Bizarre “death” experience

The near death experience has always been a mysterious phenomenon. In life, a large number of people claim to have had a near-death experience, and the experience of these people’s sudden death experience has something in common, which can not help people not believe their claims. For example, people who have had a near-death experience have repeatedly described a common phenomenon—experiencing dark passages, feeling that they are suddenly pulled into a dark space, and quickly glide in a passage and arrive with noise. Bright place. This situation has even appeared in many film and television scenes.

When science can’t explain some mysterious phenomena, the sudden death experience described by some people is as attractive and convincing as the ghost stories told in the past. In fact, science can explain the phenomenon of sudden death in a preliminary and rational way. The study found that the so-called sudden death experience of many people is only the result of abnormal brain currents at the time of dying. In the moment before the end of life, the brainwave activity of the patient has undergone a major change, and the brain current activity has increased dramatically, which will cause people’s illusion, resulting in various sudden death experiences. Of course, there are other explanations for the sudden death experience, such as dreams, hallucinations, illusions, drug effects, and so on. As far as current research is concerned, human beings cannot fully and completely explain the experience of sudden death. People are looking forward to further research in the future, which may completely reveal the mystery of the experience of sudden death.

On the verge of death, some people said that they saw their “life” flashing from their eyes like a movie, while others said that this feeling is a feeling of floating or strong calm. Feeling, or seems to be walking in a tunnel full of light.

These strange and seemingly supernatural experiences experienced at the time of dying are the so-called sudden death experience, which has always been the mystery of scientific research.

In the end, when people die, they experience hallucinations, or evidence of the existence of the afterlife, or even the chemical reactions that occur in the brain and sensory organs before dying?

What is the truth about death? Are these feelings in close contact with each other after death?

All kinds of “death experience”

The “Death Experience” (NDE) refers to the experience of dying, which refers to the sudden and profound subjective experience of deaths described by those who suffer from severe trauma or serious illness but who are recovering unexpectedly.

The “death experience” is common among all ethnic groups.

In 1987, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, a 24-year-old young worker named Chavi Ayana was unfortunately crushed by a large box with a machine and became an unconscious “plant man.”

One day in March 1990, Ayia suddenly woke up, although only a short time of more than 10 minutes, he told people about his adventures when he was not awake –

“I changed back to a child, led by my aunt who passed away. She took me and walked into a glowing tunnel, which leads to another world. She said to me: ‘You want me to find the eternal Calm, you can get it in another world. I covered my eyes with my hands, but Aunt Maria gently pulled me back.”

After more than 10 minutes, Ayana was still asleep.

Coincidentally, a 65-year-old “resurrection” businessman in the United States also described his “post-death” situation to the doctors who rescued him.

“I remember that I was like a light cloud, gradually rising from my body to the ceiling. The walls and iron doors of the hospital couldn’t stop me.” I quickly flew out of the hospital at a faster and faster rate. Flying to the imaginary space. Then I proceeded at an extremely fast speed in an endless tunnel.

“At the other end of the tunnel, I saw a light. This light is getting brighter and bigger. When I reach the end of the tunnel, the light becomes a powerful source of light. My heart is full of joy and love. I no longer have anxiety, depression, pain and tension.”

What’s interesting is that some celebrities have also had a “death experience.” At the age of 19, the Nobel Prize winner and the famous American writer Hemingway experienced an experience of “soul away from the body”.

At that time, he served in the Italian ambulance team. At midnight on July 8, 1918, a shrapnel hit Hemingway’s legs, causing him to be seriously injured.

Afterwards, he told his friend Guy Hicko: “I feel that my soul has come out of the body, just like pulling a corner of a silk handkerchief to pull it out of the pocket. The silk handkerchief wandered around and finally returned. Go to the old place and get into the pocket.”

In addition to Hemingway, Germany’s great poet Goethe, France’s best critical realist writer Mobosan, Russian famous 19th century writer Dostoevsky, and America’s most famous novelist Ellen Poe have had A similar experience.

They think: “The human soul is hidden in the human body, and it is a perfect reproduction of the flesh. It is composed of extremely light things. It is luminous and translucent. It is very suitable for activities outside the body. When the soul leaves the body, it dreams. almost.”

In China, there are also many examples of “death experience”.

On a rainy afternoon, Mr. Hal from Xi’an was riding a bicycle to go home. Just at the corner of a junction, a gold-cup car with a wiper failure was coming to Mr. Hal.

Then there was a scene that everyone did not want to see: Mr. Hal was hit by a car and flew more than 10 meters, and he was unconscious. On the way to the hospital, Mr. Hal has no awareness.

In the process of people’s nervous rescue, he gradually recovered a sense of consciousness, but then he saw himself floating in the sky, overlooking everything below.

After a few days of rescue, Mr. Hal finally woke up. But waking up is really not as comfortable for Mr. Hal as he floats. He feels a lot of pain in his body, especially his head.

Seeing that he woke up, the doctor and his family were relieved, and Mr. Hal was surprised by his strange experience.

“Death” similar feelings

Despite the huge difference between the situation in which the sudden death experience occurs and the personal personality of the experience, it is certain that there is a similarity that cannot be ignored in these people’s “death experience”.

A serene feeling – this feeling may include calm, acceptable death, emotional and physical comfort.

Intense, extremely bright light – sometimes this intense (but not painful) light fills the room. In other cases, people who experienced a near-death experience witnessed the light they believed to represent heaven or God.

The experience of the OBE (the experience of the OBE) – people who experience the “death experience” feel that they are drawn from the body.

They can look over their bodies and often describe the busy scenes of doctors. In some cases, their souls rushed out of the room, flew into the sky, and sometimes even flew into the universe.

Enter another space or dimension – they may feel that this space is like heaven, in very few cases, like hell, depending on the nature of their religious beliefs and experience.

Gods – In the process of the soul’s departure, those who experience the “death experience” smashed “Aura” or represented other signs of the gods. He may think that this is his late lover, angel, saint or God.

Tunnels – Many people who have experienced the “death experience” have the feeling of falling into a bright tunnel. They feel that they are in a tunnel with white light at the end, and they will encounter gods when they cross the tunnel.

Communicate with the gods – At the end of the experience of near death, many people report various exchanges with the gods.

This kind of communication is often described as a “bright male voice” telling them that the deadline has not yet arrived and let them return to their bodies.

Some people say that they are being asked to make choices, whether they are going to shine or returning to their real body. Others feel that there is a silent command from God that forces him to return to the flesh.

Life Review – This feature is also known as the “panoramic life review.” The experiencer watched his entire life in a flashback.

This part may be very specific or it may be extremely short. Experiencers may also feel some kind of trial from the surrounding gods.

People sometimes confuse the “death experience” with the soul, but there are key differences between the two.

The soul outrage may occur in the “death experience”, but some people experience the environment when the soul goes out, but it has nothing to do with death or dying. They may still keep their mind or mind calm.

Soul out can occur naturally, and can also be induced by drugs or meditation.

Thousands of people have experienced these similar situations before the end of their lives, but the focus of the debate is whether people have truly experienced everything they feel.

Unscrupulous explanation

In Germany, there was a “death test” in which 42 young and strong male and female volunteers participated in the trial. The “death test” approach is simple: using drugs, 42 volunteers are in a completely unconscious state similar to death.

In the short time of 22 seconds, the volunteers got something –

Some saw colored light; some saw relatives and friends; some saw their “soul” with blue light “escape” from their own body.

In fact, a similar “death test” is not the first time. American cardiologist Michael Saab has also organized a “hell visit” campaign by using drugs to stun some people and resurrect them with high levels of rescue. The experience of these people is similar to the above test results.

Since the 1980s, the medical community has paid more and more attention to the dying state of human beings.

Many people who have experienced the experience of sudden death insist that it is not an illusion that the soul is their own experience. However, because this kind of experience is rarely experienced by ordinary people, the measurement of the instrument is difficult to be completely accurate, so there are still people who are arguing about it until now.

Two professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe that the “death experience” is purely nonsense, and it is nothing more than the illusion of death caused by suffocation, which is caused by the lack of feeling.

Some scientists have explained that the reason why such a strange hallucination arises is because it is related to the education, experience and personal character of the person. Many aspects of the experience of sudden death are essentially physiological and psychological phenomena.

In the experience of sudden death, the body’s spatial sensation also has a tendency to malfunction. Your brain misunderstands the positional relationship between the body and the surrounding space, which in turn creates a feeling of being out of the body and dissociating.

Coupled with the effects of wound pain and cerebral hypoxia (which is accompanied by many symptoms of sudden death), the whole body feels floating in the air, looking down on one’s body and then falling into the tunnel.

The feeling of serenity and serenity when experiencing a near-death experience may be caused by an adaptive mechanism. When a person is traumatized, the level of release of dopamine in the brain increases, and this change promotes the development of adaptation mechanisms.

Many people experience a strange sense of detachment and indifference when they are injured (whether or not they are experiencing a sudden death experience). This is the same effect.

The sum of many factors creates an experience of visiting heaven or meeting God in a near-death experience. Wrong sensory input, hypoxia, and endorphin-induced euphoria are intertwined, creating a surreal, yet real-life experience.

At a moment when death comes, the subjective experience in a short period of time is generally similar—especially those who believe in the existence of paradise abound in the West, so it is easier to produce a “death experience”. This is a more convincing point of view.

In addition, some Soviet scientists believe that there is an energy system in the human body that can form an isolated body. They call this self “energy” or “bio-plasma”. After the mind is isolated, it may turn this energy into a carrier. Own, different types of ex vivo phenomena may have different corresponding media.

The biologist Roland Sig explains from a biochemical point of view that he believes that when everyone dies, the brain secretes excess chemicals, some of which can cause strange hallucinations.

“We believe that the experience of sudden death may be caused by the violent electrical activity that occurs when the brain runs out of oxygen,” said Lakhmir Chavala, a doctor at the American Academy and a serious intensive care doctor.

As the blood flows slowly and the amount of oxygen decreases, the brain cells emit the last electrical pulse. He said: “This kind of activity starts in an area of ​​the brain and then spreads out quickly, which may give people a vivid and realistic feeling.”

He monitored the brain activity of seven seriously ill patients to determine if the painkillers worked.

The brain activity of each patient gradually weakened about an hour before death and was interrupted by a brief “electric storm” lasting 30 seconds or 3 minutes.

The near-death experience seems to give us a glimmer of hope that death is not necessarily terrible, and it is not necessarily the end of consciousness.

Shocking new world

Just as the scientific community was inconsistent, a scientific experiment named “Alpha 3” was quietly launched in Tokyo, Japan, opening up a new world for the study of the “death experience.”

The “Alpha 3” program was sponsored by a number of multinational companies, and a total of 16 volunteers participated in the experiment. They are from the United States, Japan, and Switzerland, ranging in age from 19 to 75 years old, and are dying patients who are dying.

They were approved to join the “Alpha 3” program after nearly three months of intensive psychological analysis.

The specific implementation method of the “Alpha 3” program is: the scientist implants the electrodes in the volunteer skull and is connected to the computer so that the computer can receive the brainwaves of the volunteers within 80 km and within 60 seconds. The brain wave is translated into text and displayed on the screen of the computer terminal.

In the first two years of the implementation of the “Alpha 3” program, four volunteers left the world, but the computer did not receive any information from them.

The scientists were not discouraged. They made further modifications to the computer program and finally succeeded.

At that time, a volunteer named Fodi died. Three days later, the long-awaited message on the computer screen appeared: “I am Foday, tell you, I am happy, no pain… no pain, no pain…” These words repeated 20 Many times, then the information was suddenly interrupted.

This result greatly encouraged the experimenter to make the experiment proceed more orderly. However, after the four volunteers passed away, the computer did not receive any information.

On the occasion of “there is no way to reclaim the mountains and heavy waters”, a 23-year-old leukemia patient died unfortunately, making the experiment “Liu Huaming another village” because the computer received her message the following day: “This is a beautiful Place, I am very happy to be here, there is always plenty of sunshine.” “Many people are with me, I love them very much, I will…” The information suddenly stopped.

Scientists participating in the “Alpha 3” program believe that the feedback on the life information conveyed here is similar, which is a strong evidence of the “death experience.” In view of this, the “Alpha 3” plan is going to go deeper.

For the secret of death, people always have a strong curiosity. These positive studies show that this field is becoming a legitimate field in mainstream scientific exploration, but it is only necessary to solve this tempting problem, and it takes time and continuous efforts.