The tibia of the Franklin basement

Where is the cheekbone?
This villa is located at 36 Craven Street, London, England. In the years before the independence of the United States, the North American colonies and their sovereign states often clashed with tax issues. From 1757 to 1775, Franklin, as a representative of the North American colonies, had traveled to the UK for negotiations on several occasions, representing the North American colonies in dealing with the sovereign state of England. During these two decades, Franklin lived in this villa. The villa is divided into four floors. Franklin rents the best rooms on the first floor. The secret meetings with British politicians and radical civil society are also carried out in these rooms.

In 1776, Franklin left England to return to the United States. The villa was later converted into an apartment and the room was transformed into a small hotel and office, which was subsequently abandoned. For more than two hundred years, unmanaged villas have been dilapidated due to floods, fires and war damage.

The house was not very noticeable. However, in 1998, a social group noticed the house. They found that although most of the villa was damaged, the structure was relatively intact, and the beautiful inlaid floors, shutters and stairs were intact. In the backyard fireplace, the metal damper invented by Franklin was preserved (to provide movement). Resistance, the device that consumes energy,) the group realized that the villa could be repaired. They attempted to renovate the villa and turn the house into a museum to commemorate Franklin. The team never dreamed that this move would allow them to uncover a secret that Franklin did not know.

During the renovation, when cleaning a room with no windows in the basement, the construction workers found a small pit with a faint white object sticking out, and shoveled it with a shovel, even buried human bones. The construction workers reported the police panic, the police rushed to the scene, and continued to dig, and then more human bones were dug up. Finally, more than 1,200 human legs were found in the one-meter-wide, one-meter-deep pit. Fragments such as bones and brains, preliminary tests show that these are the remains of more than a dozen deceased, six of them are children (some are still babies), and some are old people. Subsequent research has shown that the history of bones dates back more than 200 years, when Franklin lived in this house.

This discovery shocked people. People don’t know why Franklin buried so many human fragments in the basement as a physicist. What did he do to the deceased? Is the famous Franklin a serial killer?

Several possible guesses
Since Franklin was an important member of the Pennsylvania Freemasonry at the time, and the Masonics often had a lingering relationship with conspiracy and dark rituals, some speculated that Franklin had held a mysterious human ritual here, and the sacrifice was for mutual aid. The devil violent sheep that will worship. If so, Americans’ understanding of this great historical figure will be rewritten. In the United States, Franklin has a high reputation and is known as the “first person in the United States.” On the US dollar’s largest denomination of $100, the portrait above was not the then president of Washington, but Franklin.

However, this statement of conspiracy theorists has not been recognized by most people, because after studying these bones, some bones of the arms and thighs have been cut, and some skulls have been drilled through the holes. The precise cuts suggest that people have studied them with professional medical devices, which points to a more likely explanation – human anatomy experiments. However, we know that Franklin is a physicist whose main achievements are in the field of physics. When was he interested in medicine?

Secret anatomy experiment
Here I have to mention another guest of this villa, Franklin’s good friend William Hewson. Hesen was born in 1739 and studied anatomy with the famous British anatomist William Hunt. Then the two fell out and Hughes continued to focus on his anatomy. The most famous research result of Hughesen is to use experiments with mercury and a turtle to show people how the blood passes through the lymphatic system. This discovery caught the attention of Franklin, and the two people who were 30 years old were the best. friend.

In the 18th century, anatomy was still in its infancy. The church and most ordinary people regard anatomy as a taboo. Few people understand the structure of the human body. Because the anatomy is illegal, it is difficult to obtain anatomy and human body through legal means. The body of the study. So Hewson and other pioneers in the field had to turn to other illegal ways to obtain research specimens by buying bodies from the grave digger or by himself to dig the tomb. For example, the famous Belgian anatomist and founder of modern human anatomy, Andrei Visari, sneaked into the gallows, stealing the remains of criminals, or going to the suburbs to find the pirates without the main grave. Take the bones and pick the bones that are useful.

Researchers believe the villa is an ideal venue for the establishment of an anatomical laboratory in Hewson. At that time, in addition to him, the villa still lived two people, one is Franklin, was the best friend and teacher of Hughes, and the landlord was the mother-in-law of Hessen. In addition, the location of the house is also very dominant. There is a pier at the end of the street where the house is located. The tomb thief can transport the body along the Thames River with the cover of the night. At the other end of the street is a public execution platform, where the prisoners will be hanged each week. Therefore, Hewson can get the corpse well here. Since the anatomy without the permission of the church was illegal, it was illegal for Hessen to obtain the body. If the anatomized body was transported to the outside, it would be risky to be arrested and prosecuted for anatomy and tomb looting. Sen buried the bones in the basement. When Franklin left England, Hughson accidentally injured himself while dissecting a rotten corpse, and then died of blood infection.

So, has Franklin been involved in this? The researchers are still not sure, but the researchers speculate that Franklin might know what is going on in his room. After all, in Franklin’s life, he had a strong interest in almost all fields of science and had achieved success in mathematics and astronomy. However, others believe that Frankson may not know when he conducts secret anatomical experiments, because some evidence shows that Franklin used to use the whole villa in Houston, and he and the female landlord lived in another street. In the villa.

However, all of these explanations are only speculations, whether Hessen really did anatomical experiments in this basement, and whether Franklin participated in the anatomical experiments in the basement, whether these bones involved terrible murders, these questions have yet to be discovered. More evidence to answer.