Why do men all over the world like the romantic goddess like Hepburn?

There is a kind of love that is destined to have no results, but it is still beautiful. Perhaps, true love is not considering the consequences, it is an instant thing, with the quality of flowers, the fading will be withered, as long as it is open. However, once we retain its most brilliant moments (through memory or works of art), we will be surprised to discover that it has reached an eternal realm. On the contrary, many people in reality, even if they are cleverly designed and painstakingly managed, are often one step away from eternity and even pass by.

Love does not only create romance for our daily life, but memory is its greatest creation. It lives in memory, even if the party has already broken up, it is already aging. We can conclude that this love does not die, but it is forced to survive in a way that is forced by many restrictions, and the vitality continues in the memory. Such love is simply a work of art: although there are a lot of blanks left, it is richer than many marriages that have been maintained in reality but have lost their motivation.

What is the result of love, just a marriage? Just referring to the long-lasting relationship? If this is the case, many classic loves will be expelled, such as “Roman Holiday”, “Soul Blue Bridge”, and “The Bridges of the Bridge”, which combines their shadows, until the ghosts of the Titanic No…. In my eyes, the ability to have a perfect memory is already a love that will become a good fruit. Don’t worry about how short it is.

In terms of the short process, who can compare with “Roman Holiday”? It is only 24 hours in a woman’s life, and it is only 24 hours in a man’s life. However, when a woman overlaps with the most precious 24 hours of a man’s life, it creates eternity.

For those lucky people who are accompanied by love for the rest of their lives, they can be called happy couples according to their old habits.

For the pair of men and women who can only have each other for 24 hours, we can only implicitly call it a lover. Fortunately, no one thinks they are really unfortunate. Envy is too late. They easily reached the highest level that made me so unpopular.

Everyone has become accustomed to naming “Golden Marriage”, “Silver Marriage”, and “Diamond Marriage” according to the length of the maintenance time; but this pair of young people in the holiday, only 24 hours to create a diamond texture of love, does not seem inferior. From another perspective, they are also the lucky ones who are deeply loved by God. Their love can only be repeated in memory, but it will continue to be as long as the rest of the life.

There is a kind of lover that can’t be combined, because the rules and regulations, the door concept or the war, the disaster and the death of the obstacle, but they still have the right to love, the right to recall. For example, this pair in “Roman Holiday” is incapable of breaking the constraints of reality and can only keep this secret in the depths of the heart. Secret flowers are sometimes more entangled than the fruits of the public.

There is a kind of love that is prepared for separation, as Milan Kundera said “for the farewell party”, but still beautiful!

Audrey Hepburn is a dream that several generations of Chinese men have done. She was dreamed because of the movie “Roman Holiday.” I must admit that she was once my dream lover. In the 1980s, I was still a high school student. I saw “Roman Holiday” at the Dahua Cinema in Xinjiekou, Nanjing, as if I knew what love is. I understand and demand love according to the standards of “Roman Holiday”. Love should be romantic, extraordinary, unforgettable, and no regrets. In this sense, Hepburn not only became my dream lover with the perfect face, but also my enlightenment teacher, taught me how to keep the imagination of love in the secular life, even as a religion. Come to believe. A few days ago, I received a new collection of novels by He Yilun, Hepburn Hepburn, which was both sudden and not familiar. Hepburn Hepburn, this is a call for deja vu. At least, it has been heard in my heart.

It seems that Jiang Yi, who belongs to the same generation as me, has also done this dream, and may even grow up with this dream. No, he also made this dream bigger, and wrote a collection of novels with the name of Hepburn as the title of the book. And added a huge sigh – Hepburn Hepburn, like calling for a long time lover. The date of publication of Hepburn Hepburn is May 4, 2011, the birthday of Audrey Hepburn. Jiang Yi talked about “Hepburn Hepburn” and chose to publish it on the birthday of Audrey Hepburn. Not only that, but he also chose Hepburn as the cover for the photo of Princess Anne of Rome. It is simply a modern version of Mona Lisa. Hepburn, immersed in Roman romantic love, smiles with his lips, smiles or reveals from his eyes. This is as intriguing as the Mona Lisa smile. It seems that there are still more secrets related to youth. There are memories of love and love for love.

Rereading Hepburn’s smile through Jiang’s new book cover, the distant Roman holiday is back in front of me. The pair of young men and women seem to still walk in the square and the street, just like walking in the clouds, not knowing. Parting is coming, parting has arrived, and even parting has become a thing of the past. I can’t help but sigh. They sigh for the story that they have been growing for a hundred years, and they sigh for their youth without stories. Hepburn Hepburn, in this world, love is not omnipotent, but no love is impossible. It is not enough to have love, but not love is not enough.

Jiang Yi talked about the dream of his own dream with the Hepburn head on the cover of the new book. No, I advertised the love dream of our generation. Although this advertisement was a bit late, because we are not young, but after all, it proves that we have been young.

More importantly, it also proves that Hepburn is still very young and still smiling. We forgot that Hepburn died in 1993. Forgetting Hepburn, even if he is still alive, he should be 82 years old. She seems to be still living in the year of meeting American journalist Pike, living in the age of “Roman Holiday”, just in her early twenties. She is only in her twenties forever. She wants to be old and old. Looking at her young smile, we can’t help but smile. Since Jiang Yitang and I still admit that Hepburn is an idol in my heart, it shows that we still believe in her, or believe in love. Believe that her existence is to believe in the existence of love. Believing in the existence of love, Roman holidays are full of possibilities. Although we are not young, people who believe in love can always go wherever they are.

I don’t know how to treat love after the 80s and 90s. Do they love to watch the old movie “Roman Holiday”? Do you believe that Roman holidays will become true? Perhaps, the word love is as old-fashioned as the black and white movie in their eyes? Can be like Jiang Yi and my generation, the so-called 60, experienced the baptism of idealism in the 1980s, the pursuit of the glory of life, this heart has been repeatedly defeated, but refused to annihilate. In the youth, the “poison” of love is not willing to be mediocre and secular. It is determined that the day of heaven is better than the world. Although the Roman holiday can be met, it is difficult to suppress the yearning. I am afraid that it is because of the deep innermost concept of the great concept of greatness, romance, glory, success, etc. Even if it has entered the ranks of old men, it is still an old boy psychologically, and it is still an idealist in the bones. Hepburn Hepburn, invisibly becomes the image spokesperson of our love ideals. Love should be a holiday, it should be a glorious day, it should be a myth created by hand. It should be a pair of people in the sky, “the yellow river in the west of my beauty in the east.”

Of course, the greatness of “Roman Holiday” lies in transcending elopement. Hepburn’s smile is not too heavy, because the responsibility of the princess is revived. “Roman Holiday” is not a dessert, but a complete taste, especially revealing the cruelty that love may encounter, and the cruelty that may be brought about. Jiang Yi talked about the “Roman Holiday” and read “Roman Holiday”. In his novel “Hepburn Hepburn”, he showed more cruel love than “Roman Holiday”, or he wanted to put love. Cruel digging to the extreme. In order to highlight the love of two people, the background is the war between two countries, the war between China and Vietnam, and even the farther war between the United States and Vietnam. The clue is the 1950s and 1960s American magazines that published Hepburn photos. They were brought from the other side of the ocean to the battlefield, from one battlefield to another, and from the battlefield to the rear, connecting the two wars together, and even putting Love and hate, life and death are connected in tandem… Hepburn still smiles innocently on the cover of the magazine. The years have changed, the environment has changed, only her smile has remained the same.

I used Hepburn Hepburn as a daydream for the novelist Jiang Yiyan. In order to bury a Platonic love for the protagonist in the story, the author created what is an expensive victim, and even let Hepburn’s smile bury it. Jiang Yi’s daydream, which seems to have nothing to do with love, is really generous. This genius-like imagination and master-like creativity, I would rather believe that it was ignited by Hepburn’s smile. It is no wonder that someone has read “Herben Hepburn” and called the author Jiang Yitang “the 42-year-old boy.” Jiang Yi talked about a Hepburn in his heart, just as Da Vinci had a Mona Lisa in his heart. Soaring, the beautiful god will lend you a pair of wings. However, before you wake up, you must return it in time. After all, reality is not the same as dreams. It is completely two worlds. There is a lot of room to shuttle between the two worlds, how difficult it is, and what makes it desirable. Hepburn Hepburn, please stop for me, please smile at me.

I can’t remember how many times I read “Roman Holiday”, four times, five times or more? For classic love, people will not get bored, even if they are always outsiders. Everyone has a similar desire, a similar dream, but it is difficult to achieve. It is this difficulty that makes us happy to believe that it is true. This is a reality outside of reality. This is a romantic holiday outside of mediocrity. This is a dream, this is poetry.

Appreciating the love of others can also help us to transcend reality. We only lost a little less luck and less courage than them. Only because of this, they can only stay on their other shores forever. If there is no such landscape on the other side of life, how pale will it appear? What else can you trust?

The strange thing is that I can’t remember the real name of the hero and heroine. They are like two anonymous names, and I am watching the love of Anonymous repeatedly. For the sake of convenience, I called them one reporter, one called a princess, and I can see the impression of his identity. Later, he was simply replaced by the name of the actor: one called Parker and the other called Hepburn. Hepburn happened to meet Pike in Rome (rather than Hollywood), and each of them concealed their identity for a night and then left.

Because of the “Roman Holiday”, I feel that these two actors should never have a chance to cooperate in this life. Putting two faces together can only make people think of “Roman Holiday”, which will be distorted unless you take a sequel to “Roman Holiday” or the old version.

I often think about it: If the reporter and the princess are old, what should I do? The reporter may have been promoted to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper. The princess may have been the Queen Mother. Can they still identify each other through the face that was devastated by the years? How do you face a younger love story (although only 24 hours), especially when compared to reality? If you simply pass the age of retirement, you can at least get rid of the jealousy that has plagued their lives. Their secrets are purely because of jealousy (including their own responsibilities).

Whether they will regret: If you are young, you are not so responsible, the reporter can resign, the princess can run away, but it is also an anti-feudal feat. But that is another story of style.

Since it has already been chosen, it is better to ask for sex again. Therefore, at the end of “Roman Holiday”, it is not a suspense, but a perfect ending.

The press conference of the princess was destined to be the last side of their life. More touching. Regret is also a beauty. It is very easy to make up for the regrets and inadvertently damage the beauty.

Many loves are immortal because of regrets, and “Roman Holiday” is no exception. Love has no working day, and it is always a feeling of holiday. The true lover must have the qualities of an artist and treat each other’s relationship as a work of art: know when it should stop, where it should be refined, where it should be rough, and where it should be left.

Love is always done in one go, and it is refused to be repaired (it can only be added to the snake).

Like the fleeting “Roman Holiday”, it seems to be only a semi-finished product of love (they just kissed in the separation bell, but this may be more memorable than the skin), in fact, the development of things stopped at the climax.

“Roman Holiday” has no “bed play”, is a Platonic classic, excluding the sensual ingredients, forcing us to focus our attention on the side of love that belongs to the spirit. Only the spirit will fall in love. When spiritual love is more important than the physical carnival, it means that the brand it will lay will be more profound. Because of this, it will “preserve” (not only the film, but also the love in this movie)). Their love is always young, their souls only meet in reality for a day, but they have completed a feast for a lifetime, not a ready-to-eat fast food.

Hepburn still has a charm on the photo. I also saw white-haired old pikes on TV from a few years ago. The hero and heroine in “Roman Holiday”, what should be the old words? But they still don’t want to meet again.

As long as the memory is still there, the banquet will not end. All viewers will not leave early. Is there a better ending than this? Surviving in their own minds is the youngest and most perfect image of each other. It will be even more regrettable to break it.

There is no love, it is more regrettable than “Roman Holiday”. There is no better than it.

There is no love, it can be shorter than “Roman Holiday”. There is no longer than it is.

I can hardly find this around us. Nothing is more classical than it is, and there is no younger and more vitality than it.

Hepburn will be old and Parker will be old. The pair of lovers in “Roman Holiday” is not old.

“Which movie do you like? Many people often ask me this question. This question is difficult to answer. If you can’t say it, I will use the famous line that Hepburn said when the princess met with the reporter. Many movies are unforgettable. It’s hard to say which one you like… No, “Roman Holiday”! Of course it is “Roman Holiday.”

This passage is not what I said. It is said by the Japanese director Yamada Yoji of “The Call of the Far Mountain” and “Happiness of the Yellow Handkerchief”. But also what I want to say. It seems that “Roman Holiday” attracts and influences more than me.

Because of this movie, I even have a lot of goodwill towards the city of Rome. Before that, I was most interested in Paris, but later worshipped Rome. I don’t care about the historical traditions or holiday economy there. I only know that there are places of love there, in an era when many people don’t believe in love. The encounter between Paris and Rome is different.

However, even in this life, I will not go to Rome even if I have the conditions to travel around the world. I am afraid that my dream will be broken. This is my last dream.

Only in this way can we maintain ample imagination in a city, including the two fictional characters who have stayed in the city.

At the end of “Roman Holiday”, there was a silent confrontation between the princess and the reporter (at the reception). Yamada Yoji had imagined the princess’s tone and commented: “Yes, you intended to take pictures of me, write an exclusive report, and later It’s changed because it’s because I fell in love with you. I love you too! I want to cherish this love forever. Seeing you has made me the greatest happiness in my life…”

Parker said a voiced line at the time: “I am afraid that no one will abandon the princess’s trust.” Not only did he sacrifice his love, but he also voluntarily sacrificed another chance to make money or advance as a professional journalist.

The sacrifice of love is definitely a loss, and it will cause shortcomings. But love is great because of the sacrifice. A talented person who knows how to sacrifice is a qualified lover, and he has a great emotion. They salute love in a sacrifice way. “Roman Holiday” praises a kind of unselfish realm, a kind of “great love.”

After reading it, I was thinking: Is there a selfish love? Is selfish love a love? When can a selfish person know how to love? The sacrifice of love is almost ubiquitous. It is an inescapable problem. Only when the emotion rises to the level of selflessness will it be willing and regarded as dedication. But to be honest, this is actually quite difficult.

I deliberately choose a festival in the new century to relive the “Roman Holiday”. I hope this is not a gift that is too old. I hope that the love of nature will never be outdated.