What is the misunderstanding of “self-judgment of impotence”

Modern medicine gives a concise definition of impotence (erectile dysfunction): this is a penile erectile dysfunction, usually in the case of sexual stimulation and libido, the penis can not be erect or erect, the erection time is short, very It is so fast that it can’t be done and completed. In fact, the following points need to be explained for this definition: First, this kind of sexual stimulation must occur under the sufficiency of the spouse; second, it should be judged whether it can complete the sex life; After three months of running-in, we have to evaluate the practical experience of sexual life. Fourth, we do not understand whether there is interference with extramarital sex, which often causes the doctor’s judgment to deviate (conditional impotence). If you deviate from these principles, it is easy to make self-judgment mistakes, put on your own “yangshuo” hat, and then with a mental shackle and stunned.

People are easily caught in the following misunderstandings when they “self-determine impotence”:

1. Treating several sexual life failures in the early stages of marriage as impotence. This kind of “judgment” is quite common. In fact, it violates the principle that it should be judged after the two-three-month period of sexual life with the spouse. The wedding night causes a bad erectile function. It is often due to lack of sexual knowledge or sneaking the “forbidden fruit” before marriage. It has a bad impression in the complicated mood or memory of nervousness, fear, etc., so the failure rate is high, it will be in the mind. In the shadow of his “sexual ability is not good”.

2. It is a bigger misunderstanding to regard the inability to cause the female orgasm to be considered as impotence. As long as the man’s penis can be erected and placed, or the man can smoothly form sexual ejaculation through sexual intercourse and achieve orgasm, it is not impotence. The woman’s failure to reach orgasm is at best a problem of insufficient sexual life and should not be considered a man’s impotence.

3. If the erectile dysfunction occurs after the change of sexual intercourse, it is impotence. Strictly speaking, this view is not correct. Some people have normal sexual life with their wives, and their erectile function is good; they are stunned when they have sex in extramarital affairs (external impotence); on the contrary, some people are in the same room as their wives, perhaps because there is no “feel”, erection can occur Poor, but excellent performance in affair sexual intercourse (marital impotence). These are the situations that occur after the change of sexual intercourse objects. But in the true sense, the person with this “selective impotence” is not a real impotence patient. From one side, he has impotence; from the other side, his sexual function is good. It can be seen that these people cannot be put on a hat of impotence. Of course, it is crucial to adjust your mindset to ensure that the marital affairs are normal.

4. Frequent nocturnal emission will inevitably lead to impotence. This is a misconception that teenagers often have, and the two are not necessarily linked.

Small medicated diet

Yangshuo diet

Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh leaves, 1 pair of sheep kidney, 10 grams of scallion, 3 slices of ginger, appropriate amount of vinegar. The sheep kidney is dissected and the fascia is washed and sliced, and then taken together with other materials. 1 dose a day, for meals, can be eaten often.

Efficacy: tonifying kidney and benefiting essence. Suitable for kidney deficiency and impotence.

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