To meet the needs of users, the boss must bring a good head first.

First of all, the boss must do his best, go to the next line, go to the market, and communicate with his own users. Excellent entrepreneurs are usually the ones who understand their own users and are able to compete with their own users. For example, Ma Huateng, chairman of Tencent’s board of directors, did not know his users better than him. The first batch of users of Tencent’s products must have Ma Huateng. Ma Huateng has a very important feature that allows him to become a small white user. He stands in the position of Xiaobai users and proposes various user experiences and modifications. He often dive in the middle of the night. User interaction to understand how users feel about the product. In QQ or QICQ, Ma Huateng often plays a variety of beauty and netizens to chat, one to experience their own products, and the other to see the user’s experience and evaluation of the product, so I will modify and upgrade the first time.

Therefore, Tencent’s products are not the best, but in terms of iteration speed and meeting user needs, it is definitely the best and the fastest response.

There is a commercial giant in Zhengzhou, Henan called Dennis. Dennis boss Wang Rensheng is over 80 years old. What is interesting is that other old people usually go to the park every day. Wang Rensheng does not go to the park to go shopping. Every day, he goes to his own shopping mall Dennis to go and see the users in his own shopping mall. Shopping experience, shopping experience and buying needs. Dennis can survive the storm for decades, and can always follow the consumer trend to sit firmly on the hegemony of Henan business. With the boss Wang Rensheng, shopping for the mall every day for decades, every day to observe the consumer shopping experience is inseparable.

Of course, there are still many such examples. When Shi Yuzhu was doing a melatonin, he observed the old man and the old lady in the pharmacy and supermarket every day. They watched their consumption habits and consumer psychology. After fully understanding the consumption needs of the old man and the old lady, they mainly The melatonin of the holiday gift market began to sell as soon as it came out of the mountain, so that Shi Yuzhu not only made a comeback, but also created his own business empire.

Therefore, to meet the needs of users, the boss must first move, often on the next line, to understand the user. There are gods on the scene. Many good methods and inspirations come from the market and come from the front line. Just like writing novels, the real inspiration comes from life. The same is true for the market. Good inspiration comes from the market.

However, the actual situation is very regrettable, the bosses are more busy than what they are doing, busy meeting with investors, busy meeting with big customers, busy attending various meetings, busy with various entertainment. I just don’t see him meet with his first-line sales staff, and he doesn’t see him meet his own users.

If you even have your own users, what kind of people are there, why can’t you buy your products? Then, why do consumers abandon you, why did you like them yesterday, and will abandon you today? You are afraid that it will be more troublesome. Just like Nokia, it has been completely abandoned by consumers. Its CEO is still wondering, my mobile phone is doing so well, how can consumers not pay for it? Because you only know about mobile phones and don’t understand consumers, consumers need more than just mobile phones, but smart phones that can meet more needs. When Huang Mingduan, the chairman of RT-Mart, left the company, he said: I won all the opponents but lost to the times. The times are a virtual word. When you stand in the dimension of time, you can say the times at any time. Actually, the demand for consumption has changed, and the company has not kept up with the changes of consumers.

Therefore, the boss must take the lead to bring the management to the market, in order to better understand the real needs and ideas of users, with the user needs to make decision-making basis, the efficiency and competitiveness of the company will naturally improve a lot, so that it will not The wrong road goes farther and farther, until it is over.

Boss and management often go to the front line to complete the model and locomotive effects, and also need the entire organization and operation mechanism to cooperate. What is a good operating mechanism? Let’s talk about this topic next time.