What is not a waste of time?

We probably agree with this phrase in Bonhoeffer’s Tablet of the Prison: “Time is the most precious gift we have, because it is the most irreparable thing. It is for this reason that whenever we look back When you lose time, you will feel so uneasy. The lost time is the time when you have not experienced a fulfilling life, that is, the time that has not been enriched by experience or experience, creative efforts, endurance and suffering. Lost time That is, the time we didn’t fill it up, it was the empty time.”

So how can we cherish the time? Yoshida’s good answer is: “There is no chores in the heart, no affair is involved in the heart, and the behavior of the singer is stopped. The virtue of the repair is repaired.” It is too abstract, and it is impossible to actually operate. Montesquieu suggested that we should study, because “people who like to read, it seems to be a very lonely moment in life, replaced by a wonderful moment of great enjoyment.” Flaubert went on to suggest: “You ask me what books to read, read Montaigne… He can calm you, you will like him. You will find that I am right.” Then, Montaigne’s book What should I do after I finish reading?

In fact, whether it is reading, doing good, or joining the art (Flaubert’s other suggestion), they are all very good, but they can’t fill all of our time, and most of our time is wasted. Liang Shiqiu wrote more than 20 million words in his life, translated “The Complete Works of Shakespeare”, wrote a voluminous “History of English Literature”, and edited the big head “Far East English-Chinese Dictionary”, but he said: “People often ask Me: What time is it used for? I replied: I have wasted most of the time. This is not a bad feeling. Indeed, most of the time is unutilized and it has been ruined, so nothing is sad. “Many people are not as full of Liang Shiqiu, but they are good at “swindling themselves with insignificant achievements”, which is also very good. Some people are old and shameful: “I just want to spend my life, what are you?”

Zhou Guoping has a note: “This good night, quiet, lonely, energetic, no matter what you do, it is a pity, it is awful. I do nothing, just sitting in front of the lamp, smoking a cigarette…” Not doing it is not a waste, just like the poet Lanbo “I am sensitive to a lifetime”, as long as it is “sensitive”, it is not “falseness.” It’s a waste of ignorance, ignorance, and reluctance, but no one can avoid it. Just try to be as little as possible.