Transoceanic chasing “sound”: love to save the late mother and child love

When he was only 16 years old, he was sent to the United States to attend high school. One year later, because of her mother’s “deaf-mute disorder”, he could only hear the voice of his mother’s “ah” from the phone. The loneliness of a foreign land and the strong mother-in-law have made him want to return to China year after year. However, his mother always texts him. He hopes that he is in the United States because his father’s business is not good and his economic pressure is high. Come back after finishing college.

Seven years later, he finally returned to China for the first time. What shocked him and broke his heart was that his mother died the following year after he left the country. His father was living with a 32-year-old “invisible stepmother”! He believes that his father’s empathy does not kill his mother. Under extreme grief, he does not listen to his father’s explanation and returns to the United States. He settles in the United States, gets married, loses contact with his father, and vows never to return to his hometown!

However, two years later, his father returned before the heart surgery, and he was shocked by the mother-in-law’s feelings of the stepmother for several years. Three years later, his father died and his stepmother suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He resolutely received his stepmother from the United States and began a transoceanic rescue…

Studying in the United States for 7 years, my mother has passed away and vows never to return home.
On June 9, 2013, Ma Liheng, who was studying at Michigan State University, flew back to Lanzhou from the United States. Ma Liheng went to the United States to study. He did not return home in 7 years. He wanted to give his parents a surprise. They didn’t even call in advance…

Ma Liheng was born in Lanzhou in 1990. His father, Ma Yun, is the manager of Lanzhou Dingxin Construction Company. He has been away all the year round. Ma Liheng grew up with his mother Hu Xiaoying.

On August 2, 2005, 16-year-old Ma Liheng went to the private high school in Dalton, Michigan, USA. At the airport, he took his mother’s hand and was reluctant to let go. Mother with tears: “Son, you have to study hard after you come to the United States, you must learn to take care of yourself, don’t think about home…”

After Ma Liheng arrived in the United States, at the beginning and end of the month, the mother would call him over the ocean, and it would be less than a few times during the holidays. One day at the beginning of November 2007, the family called again. Ma Liheng excitedly shouted: “Mom!” There is the voice of his father: “Liheng, your mother recently did not know how to get deaf and dumb, can’t talk…” Ma Liheng very much Sad, let the mother answer the phone and say something that will make the mother feel at ease and treat it as soon as possible. On the other side of the phone, my mother can only respond “ah”.

The mother’s illness, worried about Ma Liheng’s heart, he can not wait to fly back to the country to visit his mother, but the high school curriculum is very nervous at this time (American high school grades 9-12), he received a message from his mother: “Son, your father company operates Difficulties, you don’t want to go back to China for the time being. The cost of returning to and from the country is too high. If you study with peace of mind, your parents will be relieved.” In the United States, the full boarding high school costs about 300,000 yuan per year.

Since then, Ma Liheng has been receiving text messages from his mother, full of expectations and embarrassment for him, but all mentioned that he should not return to China for the time being. Although the financial situation of the father company has not improved, he has never delayed sending money to him. Ma Liheng bought medicines for treating deafness from the United States and sent them back to China. The mother is still not good. The father said that the doctor said that deafness is a long-term disease, and long-term treatment can be good.

In the summer of 2010, Ma Liheng went to the Michigan State University of Technology. He suggested that his father buy a computer and hope to see his mother. The father refused repeatedly because he was older.

In 2012, Ma Liheng, who had excellent grades, fell in love with Anna Lace, an American female classmate in her class. Anna Lace’s father, Charlie Hunter, is the chairman of the US Anrui Automobile Company. Anna Lace hopes that Ma Liheng will stay in the United States after graduation. Ma Liheng said that he would like to return to the country to listen to his parents.

On June 9, 2013, Anna Lace personally sent Ma Liheng to Chicago to sail. On the same day, Ma Liheng arrived at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport from Beijing at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night. He could not wait to take a taxi to get home.

The door opened, and watching the son who descended from the sky, Ma Yun was so shocked that he could not speak for a long time. Ma Liheng embraced his father and looked for his mother: “Mom, Mom – I am back!” The bedroom door opened, and a strange woman in her 30s came out in her pajamas. Ma Liheng was there. The woman asked: “Is Liheng? Hello, my name is Wang Limei…” Ma Liheng turned red and rushed into other rooms insanely, looking for his mother. An ominous premonition hits the heart: “Where did you drive my mom?” Ma Yun’s voice trembled: “Li Heng, you listen to me, your mother has been dead for 6 years…” Like a thunder, Ma Liheng When I looked around, I found that my mother’s portrait was hanging in the corner of the living room, and the tears fell down.

The woman also had tears in her eyes. She wanted to give Ma Liheng a hug, but she was violently opened by Ma Liheng: “Who are you? Why are you with my dad? Is my mother forced to die by you?”

Ma Yun had to call his son’s 舅舅胡军. Hu Jun quickly rushed to the Ma family and took Ma Liheng to his home. When he finally managed to calm down, Hu Jun said sadly: On the evening of October 27, 2007, his mother had a sudden brain hemorrhage in the bathroom, and when his father found out that he was sent to the hospital, it was too late… He told him. His father was afraid that he could not bear the blow and affect his studies. He lied that his mother had “deaf-mute” and kept texting him in the name of his mother…

Ma Liheng’s heart was like a knife. He hates that he is too confused and too ignorant. His mother has been dead for six years. He actually believed in the lies that his father had deceived, and even caused his life’s regrets. His father actually married another woman. He could not forgive and swear no. Back home!

Who knows the father loves vicissitudes? Fortunately, the “invisible stepmother”
On June 10, when the day was bright, Ma Liheng, accompanied by Qi Jun, came to the Evergreen Garden. He stumbled over his mother’s tomb and cried again…

On the same day, Ma Liheng flew back to Beijing. During the period, he kept shutting down. When he started up, he found that his father had made several phone calls and sent several text messages. He ignored them. On June 13, he returned to the United States with a broken heart and only called the phone.

At this time, Ma Yun lived in the hospital. Under the doctor’s treatment and Wang Limei’s care and comfort, his blood pressure slowly dropped. From Hu Jun that knows that his son has returned to the United States, Ma Yun’s heart was put down a little and he was discharged from the hospital and returned home. He was not regretted by his son’s misunderstanding. My son still graduated from college one year later, and his son’s education is the top priority! This is also the only wish of the deceased wife…

Ma Yun feels sorry for Wang Limei, Wang Limei comforted him and said: “Liheng is abroad for 7 years. After all, he doesn’t know anything. Don’t blame him. One day, after he understands your father’s pains, he will understand you. Will understand us.” Ma Yun burst into tears.

Ma Yun, 52, originally from Linyi, Gansu. The father died young and the mother took him to Lanzhou. In 1978, when Ma Yun was in high school, his mother died. Hu Xiaoying and his classmates, her father is the head of a local construction company. In the face of the lonely Ma Yun, Hu Xiaoying begged his father to help Ma Yun to continue his studies. Later, he helped him arrange work in the construction company. The two also had a relationship at that time. In 1985, the country recruited self-funded students. At the age of 24, Ma Yun was admitted to Lanzhou University of Technology, and Hu Xiaoying was admitted to his father’s construction company. During the university, Ma Yun’s living expenses were also funded by Hu Xiaoying. In 1989, after graduating, Ma Yun went to the Lanzhou Commercial Bureau and soon married Hu Xiaoying. Later he gave birth to his son Ma Liheng. When Ma Liheng was 4 years old, his parents lost their lives in a car accident. Ma Yun resigned to take over the father-in-law’s construction company. Ma Yun and his wife are very loving. I know that in the second year they sent their son to the United States to attend high school, his wife left him because of a sudden brain hemorrhage…

Ma Yun did not know how to marry his son. Afraid to affect his son’s school, not to make his son suspicious, he racked his brains and looked around for his wife’s voice. Later, some people suggested that he go to the Lanzhou Zhongbei Citang Performance Group to find the person who would meet the skills. Ma Yun found it, explained the situation to a teacher who was a vocal skill, and recorded the video of the family together before the son went to study in the United States. The belt was placed on the teacher Huang to let the teacher imitate the voice of the deceased wife. Fearing to reveal flaws, Ma Yun took the initiative to call his son every time, so that Mr. Huang imitated the voice of “Ah, ah” by his deceased wife, and he deceived his son.

Ma Yun knows that even if he can’t stop his son from returning, he will send a text message to his son in the name of his deceased wife. He will return to China after graduating from university because of the bad economy of the company.

On June 19, 2010, Ma Yun lived in the First People’s Hospital of Lanzhou City and was diagnosed with a slow heart disease. At noon on the third day of hospitalization, when he and the driver walked out the door, they saw a 60-year-old man lying on the ground two meters away from them. Ma Yun was busy going forward, carrying the old man with the driver and sending him to the emergency room of the hospital. He was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and needed immediate surgery. Ma Yun paid the surgery fee. After the old man woke up, he told Ma Yun his daughter’s phone call, his daughter is Wang Limei. Wang Limei began to associate with Ma Yun, 49, out of gratitude.

Wang Limei is 32 years old. Her father is a retired cadre of the Lanzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau. She opened a clothing store in the eastern market of Lanzhou. Two years after she got married, she divorced the derailed ex-husband.

On November 16, 2011, Ma Yun was deceived for bankruptcy due to financing, rushed to attack the heart, got a stroke overnight, and the left side was unaware.

During Ma Yun’s hospitalization, Wang Limei replaced him with the name of his deceased wife Hu Xiaoying and sent a text message to Ma Liheng.

Every time Ma Yun called Ma Liheng, when Ma Liheng wanted to listen to his mother’s voice, Wang Limei turned on the tape recorder and played it on the phone, so that Ma Liheng thought it was his mother…

After Ma Yun’s bankruptcy, he stayed up all night for Ma Liheng’s high cost of studying abroad in the United States. He asked Wang Limei to help him sell the house. Wang Limei said sadly: “The house is sold, where do you live?” She quietly lost her clothing store, sold her house, and moved back to her parents’ home. She once remitted 170,000 yuan to Ma Liheng. After Ma Yun was informed, the tears flowed.

In June 2012, Ma Yun was fully recovered. His son still has two years to graduate from the United States and needs money. He wanted to open a clothing store, used his current house as a mortgage, borrowed 100,000 yuan from the bank, and rented a store in Xijin East Road, Qilihe District. He wanted to work with Wang Limei. Wang Limei has experience in running clothing. She promised, because only by helping him make money, he can continue to study for his son.

On October 1, 2012, Ma Yun and Wang Limei got married and Wang Limei moved into the Ma family.

All of what my father experienced, because of grief and anger, hurriedly returned to the United States, Ma Liheng, naturally know nothing. When he arrived in the United States, he immediately changed his mobile phone and deleted all the text messages that his father and Wang Limei pretended to be sent to him by the mother. These text messages filled with “mother love” were originally saved in a folder by him. With the deletion of these text messages, Ma Liheng felt that his heart was also taken away by his mother.

The father can no longer contact Ma Liheng, and Ma Liheng no longer needs his father’s money. He told his girlfriend Anna Lace that his mother had passed away and his father’s company went bankrupt. Anna Lace was very sympathetic and persuaded her father to let Ma Liheng take part-time job at his Anri Automobile Company.

In the summer of 2014, Ma Liheng graduated from Michigan State University of Technology and officially entered the company of Anri, and married Anna Lace. In order to maintain contact with his hometown, he told his new number to Qi Hujun and asked him not to tell his father. On the phone over the ocean, he said with a heartache: “Liheng, is this cruel to your father?” Ma Liheng still did not apologize to his father.

Transoceanic saves stepmother! That kindness is remembered forever
On September 5, 2015, Ma Yun suffered from ventricular rate of chronic heart disease for many years, and the intermittent intermittent ventricular rate was slow. Wang Limei sent him to Shanghai First People’s Hospital to prepare a pacemaker in his body. Before the operation, Ma Yun wanted to see his son. Wang Limei can only find Ma Liheng’s Qi Hujun, and he has to go to his new mobile phone number. Wang Limei sent a text message to Ma Liheng: “Liheng, your father has a serious heart attack and needs surgery. He wants to see you before the operation. Anyway, give your father a call, comfort and encourage him.” Wang Limei.”

At the same time, Qi Hujun also called Ma Liheng, so that he must return to the country, otherwise it may become a regret for life.

Ma Liheng’s heart is shocked! When his wife, Anna Lace, learned that his father had undergone heart surgery, he asked him to return home quickly.

At noon on September 12, 2015, when Ma Liheng entered the medical ward of Shanghai First People’s Hospital, he saw Wang Limei washing his feet to his father. Ma Liheng was hesitating at the door. Ma Liheng hesitated and walked into his father’s ward. Wang Limei stayed outside with interest. On the same day, Ma Yun told his son about a pile and a piece of things that happened after he went abroad to study. When he heard his father went bankrupt and he was half-baked, in order not to interrupt the cost of his study abroad, Wang Limei slid down the clothing store, sold the house, and sent all the money to him. “I hope you look at Dad’s face, even if you call her, ‘Auntie can do it. For me, she paid too much, and I didn’t even buy a ring for her…”

Ma Liheng’s heart was deeply stabbed. He went abroad to study from the age of 16, and now it has been 9 years, and the amount of money spent is countless. When his mother died, his father went bankrupt and fell ill, he did not do his part, and he still had such deep resentment against his father. When his father is in a low life and can’t even climb, Wang Limei is replacing him with “filial piety”! However, she regarded her as an enemy who “does not share the sky.” He is too shy and regrets too much!

At 3 pm on September 15th, Ma Yun was sent to the operating room to install a pacemaker. The operation was very successful. On September 26, their family returned to their home in Lanzhou.

On the second day of his arrival in Lanzhou, Ma Liheng took his father’s relevant documents, went to the bank to pay off all the loans, and bought a new HP desktop computer, allowing the telecommunications company to install telecom broadband to facilitate his return to the United States. I can often video with my father and stepmother.

Although Wang Limei took care of Ma Yun in every possible way, on April 3, 2018, Ma Yun died of myocardial necrosis at the age of 57. Wang Limei was crying and he was heartbroken. Ma Liheng was also heartbroken.

Three days later, Ma Yun’s ashes were buried in the Lanzhou Evergreen Garden cemetery, not far from the grave of Ma Liheng’s mother. Since Ma Liheng has taken over the car company of his father-in-law Charlie Hunter, his business is very busy. After Ma Liheng and Anna Lace returned to the United States, Ma Liheng continued to call, video and remit money to his stepmother. On March 12, 2019, when he called, he found that his stepmother’s voice was somewhat different. Five days later, the First People’s Hospital of Lanzhou City was diagnosed with lymphoma. The stepmother is only 40 years old, Ma Liheng is very sad, I hope she will go to the hospital as soon as possible.

On April 20, 2019, Ma Liheng and his stepmother took an international flight in Beijing. Wang Limei soon moved to the University of Michigan Hospital and Health Center. On April 28, at 10 am local time in the United States, Wang Limei was promoted to the operating room, and the oncologist, Professor St. John John, personally knifed. The Ma Liheng couple anxiously stayed outside the operating room. After nearly five hours, Professor St. John came out and told them that the operation was very successful! The heart that Ma Liheng hung was finally put down.

Now, Wang Limei is still receiving immunotherapy and targeted physiotherapy, and the effect is very significant. The hospital has special special care, Ma Liheng and Anna Lace often go to the hospital to see, the two change shifts, with the stepmother to do some slow physical exercise under the sun to enhance physical fitness.

Wang Limei is afraid of dragging Ma Liheng, affecting his work and American families, and eager to return to China. Ma Liheng said that he will properly arrange his stepmother’s life in the future, or let his stepmother live in the United States, or set up a car branch in Lanzhou so that he can often Return to the country to visit and take care of stepmother. For this mother and child love, he will always remember, this is also the greatest wish of his father before his death!