The right to drink a bowl of porridge

A bowl of porridge, put on abalone shark’s fin, is a bowl of rich and luxurious seafood feast;

A bowl of porridge, only a millet stick, can also make a bowl of simple, low-key dinner.

Every year, the Laba Festival, Guangji Temple, and Lama Temple will continue to distribute Laba porridge. Every morning, people will queue up early in the morning. At this time, whether it is a monk, a tourist, a well-dressed businessman, or a smashed shirt, they will stand together. Many people who don’t know each other, at the same time, eat a pot of steamed porridge at the same time. The red beans and rice in the porridge are cheap and real, and together they have become the most sincere faith of the people.

Traditional reading, just like a nation’s most basic porridge in the diet, seems simple, but full of inclusiveness, allowing the people to temporarily forget their respective identities, forget the ranks in the social shopping malls, and become friends who can get along with each other. . Different people will gather in the bookstore to share the feast of knowledge. Just like China, a traditional agricultural country, in the farming era thousands of years ago, our ancestors created porridge, a traditional and sacred food. People can have to eat porridge because of lack of food, or they can drink porridge for healthy eating because of their well-off life. However, it is undeniable that drinking porridge has become a food that the Chinese people of different cultures, different regions and different personalities love for the millennium. There are Chaoshan porridge in the south and millet porridge in the north. It is a big, rich and poor, and people have a high degree of national identity because of the dietary identity of the same culinary culture. Traditional reading is also like: the traditional paper reading method is the horn that blows people together; the antique bookstore has become a common gathering place for people. The generation of my parents used relatively cheap paper books as a birthday present for future generations, and used the bookstore as the best place to learn with children. I am here, I want everyone to give each other, to myself, to reserve the right to drink a bowl of porridge.

Since junior high school, I have had the habit of walking to the Wangfujing Bookstore for three hours every Friday. At that time, the place where I went to school was in the Drum Tower. Every Friday after school, I went to the book building of Wangfujing for an hour, and started the three-hour reading on time. I have loved literature reading since I was a child. I like to smell the faint ink in the book and enjoy the feeling of being in the chest with the fate of the characters in the book. Whenever I push the bookstore door, the ink from the paper in the bookstore will instantly come to my face, and my heart will rise with excitement and awe. Three hours passed by, the legs and feet often stood to hurt, until 8 o’clock in the stars to wear the moon to go home. The three-story southwest corner of Wangfujing Bookstore is the place to place Chinese modern literature books. I only need one to three corners, and I will smell a pungent smell. Because in many years, the door of the Concord Hospital begged, the homeless wanderers will read here. Maybe they really love literature, or if they have heating in the winter and air-conditioned bookstores in the summer, they won’t refuse to read them. But I can see their serious reading every week, it is serious! Although they were ragged, their clothes and hair were stuck together, it seems that they have not changed for a long time. However, they carefully turned the pages of the book, their eyes fixed on the novel. Some of them sat cross-legged on the ground, holding crumpled paper in their hands, filled with reading notes; some leaning their heads against the bookshelf, and the chapped lips whispered the contents of the reading.

Standing beside these beggars, sitting beside the wanderers, are often intellectuals and businessmen in suits and suits. These people seem to have never smelled the pungent smell, and they also got together with the wanderers and sat together. Those who share this knowledge feast, even though they have different clothes, seem to be carrying out a grand pilgrimage at the same time. This is like being in a temple where all beings receive food equally, just as people do a serious thing together under the guidance of a strong cultural identity.

The promotion of modern reading methods has undoubtedly broken this kind of equal and common gift of knowledge. Modern online reading methods have been explosively supported by people. Many novels are published on the Internet, and people prefer to read new essays online. There are fewer new books published in bookstores, and fewer people come to the bookstore to read books. Everyone is in the subway and in the office, using mobile phones to quickly read information. This approach may be faster, but we not only lose a pilgrimage, but also deliberately or unintentionally deprive many people of the right to study for free.

And I have to admit that it is a full-fledged old man. I don’t like to use mobile phones, I rarely play WeChat, and I don’t even shop online. Whenever I want to study, I still come to the bookstore, or I enjoy the process of reading together. I and those who have studied together but have never met each other become friends who never talk. But now I find that it is very difficult for me to find a new novel. The store clerk will tell me that I can download and purchase it on the Internet with my mobile phone. Many small book stalls and newsstands in the hutong are closed. In the corner of the bookstore, it is difficult to find people sitting together, it is difficult to recall the taste of the past.

This is not fair! Traditional bookstores never give grades because of the wealthy and poor people who read them, just like the Laba porridge provided in the temple. If tramps and beggars don’t have the money to buy mobile phones, there is no money to pay for online reading. If the old people who are older than the old ones will not operate online, if they are not willing to use new media to read. Will the door to free reading be closed to people? Is the speechless party in the bookstore disappearing?

We can choose to eat high-end meals, put abalone, sea cucumber, shark’s fin into the bowl, just like watching the mobile phone in a high-end office, and use the network to update the novel quickly and easily. But we, can we also put a traditional way of reading, let those who are willing to stick to the tradition, can also participate in silent gatherings in the bookstore, let the free bookstore become the home of more souls.

Look at the official, leaving people with the right to drink a bowl of porridge