When a superhero encounters physics

At that time, the first programmable computer was just invented. Humans still don’t know the structure of DNA. The mobile phone, the communication tool that is now carried around, will still appear for decades. But since then, science and technology seem to be gradually catching up with the technology in the comic story. So, are all the super powers in the comics already in the hands of human beings?

Next, we will explore the science of superheroes and find out the laws of physics. Explore whether our favorite superheroes can “really” use their super powers.

Batman’s high tech
The guardian of Gotham City is just an ordinary human being, can his ability and technology be realized?

Batman is not a superhuman, not a weapon, he relies on the strength and wisdom of hard training, and more important high-tech weapons and equipment. Today, we actually have a lot of equipment similar to Batman.

Take his motorcycle as an example. Motorcycles are an important tool for Batman. It has a stealth mode that allows it to disappear from people’s vision. In contrast, British Aerospace Systems has developed a “stealth cloak” made of materials called adaptive camouflage, which allows the “cloak” tank to disappear from the night vision goggles at the push of a button. Even the sensor of the heat-seeking missile can not find the existence of the tank.

The high-tech material of this “invisibility cloak” consists of a hexagonal metal plate whose temperature can change rapidly. A small tank requires about 1000 such hexagonal metal plates, each of which is 14 cm long. When the system scanning device in the tank “reads” nearby buildings and terrain, their heat maps are reproduced. The cloak worn by the tank mimics this heat, creating an infrared image that blends in with the environment and confuses enemy reconnaissance equipment. The system can also simulate the appearance of objects such as cars and cows.

In the comic story, Batman’s armor comes from the “Advanced Individual Survival Suit” developed by Wayne’s Applied Technology Division, which is able to withstand the frontal attacks of sharp edges and bullets. In reality, a synthetic vest that is widely used in military and high-tech sports products, Kevlar Synthetic Fiber, protects the lives of military and law enforcement personnel. When a bullet hits the vest, the high-speed bullet tries to pass through the fiber layer, but in fact, it does not push the fiber away, because the synthetic fiber is tightly woven together, and the fiber absorbs the bullet through a small stretch. The energy, the bullet is stuck inside the vest.

In addition, the US Air Force developed a device called “Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge” for the assault soldiers, which is called BATMAN (Batman). Batman equipment can help soldiers reduce the burden and make the action more flexible. There is a tiny computer near the soldier’s chest that tells the soldier where he is and can provide action strategy guidelines. If the equipment is out of power, the soldier can take out the “bat hook” on the belt and pull it onto the power line to get the power. This innovative wearable device makes soldiers more like Batman.

Superman’s power
In theory, Superman’s ability is achievable.

Superman was born in a comet. The planet’s gravitational pull is greater than that of the Earth. The result is that Superman’s bones and muscles are genetically able to withstand greater gravity.

For example, when astronauts go to the moon, they can lift heavy objects with little effort, or jump a few meters high with ease. This situation is the life experience of Superman on earth. The earth is a relatively low gravitational environment for him, and it should be the same as ours on the moon.

However, we know that space travel can cause damage to the human body. Astronauts often suffer from blood flow problems, because the human blood circulation system has adapted to the gravity environment of the earth for a long time, and the gravity of the earth is used as a “blood pump” to promote normal blood circulation. The gravitational pull of space is lower than that of the Earth, so blood flow output will also decrease in space. In addition, because muscles and bones are not fully utilized, they will degenerate and shrink.

Even if there is no problem with Superman’s body, there are still several phenomena that science can’t explain at present: Superman in infanthood was sent to the Earth by his parents alone in spaceship. At this time, if Superman wants to reach the Earth from the comet, he must go. Faster than the speed of light, and no material has been found to exceed the speed of light; he can lift a large object overhead, but the edge of the object is not crumbling, it can be balanced at once; and the bullet hits his chest. After that, it will be bounced…

In the latest Superman movies, it is implied that Superman’s true superpower is actually controlling gravity. According to Einstein’s theory, gravity is actually the result of the distortion of space-time structure. In theory, if Superman can manipulate this space-time structure, he can indeed change direction in mid-air, transfer bullets, and travel through time.

Marvel’s superhero “Storm Girl” can control the chemical elements, and then freely release and project lightning from their own body as they wish. What’s more, the “storm girl” is born to sense the form of meteorological energy, use the mind to manipulate the weather, control the lightning, and create a blizzard.

In the natural environment, it is usually the storm cloud (cumulonimbus) that generates electricity, the upper layer is positively charged, the lower layer is negatively charged, and it also produces a positive charge on the ground, moving along with the cloud. When the negative electricity in the lower layer of the storm cloud and the positive electricity in the ground attract each other, the current is generated. This is the lightning we see.

If someone in real life can have the same ability as a “storm girl”, then a lightning will generate about 10 million kilowatts of energy, which is enough to supply more than 50 buildings for a whole day.

Lightning fast
Running at the speed of light, can the Flash survive?

The Flash is a family of super-speeds that can surpass the speed of light (the third-generation Flash Warri has reached 13 trillion times the speed of light), reverse time and space, and can penetrate objects and even cross the barrier between parallel worlds. .

But in the universe, if the speed of movement reaches or exceeds the speed of light, it implies that it is challenging physics. We assume that the speed of the flash is close to the speed of light, then…

First of all, the challenge he faces is high temperature. The Flash passes through the atmosphere and he collides with substances such as gases and dust particles. At such a fast speed, the air in front of him will be compressed, because the air does not have enough time to escape the route that the Flash has to go through. Whether it is friction or air compression, heat is generated even when moving at a relatively low speed. For example, when the “Sydney” spacecraft entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 230 meters per second (less than one-thousandth of a mile of the speed of light), the surrounding temperature reached a hot 1650 degrees Celsius. In the face of the high temperature atmosphere, can the Flash survive?

The second challenge is how to react quickly. The fastest nerves of humans can transmit signals at 100 meters per second, but for a person flying at near-light speed, the body may have moved thousands of kilometers before his brain reacts or makes simple moves.

So how did he do it? In the comics, the Flash uses the “deep speed” to accelerate, which also gives the superhero a lot of abilities, including the ability to improve endurance, perception, rapid healing and slowing down. However, it may be more reasonable for the Flash to have the ability to manipulate time.

King of magnetism
Wan Wang is a variant of Marvel, a super villain, the number one enemy of the X-Men. He has the magical ability to control electromagnetic fields, not only manipulating iron products, but also floating, mind reading and control techniques.

By controlling the magnetic field, Wan Wang easily refers to metal objects in the air, and sometimes even organic organisms may be picked up. And these are also reflected in reality. For example, a maglev train is a kind of train driven by magnetic levitation force (ie, magnetic suction and repulsive force). The magnetic force of its orbit is suspended in the air, allowing the magnet to resist gravity, and then using electromagnetic force to guide and push the train forward. .

In addition, water molecules are diamagnetic. Under the action of a magnetic field, the water molecules are reversely magnetized, and the magnets do not attract each other but repel each other. But once the magnetic field disappears, these effects disappear immediately, the magnetic field does not remain in the water, and the nature of the water molecules does not change. However, the diamagnetism of water is very weak, but if you have a strong enough magnet, you can take advantage of this property. Now in the lab, you can suspend a frog.