Ukrainian version of “Election Gate” shakes the United States

US President Trump fell into the Ukrainian version of the “election gate.” In the past weekend, a number of American media reported that Trump had pressured Ukrainian President Zelensky eight times in a call, urging the country to investigate the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Biden. Son Hunter. During his tenure as Vice President, Hunt was a director of a U.S. energy company. Related reports have caused a great uproar in the US political arena. Public opinion has questioned that this is equivalent to letting foreign governments riskfully intervene in the US presidential election, just as Russia intervened in the US election in 2006. For the above reports, Trump and Biden are furious. The former accuses this of being the “Ukrainian version of the Witchcraft Action”, which criticizes Trump’s “abuse of power and derogation of the country without a bottom line.” Around the possibility of investigating this matter, the US Congress and the executive branch are also in sharp opposition. As another political exchange broke out, the US “Washington Post” commented that once again, the Trump administration exposed the fragility of the country’s democratic system.

From the “Biden scandal” to the “Trump scandal”

This was described by The New York Times as a message of “the smashing of the horse.” The Washington Post first disclosed on Thursday that an official of the US intelligence agency anonymously complained to the intelligence inspector Atkinson about the president’s many actions, including making a phone call when talking to a foreign leader. The promise of people being uneasy. Subsequently, a number of US media follow-up reports that the leader is the President of Ukraine, Zelensky. On July 25th, Trump called the newly elected Zelensky and asked him to restart the investigation of the country’s largest private gas company, Busis⁃ma.

The US “BuzzFeed” website said that Trump’s allegation against Biden was that the latter used his position to pressure Ukraine to stop investigating and prosecuting the company, and even to dismiss the then Ukrainian Attorney General. Trump believes that Biden’s move is suspected of corruption, using his powers to benefit his son and helping him escape the jail. The US “Wall Street Journal” quoted people familiar with the matter, shortly after the conversation between Trump and Zelensky, former New York City Mayor and Trump’s private lawyer Giuliani met with Zelensky’s consultants in Spain. Further pressure on the Ukrainian side.

The Washington Post commented that the description of the phone call is that Trump has so far tried to use the power of the president to urge a leader who wants to gain US diplomatic and economic support to provide the most obvious proof of his re-election. Most of the time he was in power, he responded to allegations about the “Tongmen Gate” and is now suspected of obtaining political ammunition from Russia’s neighbors.

A few weeks after the meeting between Giuliani and Zelensky consultants, the Trump administration began reviewing $250 million in aid to Ukraine. “The problem has surfaced.” The British “Times” said that Trump has said that if you want military assistance, but you have not dig black material from the son of my political opponent, then it is a pity? The New York Times said the controversy focused on whether Trump manipulated foreign policy and pressured U.S. President to take action to undermine Biden’s candidacy. Although there is news that they did not mention assistance in the call, many Democrats believe that this is the case.

“They are trying to turn the Biden scandal into a Trump scandal. The problem is that Trump hasn’t done anything wrong!” On the 21st, local time, Trump sent several tweets, screaming at the US media report. False news”. He admitted that the talk time with Zelensky was not short and touched many problems. On the 22nd, Trump denied trying to hurt Biden, but accused him of doing something very dishonest. For military assistance, Trump said that he had nothing to do with the Biden family because he wanted Germany and France to pay.

Biden is not to be outdone. He said on Twitter on the 21st, “The desperate Trump knows that I can beat him, so I will seek help from a foreign government.” In an interview with the media, Biden accused it of being a serious abuse of power, which was intolerable and asked Congress to investigate the call. When a reporter asked if Biden had talked with his son about his business transaction, Biden was furious and pointed to the reporter and shouted: “Ask the right question!” The New York Times commented that Trump and Biden interacted with each other. The sharp accusations between the voters allowed voters to know in advance that if Biden was nominated for the Democratic Party, there would be an unusual election.

Is this the thing that triggers the impeachment?

The news also triggered a sharp confrontation between the US Congress and the executive branch. Agence France-Presse said the Trump administration prevented the intelligence agency from passing the report to the Democratic-controlled Congress. According to CNN, US lawmakers have asked for written records of Trump and Zelensky calls. Democratic Party congressman said on the 21st that if there is no relevant record, more measures will be taken. “It may include summoning people related to the call, and may include obtaining call records at all costs.”

The Washington Post commented that the US democracy is said to be full of flexibility, that institutions are strong enough to avoid out-of-control behavior, and that checks and balances prevent excessive power from being concentrated in one department or one person. But now, all this is doubtful. In the past three years since Trump took office, evidence of a weakened democracy has been everywhere.

Like the controversy surrounding Trump, the call of the bombs quickly emerged after the incident. “Is this the last thing that will bring down Trump?” The New York Times said that the Democrats failed to use Trump to pay for the pornographic star seals to achieve this goal, failing to successfully put him a Russian spy hat. I have not been able to sue him for obstructing justice, so this may be the impeachment reason they need. The Atlantic Monthly says that if this is not enough to impeach, what can be impeached? MSNBC cites the analysis of legal experts that this is essentially a bribe.

However, this is not good news for Biden. The Washington Post said that some Democratic candidates will stand on the side of Biden because of political correctness, but others will question whether Biden is the best candidate against Trump. “The Ukrainian scandal may have both ruined Trump and ruined the Democratic Party.” The US “Capitol Hill” website commented that Trump had said that the US president used the power to investigate an opposition party three years ago when he was the Republican presidential nominee. The presidential nominee will be the biggest scandal in American history, and the severity is worse than the “Watergate Incident.” At the time he was condemning the investigation into his dealings with Russia. For Biden, any impeachment program for Trump highlights the possible trade between Hunter and Ukraine. After all, no one believes that Ukraine is close to Hunt because of his talent.

Ukrainian “diplomatic disaster”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Presta Ico accepted an interview with the country’s “Public Television” on the 21st, denying that Trump was putting pressure on the latter while talking to Zelensky. He called Ukraine an independent country and had its own secrets. Ukraine would not stand in the US politics. Russian TV’s “First Channel” commented that Ukraine’s involvement in the US presidential election is putting itself at a deadly danger. The scandal also shows that American politicians have been involved in Ukrainian internal affairs. The dependence of Ukrainian politicians on the United States has serious consequences for the country.

The Washington Post said that Ukraine was caught in a fierce exchange of fire in Washington. If they succumb to Trump’s investigation requirements, they are in danger of angering Democrats and are seen as interfering with the 2020 US election. But if they are opposed to Trump, they will face an angry president who has frozen $250 million in aid to Ukraine.

“This is a diplomatic disaster in our relationship with the United States,” said Ariana, director of the New European Center for the Kiev think tank. She still doesn’t see any way to escape. This situation will peak on the 25th. At that time, Trump will hold the first meeting with Zelensky during the UN General Assembly in New York. Previously, Zelensky had worked hard for a few months to promote Trump’s meeting, hoping to show the United States support for Ukraine.

Some Ukrainians are worried that Zelensky may have promised too much to the Trump team. CNN commented that the irony is that Zelensky, who was born in the actor, played the president who was elected for the purpose of eliminating corruption in a hit drama called “People’s Public Servant.” In reality, he is caught in the political script of Washington.