Why do aliens want to kidnap the Earth?

Some sci-fi works have carried out various kinds of imaginations on this – aliens must have a specific purpose in coming to the earth, which may be economic, cultural, or related to their own survival. For example, ET imagines an alien botanist coming to Earth to study the plants here. As a professional predator, the extraterrestrial warrior Clark Kent in “Iron Warrior” came to Earth to fight the most brave warrior of mankind (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In fact, the scientific community is also exploring the possible purposes of coming to the earth. Is there any difference between their serious discussion and the imagination of science fiction?

Engaged in galaxy species survey
Similar to the idea of ​​science fiction, some scientists also believe that the aliens who kidnapped humans must have some purpose. Mark Winstock, an economics professor at Pace University in the United States, believes that aliens may have the same life expectancy as us, which means they must make the best decisions in a timely manner and prioritize resources for current affairs. Therefore, the behavior of aliens must follow some form of economic principles and be driven by interests.

So what kind of interests will drive aliens to kidnap us? If you look through the so-called alien abduction cases, the driver of the alien abductors is actually quite clear. After some people were kidnapped by aliens, they became experimental samples of aliens and were used to do a series of weird medical experiments, such as brain scans, mental control, and so on.

So the most likely benefit is that aliens kidnap humans for scientific research, and these scientific studies are helpful to the alien society. These aliens may be a scientific team engaged in the investigation of various species in the galaxy. The reason why aliens treat us so rudely is because they see us as a lower species, so they don’t care about our feelings. Similarly, when we study creatures such as dolphins, whales, or tigers, we don’t care too much about this to interfere with their normal life.

In addition, aliens may just use us as “white mice” to try new drugs. After all, we humans often test drugs on other animals. If this is the case, then aliens may find that their physiological structure is very similar to ours.

Exile of prisoners’ colonies
Being an alien experiment is not the worst assumption. The famous American UFO expert Stanton Friedman believes that the benefits of kidnapping humans may not have much to do with improving the interests of aliens themselves, and more to prevent their society from being destroyed by fierce enemies. This enemy is us.

Friedman believes that we humans are still in the primitive social form and still obsessed with tribal wars. We are here a planet with an annual military expenditure of nearly $1 trillion. He also boldly assumed that the Earth may be a colony of exiles of exiles, similar to Australia in the 18th century, which means that we are all descendants of prisoners – perhaps, that’s why we so admire the war. Thus, Friedman believes that kidnapping humans is not for scientific purposes, but to investigate us from the perspective of continuing to imprison us.

Therefore, we may have been considered as a potential hazard to residents of nearby galaxies, we are being monitored or isolated. Aliens may be thinking, don’t let these idiots leave the earth to bother them.

Why are aliens so low-key?
Regardless of whether we use it as an experimental product or to prevent us from harming the galaxy, the method of alienation of the aliens sounds a bit problematic. According to the kidnappers, they were usually taken by an alien spacecraft while traveling alone on a secluded country road. Alien kidnappers only kidnap one person at a time, which seems to be uneconomical from an economic point of view.

Is it more cost-effective to kidnap a small village and hijack a cruise ship or a passenger plane flying over the ocean at night? Some people have suspected that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which was missing on March 8, 2014, may have been hijacked by aliens. This is not just the opinion of some conspiracy theorists. CNN has also mentioned this point of view, although it is only used as a filler for 24-hour rolling news.

However, Winstock believes that if an alien kidnapped a plane, the airlines, rescue teams, passengers’ relatives and friends will trace the disappearance. Suddenly this incident has become a major issue in human society. News. This is a big trouble for the aliens, and there is a risk of exposing themselves. Therefore, when aliens abduct humans, they should adopt the method of not introducing attention. Otherwise, too much attention will be paid to them, which may increase the cost of performing their tasks.

There is another question: Is it not a very expensive thing for aliens to travel through the interstellar space of tens of thousands of light years?

Winstock believes that the level of technology for aliens who can kidnap humans should be extremely high, and the travel to the earth is very small. This is his inference based on the development of our own technology. Now, we are flying from New York to London in just a few hours, but it was an incredible thing hundreds of years ago, not to mention that the current International Space Station only takes about 92 minutes around the Earth, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier plus It is enough to have a nuclear fuel for more than 18 years. Therefore, aliens who are more advanced than us can certainly take a more incredible approach.

Of course, the way they travel in Star Trek should not be linear. Winstock speculates that this may involve the use of space-time structures, such as the use of wormholes, making travel more efficient.

Winstock also speculated that kidnapping humans may be just a hobby of aliens, belonging to a reality-like entertainment project for the pleasure of an alien audience. As a result, we humans have become victims of the alien entertainment industry.