Track Macedonian “ghost killer”

In May 2018, the serial killer who had disappeared for more than a year once again stretched out his clutches, and his technique was even more brutal. The full and in-depth coverage of Vlado has once again triggered public concern about the case. The police who felt the pressure had no choice but to turn to the veteran reporter. What is unpredictable is that Vlado has brought the police closer to the bloody truth in the most inconspicuous way.

Human bone puzzles clouded the country
Macedonia, a small inland country in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, has been in a huge nightmare since 2013: many middle-aged women who were engaged in cleaning work in the hospital were killed and dismembered. The bag is discarded in multiple garbage dumps. For more than five years, this series of murders with very similar criminal tactics shocked Macedonia and Europe as a whole. What is even more frightening to the public is that this cold-blooded and savage murderer can disappear like a ghost after each murder.

In a quiet morning in May 2018, in the western city of Chichevo, 80 miles from the capital of Skopje, the police station, criminal detective Yahir was awakened by a harsh phone call. In an abandoned garbage disposal site far from the urban area, a tramp who occasionally came to pick up the waste found a plastic bag with a body block, and the police did not find any clues on the scene. A heavy rainstorm in the previous two days has already Completely destroyed the original appearance of the scene.

Through DNA testing, the police found that the residual limb that had been severely abused was the victim’s left calf, belonging to a woman named Zivana Komelkovska, who was cleaning the hospital. Member, missing after work two months ago. The police who received the report quickly found her mutilated body in three garbage dumps in the southwest, southeast and north of the suburbs, but they did not find the victim’s right calf. After forensic identification, the victim was completely exposed when the victim died, and the ribs were completely broken. The forensic doctor speculated that the murderer might sit on the back of the deceased, use his knees to hold the ribs of the deceased, and then strangle the woman with a telephone line, but the phone line as the weapon and the right calf of the deceased were not found.

Another phone line! Yashir can’t help but recall the horrific corpse cases since 2013. The killer was called “the Macedonian ghost” by the police. The victim was violently abused before he died, and he was eventually strangled by the telephone line around his neck without exception. The most horrifying thing is that when the police spliced ​​the corpses of the victims found, they found that some of the victims were missing! Some have left arms missing, and some have missing their right foot. Why are the victims of middle-aged women who are engaged in cleaning work without exception? Are the missing corpses not abandoned after being abandoned for a long time, or are the murderers deliberately saved? If it is the latter, then the murderer is so cruel and perverted to retain the habit of “killing monuments”. What is the purpose?

The confusing case deeply afflicted Yashir’s heart. Suddenly, a ring of phone calls broke his contemplation untimely. He is called Vlado. He has been the chief reporter for the Morning Post for many years. He has written crime news and is highly respected by his peers and the public. After the first corpse of blood was created from the “Phantom of Macedonia” in 2013, the veteran journalist who has been in the press for more than 20 years has been conducting follow-up interviews. From the procuratorate and the police station, down to the victim’s colleagues and family members, the magical Frodo, like the net, spreads detailed and in-depth reports from all angles, and always digs the exclusive insider from the interviewee’s mouth. Therefore, he quickly won the title of “the first reporter on the crime scene” in the industry.

Soon, the face was thin and dark, and the sharp-eyed Frodo walked in quickly. For this puzzle of the missing limbs that puzzled the police, Vlado even boldly speculated in the report: Just like the ritual rituals of some cults, the murderer hid the different parts of the victim, probably to build a pair “Human bone puzzle” to meet the metamorphosis of criminal achievement! In every report, this unrelenting journalist always throws the sharp question of “When can he solve the case?” to the police who are deeply confused.

Bloody headlines leaking amazingly coincident
In a twinkling of an eye, half a month passed, and the police dispatched a large number of police forces to search the city’s garbage disposal site and waste collection station, and the results were nothing. The left calf of the deceased Zwana is still incomplete, and the missing limbs of several victims of the murder have not been found. The police forensic doctor Tatefu reluctantly asked Yashir: “Is the murderer really planning to splicing out a pair of human bones?” As a last resort, Yashir and Kotayev once again visited Zivana’s family and met the interview just after the end. Vlado. Beginning with tracking the bloody case of the disappearance of the first corpse, Vlado has been in constant contact with the families of several victims for many years.

Yahir saw the answer in the morning newspaper of the morning. In a headline report titled “Telephone Line Killer and No Man’s Bone Puzzles”, each victim specifically disclosed that there was another similarity that almost no one noticed in addition to the same professional status of the victim: All of their children have been admitted to the “Children’s Home” shelter because of severe family abuse. The author writes at the end that although most of the children in adulthood face the tragic memories with silence, the “ghost killer” who squats in Chichevo seems to be interested in revenge. The author’s signature is “Florado Tanevsky”!

Ghost killer revenge? Is this another news gimmick of Vlado, or is there something hidden behind the police that is not yet aware of it? Yahir immediately called the forensic doctor Kotay, and the reply was that the police had absolutely kept the number of missing and disabled limbs of the victim, but they also made such a precise and precise definition of Vlado’s “three bones in the human bone puzzle”. The argument was suspicious, so the simulation combined the body parts lost by the victims, and found that in addition to the lack of the head, chest and hip parts, it can really form a human form! After listening to Kotel’s report, Yashir quickly picked up the tracking report of Vlado from the database for more than five years, hoping to dig more clues that were previously ignored. When he turned the thick file to the starting point of the serial bloody case, in the case of the Mitra Ciliaska murder in 2013, he discovered that Vlado had the case almost four hours after the incident. The reporter who published the special edition of the special edition of the Morning Post website actually knew the type of telephone line used by the murderer’s strangled victim before the police got the identification result! Yahir’s forehead oozes a thin sweat, and he suddenly feels that a horror puzzle that has been entangled for many years has finally revealed his ambiguity…

On June 20, 2018, Frodo was detained by the police for “severe speeding.” In fact, this is an excuse used by Yashir to lock Frodo into a major criminal suspect in order to thoroughly search his car without screaming. Because there is a terrible guess in his mind: if the victim is attacked, Frodo will transport it to a hidden place for murder and dismemberment, and then dispose of the corpse in a remote place. This is often all day long. The “interview special vehicle” that travels everywhere is indeed the best means of transportation, and it is hard to cause police suspicion.

Thinking of the close cooperation with the chief reporter on the crime reporting front for many years, how much Ihir wished her speculation was just a hypothesis! However, the results of the comprehensive body test quickly came out: on this Volvo rear seat carpet, I found the blood particles of Zvarna’s bloody solidified! The police immediately arrested Vlado, but he denied the crime of killing Zhvarna and was even more vocal about the previous murders.

How can I get rid of the bloody secrets he has hidden for more than five years? Yashir carefully read all the reports of Vlado on the serial bloody case and found that the “Children’s Home” shelter was repeatedly deliberately mentioned. It seems that Vlado has an unusual concern about the child’s childhood encounters. Yahir remembered the revenge speculation about the “ghost killer” in the last report, and decided to find more clues at the shelter.

The ace reporter is actually the devil spokesperson
The next day, Yahir walked to the entrance of the iron gate of Vlado’s prison with a thick information book. In the face of the expressionless Frodo, he slowly opened the information booklet, which recorded the tragic experience of Frodo entering the “Children’s Home” shelter center six times between the ages of five and twelve. “It’s your report that made me realize that all the children of the victims have the experience of entering the shelter, and their profession is the same as that of your mother, the cleaning staff of the medical institution!” Yahir’s voice was like a The sharp dagger was opened to the wounds of Vlado’s deep heart.

It turned out that Vlado’s mother was very romantic, and he divorced from the father of Vlado when he was just sensible. Later, he was mixed with men who were not three. Whenever she was deceived and abandoned by her boyfriend, she took out the young Frodo. The last entry and exit record of the Child Shelter Center was that Frodo was beaten up by the mother after being beaten by her mother and thrown into the warehouse. In the cold early spring and late night, if the neighbor who drove through the warehouse heard the cry of crying, Frodo had already been frozen to death. In this fragmented, unwarranted family, Vlado grew up with pain and hatred buried deep in his heart.

Because his mother had been a cleaner in the hospital, he shuddered whenever he walked into the hospital to see the familiar blue uniform of the cleaners and smelled the smell of disinfectant water that could not be heard in the depths of his memory. Fear and grievances over the years have made Frodo painful, so he began to have an unusual interest in reporting on vendettas and began secretly developing his own revenge plan. With more than 20 years of criminal research background, he firmly believes that he can design a “perfect murder.”

However, just as he had just begun planning how to murder his biological mother, the cruel and depraved evil mother died suddenly due to illness. Her departure did not make Frodo feel the slightest relief. On the contrary, his heart, which was devastated by painful memories and murderous reverie, became more and more fragile and distorted.

In 2013, Frodo went to the Shelter Center to access relevant information in order to report a sensational child abuse case. In the old file that had been dusty for a long time, he accidentally discovered the child abuse record of the cleaning woman Mitra Siliaska. Isn’t this the “copy” of the mother? Killing her will definitely give her a child who is being bullied to real freedom, and will destroy the ghost of her mother! In this way, Vlado’s inner fire can not help but be led to this goal that is most similar to the mother.

After the incident, he has been timidly glanced at the police scene. However, the distress of the police, who was unable to solve the case, made him breathe a sigh of relief and began to feel complacent about his first perfect revenge.

In this way, more than half a year passed by, and Frodo once again came to the Children’s Shelter Center to find a cleaning woman in the archives who lived with her own community. She also had information on women who abused her son’s bad records. The second revenge hunting was equally secret and smooth, and the police were still unable to do anything.

But at this time, he is completely immersed in the pathological vengeful imagination. He can’t tolerate his extraordinary salvation action becoming worthless. Therefore, after every few months of stagnation, he can’t suppress his inner evil thoughts. A more representative goal, once again re-emerged in bloody killings. Of course, the police at that time could not have imagined that the well-known reporter in front of him had such a strange and bloody two-faced life!

After listening to the statement that Vlado choked, Yahir was silent. For a long while, he asked inexplicably: “You kill people in such a cruel way, why should you risk hiding the dead limbs of the deceased?” “To create a new mother!” Frodo, who has been curled up in the corner of the cell, suddenly looks like Crazy like rushing to the front of the iron grid, swaying the fence desperately, hysterically squatting, revealing a sly smile! Later, according to Frodo’s account, in a jungle 30 miles away from the city, the police discovered several missing bodies of buried victims, some of which had long since become corrupted. This psychologically deformed and cold-blooded “devil journalist” admits that after completing the human bone puzzle, he is already unable to extricate himself, and he is likely to continue to commit the crime. Only death can stop him from killing!

Unexpectedly, as Vlado had cut it, at 1:45 am on June 23, he dipped his head in a bucket in prison, alive and dying like a horror movie, ending his bloody life. Finally, the serial bloody case under the big day shocked the whole of Europe. The families of the victims who had been interviewed by him repeatedly fell into great shock and pain, and the police officers and prosecutors who had been in constant contact with him were equally unbelievable.

Under the control of the deformed revenge thoughts, this formerly respected veteran journalist in the industry will eventually sell the morality of justice and conscience to the distorted hatred of the devil, and let himself be the spokesperson of the devil. The editor-in-chief of the Morning Post expressed his concern to the media with anxiety: humanity is complex and fragile; we can find the real murder behind the bloody case, but how can we find a returning harbor for the lost soul that has been hit hard?