Wroof’s low-key luxury from Germany

When it comes to international big-name jewellery, many people first think of French, Italian or American brands, but in recent years, a German high-end jewellery brand called WeIIendorff has begun to attract consumers’ attention. It is somewhat like Bulgari more than 10 years ago. Although there are not many people who know it in China, a considerable number of insiders prefer it. In the TOP30 list of German luxury brands released last year, Hualuofu ranked 9th, becoming the only jewellery company on the list, sitting on the status of German jewelry NO.1.

Never do “cheap” jewelry

The most impressive impression of Wahlov is that there is no such thing as a “jewelry grade” jewelry. Nowadays, the basic models and entry-level jewels that many of the big brands we see on the market actually belong to the category of jewelry. Although they also use natural gemstones and precious metals, they are designed and produced in large quantities. The styles are relatively simple and the price is relatively low. It is suitable for daily and repeated consumption, and does not have the value of collection.

Hualuofu never makes such “cheap” jewelry. Because its home materials and craftsmanship requirements are always perfect, there is no clear distinction between high and low grades, so no matter how close the people can not reach the level of jewelry – this is the industrialization of Germany’s high-end watches, ceramics, cameras, cars, etc. Is the product somewhat similar?

At the same time, Hualuofu rarely makes the kind of glamorous styles encrusted with massive precious stones, or a “pigeon egg” attracts people. Compared with the whole body, Hualuofu is more adept at using exquisite workmanship, elegant appearance and delicate emotions to impress people. This more artistic expression is more valued by rational consumers.

It is understood that at the earliest time, Hualuofu was only a jewelry workshop, and did not create his own brand, nor did he print a trademark on the product. Distributors from different regions will purchase or order jewellery products from Hualuofu Workshop and sell them under their own name.

But the third generation of Hualufu’s descendants did not like this. He felt that this was to mix Hualufu’s high-quality jewelry in other less-than-good works. So he invented a logo, the first letter “W” of Wellendorff, and printed it on his own jewelry.

The move also attracted opposition from many distributors, who quickly lost half of their customers (distributors) after making this decision. However, the Hualufu family still persisted. They wanted consumers to know Hualufu and understand the quality of Hualuofu jewelry, so they finally established the brand.

Many international big-name jewels start from romantic design ideas, but Hualuofu seems to emphasize less on this aspect.

In this regard, the fourth generation of Waldorf, George W. Love gave an explanation: “First of all, we want to have a continuity in design, that is, when we show 5 years ago, 10 years ago, even customers. When he was a child, he was able to recognize at a glance that this is Hualufu. For example, the design of Hualuofu Jinsi Necklace has been around for 42 years. We will also do different research and development, such as doing more detailed, or With angular edges, but on the basis of the most classic craftsmanship, it emphasizes the characteristics of Hualuofu. Our idea is sustainable progress, such as our newly developed buckle, the durability is greatly improved than before. We think It is a jewel that can be used for life, and it can be passed on. If you can live to 100 years old, this necklace will have to undergo 40,000 opening and closing, and will not be damaged, then you can pass it to the child. “”

The only family-owned company

In last year’s list of German luxury brands TOP30, Hualuofu ranked 9th, and the only jewelry company on the list, sitting on the identity of German jewelry NO.1. There may be many friends who think that in today’s era, top luxury goods have been grouped and internationalized, but why has Wroeph has no fame?

One of the most important reasons is that Hualuofu is a family-owned company and is the only family-owned company in the high-end jewellery brand. The benefits of family business are many. For example, if there is no shareholder eager to pay for the money, then there is no need to make a living to earn the money of the guests: the operators also cherish the feathers, and maintaining the reputation of the brand is like maintaining the face of the family: such enterprises Will spend more energy on getting the product done.

In addition, the factory and birthplace of Hualufu is located in Pforzheim in the Black Forest region (north), Germany. As early as 1893, the first generation of the Hualufu operator family, Ernst · Mr. Ernst Alexander Wellendorff has created a jewellery workshop in Pforzheim.

The Black Forest region has produced a large number of high-quality handicrafts since ancient times, and Pforzheim has contracted 70% of Germany’s gold and silver jewellery. However, compared with the superb manufacturing process, local companies are not very enthusiastic about publicity.

In the face of today’s luxury brands, especially the jewelry industry, a small number of brands occupy more and more markets, Hualuofu chooses to do their own thing, no need to care for others.

Hualuofu is relatively small in scale and has always adhered to the model of family business. Only 30 to 40 pieces of jewellery can be made in a day, of which 1 to 2 pieces are supplied to the Chinese market. The annual output is only about 67 pieces.

George Wroof admits, “At present, Wroc has only focused on three markets, namely, Germany, the United States and East Asia (China and Japan). If there are more products, the products will not be supplied at all. I will care about how other brands are expanding.”

In fact, the demand for Hualufu is far higher than its production capacity.

According to a questionnaire conducted by an authoritative organization in the US, Europe and China, if the brand’s reputation is ranked in two dimensions, one is popularity and the other is attractive, Hualuofu is the only attraction far more than the popularity. s brand.

George Wroof said: “Our goal is not to let everyone know about Hualufu, but to do more improvement in attraction, because we have to maintain our family spirit, which is for Hualuofu. It is the most important. We are proud of the fact that we are still doing our father’s business. We have not sold our father’s business for money.” Customers are friends of our family.

Although it has entered the Chinese market for a few years, and the speed of development is very fast, but with the same level of brand, Hualuofu still looks low-key.

In an interview with reporters, George Wallof and his wife Claudia explained: “We have been in Germany until the first official out of Germany in 2008 and opened in Los Angeles, USA. The first overseas boutique. During this period, we met many Chinese people to come to Germany to find and understand Hualuofu jewelry, so we think this is an opportunity to expand the market to China.”

At present, Hualuofu has only opened two boutiques in Beijing and Hangzhou in China. Most brands choose Shanghai. “We are a family business. We do things with emotions, not purely for making money. So some of the choices in boutiques and dealers are due to personal factors, the so-called coincidence. “”

In the minds of ordinary employees of Hualufu, Hualuofu is actually a big family.

George Wroof said: “My brother (Christopher Walloff) Chris is responsible for sales, I am responsible for the operation of the workshop, and my wife is responsible for media promotion, we constitute the company’s (core) inner circle. Another lap is the company’s 120 employees. Most of them are craftsmen in the Pforzheim workshop, and maybe their ancestors worked for Hualufu. I can work with them every day (working days). Two times of face-to-face, almost the name of each employee. Foreign employees may not see it often, but we will try our best to keep in touch. In the outer circle is the customer of Hualufu, but we They are not called customers, but family friends.”

Regardless of Chinese and foreign, almost all family businesses face the problem of heirs. There are fewer and fewer family businesses of watches and jewellery in the world. One of the important reasons is that family heirs are not interested in the family business. For Hualuofu, this does not seem to be a problem.

“Wallow will not force the heirs to choose, but they will make their own decisions.” George Walloff said, “I remember that when I was young, my brother and I had already started to contact the jewelry business. For example, when a partner comes to the house, we will help the reception, which has become an integral part of our life from the very beginning. Moreover, when you are a child, you can easily find out what parents are doing is what they like. I still don’t like it. When you see that your father is happy to go home every day, telling a great day of your experience, when the guests are satisfied with our products, you will naturally want to continue this happy career, like Like my parents.”