Calm Japanese public library

Tokyo is Japan’s most important city for fire prevention. Today, there are still a large number of newspapers and magazines in the central part of the subway station and subway station. The cleaning staff can clean up a large number of newspapers, comics, pocket books, etc. from the subway, light rail and Shinkansen vehicles every day. Old newspapers are usually piled up in the garbage bins of the station.

In the event of a fire, it is estimated that the disaster will be rapidly extended. However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has never used the “Fire Prevention Regulations” to expel the kiosks. In the past few decades, there has never been a fire in the Tokyo station, because the kiosks and passengers discarded a large number of discarded newspapers. It is also very lucky. In the subway and light rail in Japan, many people still watch the newspapers. Especially those books that can be packed in pockets, there are more people reading. When readers go to bookstores to buy books, such pocket books are often placed in a more conspicuous position, and the content is quite magazine-like. The latest current issues, the most talked about, and often the relevant pocket books are published, the price is similar to a monthly magazine.

If you go to the library, you want to borrow a pocket book. It is not without, but it is less, or there are too many people borrowing. The chances of being able to borrow it are relatively small. The Japanese library mainly collects books from the big heads. After reading the book, the reader stuffed the book into the tall and large return book box set at the entrance of the library. It is very convenient to borrow and use. It is not that e-reading has no effect on the library. There are also many people who read electronic newspapers in Japan. These people naturally separated some of the people who should have read paper newspapers, which made the library begin to change. For example, the Tottori County Library collects books on senior issues and medical and health issues. The library found that older people are more willing to read books and they care about medical and health issues.

Since readers have a strong demand in this area, the library will certainly find ways to satisfy it. After several years of hard work, the Tottori County Library is known for collecting books on advanced age and medical health. Even people who are a little farther away from there are willing to go there to find related books. There are also libraries in a small district or village in Japan.

Going to such a library can better understand the cultural characteristics of the country of Japan. In the past two years, with the change of the attitude of the Japanese government toward South Korea, the books of the South Korean have been piled up in the bookstores, surpassing the “richness” of Japan’s books that have vilified another East Asian country in terms of quantity and variety.

But in the library, there are very few books that are tired of Korean or disgusting. In other words, the situation in the bookstore did not appear in the library. In the Japanese village or district library, I have to talk to the secretary there. When I ask about the collection of some books on the right or anti-Japanese and disgusting Korean, the book is quite sensitive, indicating that they will certainly consider The diversity in the collection, but more focused on neutrality, will not be bought because the national leaders like books of a right-wing writer, and will not be included because readers care about anti-Japanese or Korean issues. The choice of books is carried out by professional committees. Fairness and diversity are the principles of book selection.

If you see Japanese books in the Japanese bookstores are full of enthusiasm, and feel that there is a big deviation in the country of Japan, it is recommended to go to the most common library.

there is no shock, it means that the Japanese people have not been brainwashed by popular public opinion. I saw that so many Japanese are still studying, and many people will go to the library to borrow books. The collection of books there places more emphasis on the long-term needs of readers in terms of physical and mental health. I feel that this country will not simply be changed by popular opinion.

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