Yang Anze, want to be “Chinese Obama”

Yang Anze was born in the United States in 1975. He graduated from Brown University and Columbia University. He was the CEO of Manhattan Preparation. In 2011, he founded the non-profit organization “Starting for the United States.” In 2019, he announced his candidacy for the US 2020 presidential election. He is a Democratic candidate.

Yang Anze is an alternative to the US 2020 presidential election Democratic primary.

While other Democratic candidates are still discussing immigration policies, climate agreements, and tax reforms, Yang Anze shouted the slogan of “humanity first” and advocated that the federal government pay $1,000 a month to every 18-64-year-old American. The “free dividend” of the US dollar is about 7.15 yuan. He was the first Chinese candidate to successfully enter the party’s debate stage (has entered the third round of debates when the journal was published), and has received sufficient support and attracted a lot of attention.

On August 23, Yang Anze attended a party meeting of the Democratic National Committee in California and delivered a speech. The video of the speech soon had 40,000 views on YouTube and gained nearly 4,000 points. With bold policies and first-rate eloquence, Yang Anze became popular on the Internet and even supported by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. So, who is Yang Anze?

In May 2019, supporters held up a slogan bearing the head of Yang Anze.

Musk said that he is “goth president”
At 8 pm on July 31, the second game of the second round of the Democratic Party’s TV debate was staged in Detroit. Ten candidates debated on the same stage, including Yang Anze, the only male candidate in the audience who did not wear a tie.

Halfway through the debate, the host suddenly turned to Yang Anze: “The poll shows that for Democrats, they want a candidate who can beat President Trump. According to current polls, it is most likely to achieve this. The goal is Biden. What do you think about this?”

The guide will cut Biden and Yang Anze into the picture at the same time. The experienced Biden smiled lightly. Yang Anze looked serious and immediately took the move. “I am building an alliance, including voters who voted for Trump, non-partisan, liberals and conservatives, and the moderates and progressives of the Democratic Party. I believe that I am the candidate who can beat Trump. “”

Yang Anze said that Trump found the unemployment problem in American society, but found the wrong solution. Trump blamed all the problems on immigrants and won the support of the unemployed workers before winning the election. But it is not immigration, but technology that really takes away Americans’ work. Automation and artificial intelligence will cause a large number of Americans to lose their jobs. For example, self-driving cars may cause 1 million drivers to be unemployed. It is also difficult for shop assistants, operators, and fast food restaurant clerk to survive this unemployment wave.

Trump’s solution is to build a wall, and Yang Anze’s solution is to send money to everyone. He advocated that the federal government provide “basic income for all people” and give all 18-64 year olds a monthly basic living allowance of $1,000 without any additional conditions to ensure a stable life. This sum of money is also known as the “free dividend.” He believes that this is the human care in the era of artificial intelligence. The source of funds is the technology companies that benefit from the development of automation and artificial intelligence, such as Amazon, Apple, and Netflix.

In 2019, Yang Anze wore a dark blue baseball cap with the words “MATH” printed on it, surrounded by a group of young Americans with the same hat and different skin colors.

This bold and radical policy was supported by Musk, who forwarded a tweet by Yang Anze and stated that “I support Yang. He will be the first ‘goth president of our country’.” In the student era, Yang Anze is a rock-and-roll youth. He likes rock and roll gothic groups such as Smith, so he has the title of “God President.”

Musk brought a lot of traffic to Yang Anze, but in fact, Yang Anze himself knows how to make traffic. He knows the taste of young people very well. For example, Yang Anze appeared in the YouTube “Red Feng Brothers” program, while telling his own campaign idea. Subsequently, he boarded the well-known podcast show “Joe Rogan’s experience”, with more than 3.6 million hits.

His fans call themselves “Yang Bang” and like to make expression packs, animations, rap songs and videos for him. In the rap video “Yang Bang 2020”, Yang Anze’s cartoon image is behind a pile of banknotes falling from the sky. The lyrics are simple and brainwashed: “I want a thousand dollars a month, I want a thousand dollars a month…” “WikiLeaks” Twitter account post: “Is Trump already losing the 2020 election?”

Intimate and casual personality
Yang Anze, born in 1975, grew up in a typical Chinese intellectual immigrant family. His parents came from Taiwan, China, and met at the University of California at Berkeley. The mother holds a degree in statistics, her father received a Ph.D. in physics, and worked for General Electric and IBM, with up to 69 patents.

Yang Anze and his brother are second-generation Chinese immigrants, continuing their parents’ “American dream.” My brother graduated from Boston University and is now a professor of psychology. Yang Anze studied at Brown University and Columbia University Law School. After graduating in 1999, he entered the famous law firm Dawei of Wall Street.

However, Yang Anze is not satisfied with being a comfortable middle class. He only resigned after starting a business in the law firm for five months and accumulated a lot of experience. In 2006, Yang Anze joined an exam training company, Manhattan Preparation, and soon became CEO. When interviewing the lecturer, Yang Anze was extremely strict, and the employment rate was only 1/10. The instructor who applies for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) must be admitted to the top 1% of the national ranking. Executives sometimes sit under the lecturer as a student, and Yang Anze is always “the one who likes to pick the thorns.” Asking a lot of questions, seeing the lecturer can keep up with his ideas and discover his mistakes.

However, his colleagues in Manhattan preparing for the exam said that in fact, after contact with Yang Anze for a long time, he will find that his personality is friendly and casual, and even likes whimsy. In the office, he suddenly sings what he is doing; on Friday night, he often encourages everyone to go home early, and he also went to see the Broadway musical “Spiderman: Ending the Darkness” with colleagues. He always wears a suit jacket and shirt, but barely wears a tie, which is the same as his image in the campaign. Because of the excellent teachers and excellent performance, the company survived the global financial crisis of 2008 and was acquired by the education and training giant Cape Town.