World War II Top Secret Plan: Changing Hitler’s “Woman Heart”

The plot was born
One day in May 1942, Smith, then the head of the British Military Intelligence, secretly asked Churchill to report that the Military Intelligence Bureau was working on a series of actions to murder Hitler. At that time, Hitler had invaded France, and northern France was a gathering place for ethnic minorities with dozens of languages. He urgently needed to send a few small language translations. The Military Intelligence Bureau planned to send a young and beautiful agent to apply for translation, and then wait for the opportunity to get rid of it. Hitler. Churchill approved Smith’s plan and asked him to keep it strictly confidential. Smith handed the task to the MI6.

Under the personal arrangement of Smith, MI6 sent a 22-year-old Jewish girl named Wesley to Berlin. Unexpectedly, the Germans had been on alert, and Wesley had not been hired and was arrested by the German SS.

A few months later, Smith learned that Hitler was going to the front line of the Soviet Union. He thought of a way to recruit two young Jewish female volunteers and then injected liquid explosives into their breasts to find ways to get them. Mixed into the welcome crowd, near Hitler, detonated the explosives to get rid of him. Unexpectedly, the SS’s security work on Hitler was very strict, and even the women’s breasts were not let go, and the two girls were quickly arrested.

Two attempts to kill Hitler failed, and Smith had to re-examine Hitler seriously. Through careful study, he discovered that Hitler’s character is contradictory and extremely aggressive. He is a natural war madman. The strange thing is that Hitler and his sister Paula have a world of difference: Paula’s temperament is particularly docile, and her classmates said that in high school, once a female student spit out Paula’s face, she would only swear. Cried and ran home. At that time, experiments have been made to recognize the importance of hormones in human gender and apply them to some treatments. Smith’s whim: Is Hitler so aggressive, is it because his male hormone is over-contained? Can we find a way to secretly release female hormones in Hitler’s food for a long time, making him more and more feminine and becoming less radical, thus curbing his enthusiasm for war?

Various trials
After careful study, Smith believes that the plan is very feasible. Because Hitler’s defense level is very high, the average person can’t get close to him. Even if he is close to him, the general murder plan is difficult to implement. At that time, the British Military Intelligence Bureau had successfully placed a number of spies next to Hitler, and even the people of the Military Intelligence Bureau who served Hitler’s diet. But Hitler is very alert, no matter what, he has to try many people first, and he has to let his testers try it first, then he dares to eat. If poison is put, the first thing to fall is definitely these testers. It is impossible to get rid of Hitler.

The hormones are completely different. It is colorless and tasteless, and it can completely escape the taste buds of the taster, and this kind of thing only lasts for several months or even longer, the effect will gradually show up, the human body’s reaction is not obvious, and the personality influence is Imperceptible, so no one would think of the addition of female hormones in the food.

The question is how the effect of this approach is, can you really change Hitler’s character. For this purpose, Smith set up a special action group called “X Plan”. He personally served as the team leader and first experimented with this method on several animals.

After applying a female hormone to a male rearing rattlesnake, Smith discovered three months later that the nature of the rattlesnake became docile. The original people were two or three meters away from it, and it threatened, but now even You are only one meter away from it, and as long as you don’t touch it, it will not pose a threat. But at this time, one of the men suggested that snakes belong to lower animals and are cold-blooded, which is very different from higher animals and cannot be treated equally.

Smith thinks it makes sense. He wants to experiment on other high-level animals, but those animals have long lost their temper because of human feeding. In order to successfully realize the plan, he simply sent people to India to capture a male Indian tiger in the wild and transport it back to the UK. The tiger has just been captured, especially violent, as long as you hear a little noise, you will scream and scream. After three months of adding a female hormone to it, it turned out to be much more docile.

However, this tiger has just been caught from the wild. Is it because it has adapted to the environment for a few months to become docile? Such experiments are not necessarily accurate. Really not, Smith thought of his own Pete.

Pete is a pet dog of Smith’s history, which is precisely a male Tibetan mastiff from China’s Tibet. It weighs more than 40 kilograms, is fiercely abnormal, and is very loyal to the owner. Except for Smith and the domestic servant to feed it, whoever does not eat it, if anyone dares to provoke it, or pretend to fight with Smith, it will even break. The chain is going to fight you hard. Although Smith was reluctant, in order to conquer Hitler, he decided to experiment on Pete. He asked the servant to consciously add some female hormones to Pete every day. By observing, Smith found that even Pete, who was so sensitive to smell, did not smell the female hormones from the food, and even tasted even more fragrant.

Later, Smith realized that the reason for “sexual attraction” is that hormones are also working. That is to say, if hormones are added to the food of male animals, it will not only be disgusting, but will also prefer food in female animals. Adding male hormones, the effect is the same.

Three months later, Pete really changed his temperament, and even the sound of screaming was much smaller, and he liked to sleep. If it was before, whoever dared to touch it, it would jump up and fight with you, but now, sometimes strangers gently patted it on its head, it just lazily opened its eyes Look at you, then go to sleep. Smith’s heart is sad and happy. Sadly, Pete has become a “Miss Dog.” The joy is that this shows that his plan is effective and finally found a way to subdue Hitler.

In December 1944, Smith personally deployed to implement his X plan.

Hitler and mistress Eva Braun have five chefs, two of whom are from the British Military Intelligence Bureau. Hitler asked five chefs to take turns cooking, how the arrangement was handled by his quartermaster Constantine, who was also a member of the British Military Intelligence Bureau. After receiving the above instructions, Constantine did not know what was added to Hitler’s diet, but he began to act. For the first time when Hitler had added female hormone food, Constantine was so nervous that he was about to jump out, because once Hitler noticed something, as long as Hitler had a word, he had to die from the chef to himself!

According to Hitler’s request, every time the chef cooks him, he does the same two parts. The inspector first tests the food once, then takes one of them randomly, and the chef, Constantine tries to eat, and finally Eva also I have to cut a part of the food she eats and Hitler to let the testers try to eat, until they are all right after twenty minutes, they will eat. When the inspector took samples from the food and examined it, Constantine was so nervous that all the sweat had come down, but the inspector did not test it. After the chef, Constantine and the full-time tester tried it, there was no problem. Hitler entered the restaurant with Eva. At that time, Italy had surrendered. The whole European battlefield was more and more unfavorable to Hitler. He was like a mad lion, eating and swearing, and then ate a little and then went into the war room. Eva did not find any abnormalities in the food. She also fed her dog with some food. Until then, Constantine’s heart was put back in his stomach.