stepped into the center of the circle, he suddenly felt dizzy, and then the physical strength was lost a little. This strange circle is not very characteristic from the shape, but it is creepy from the perspective of emitting negative energy.

On August 23, 2016, a circle of about 45 meters in diameter appeared in Hacken Mountain, Wiltshire, England. At first glance, it looks like a geometric pattern. If you look closely, you will find that the rounded center is like two sharks that are opposite each other. Local experts believe that this strange circle reflects the two sharks as the patron saint protecting the center of the circle. But what the center’s circle represents is not known.

On June 29, 2016, a pentagon-shaped circle appeared on a small hill in Wiltshire, about 50 meters in diameter. The strange circle is basically pentagon, with double circles in the center, and each side lacks a semicircle. The discoverer believes that this strange circle represents the US Defense Department Pentagon, and the lack of a semi-circle indicates that the building was attacked in five directions and the building was damaged. The United States held a presidential election in November, and the situation changed. Even if it is not damaged, it may be predicting what is going to happen.

On June 27, 2016, a circle of about 60 meters in size appeared in the Blackwood area of ​​England. There are countless floral patterns among the diamond patterns. Amazingly, all flowers are basically the same length. Experts believe that this pattern may be made by computer. Although the author of the circle is unknown, it is still amazing in terms of its level of sophistication.

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Crop circle production grand prix and lawsuit

John Lundberg has created a website called “”, which has a lot of detailed information on how to make crop circles. He claimed that it was entirely possible to create a crop circle that was “nothing to fake” in the eyes of experts in the field of crop circles.

Matt Ridley has been designing crop circles in the northern part of England since 1991. He also published an article in Scientific American magazine about how to use simple techniques to create a crop circle that is full of chaos.

Today, the crop circle production competition is often held in the UK. In 1992, the Birch County, UK held the “Crops Circle Making Grand Prix” event. The prize money is thousands of pounds. Some contestants used ropes, PVC pipes, brackets and ladders to make crop circles. Other contestants use tools such as gardening roller presses, planks and ropes.

Some advertisers have also joined the ranks of crop circles, and now you can see the crop circles that are used for commercial advertising on the ground.

1992. In Hungary, two 17-year-old agronomy students were prosecuted for making crop circles. On June 8th of that year, the two made a 36-meter-diameter crop circle in a wheat field 70 kilometers southwest of Budapest. On September 3, the two admitted on a TV show that the crop circle was actually made by themselves, in order to make a joke, and they also showed photos of crop circles in the wheat field. The owner of the wheat field then filed a lawsuit claiming 630,000 Hungarian forints (about US$3,000) from two students. The judge ruled that the two students should bear the loss caused by the 36-meter-diameter crop circle, that is, 6000 Hungarian Forint (about 30 US dollars), and the remaining 9995 losses were swarmed by the TV station after the relevant programs were broadcast. This should be borne by the TV station.