The most useful sentence

Psychologist De Quincy Lessing is a board member of the American Society for Suicide Prevention, and he and his members have saved tens of thousands of suicides. On one occasion, in a lecture on suicide prevention, some viewers asked De Quincy: “Based on your years of experience in suicide prevention, you feel that the most helpful sentence for people with suicidal tendencies is What?” The audience explained that as an ordinary person, you may be worried that your professional ability is not enough and you are not willing to act rashly.

De Quincy said: “I want to tell everyone, please trust your instincts. If you are worried about someone, then extend your help and take the first step.” De Quincy told everyone that he was also suicidal. survivor. At that time, he was disheartened and stood on a bridge, wanting to jump down. No one in the crowd coming and going noticed his existence. At this time, a young man stopped at 5 meters away from him and said to him loudly, “Hey, are you okay?” Hearing this sentence, he suddenly saw a warmth that was cared for. Born from the bottom of my heart. He suddenly felt that the world is not so cold, there are still some things worthy of nostalgia. For example, the concern of strangers at the moment. Later, De Quincy gave up the idea of ​​suicide. He began to help other suicidal people, let them really feel warm and caring, and renewed the courage to live.

“People who have suicidal thoughts often feel troubled and lonely. When someone reaches out and expresses concern, it reduces one’s loneliness. Simple contact behavior is powerful because people who feel concerned are less likely to commit suicide.” Quincy smiled and went on to say, “So, in the face of suicidal people, you can go boldly and greet him loudly. ‘Hey, are you okay? I think this is the most useful sentence. Because This is the first step in reaching out to help.