The most credible top ten UFO sightings in history

We can’t deny that some UFO reports can easily be exposed by the familiar technologies, such as the working principle of video technology, which are likely to be errors caused by aperture distortion. But there are also some UFO reports that even cynical skeptics can’t deny their brains. Here are the top 10 most convincing UFO sightings in history.

10. Battle of Los Angeles, 1942
In February 1942, the United States was still in the recovery phase after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941. As a result, when hundreds of witnesses hovered over an unidentified flying object over the city of Los Angeles, the city was in a state of panic. The fighter immediately rallied and fired at the UFO. The searchlight flashed and the authorities wanted to know what it was. If you want to ask why this news did not become the headline of the world newspaper at the time, I can tell you: the content that dominated the world’s newspapers at that time was basically the Second World War!

9. Pennsylvania, Kekesberg, 1965
In December 1965, residents of Keksberg, Pennsylvania saw a burning fireball passing over the sky and crashing into the nearby woods. Not long after, the police and the army easily pulled up the cordon, blocked the incident area and isolated the bystanders. No one knows what happened, only to see a big guy being dragged onto a flat-panel car and pulled away. The incident has since become a mystery, and people can only imagine the crash in the woods. The reporter tried to dig out the truth, but so far NASA and the government are tight-lipped.

8. Clares, 1977
In 1977, many people witnessed several UFOs over the island of Kras in Brazil. This incident was also known as the “UFO action.” There were 400 witnesses. They claimed to have been attacked by radiation beams, leaving scars, burns and other scars on their bodies, as well as eyewitnesses saying they were being drawn. The authorities intervened in the investigation and the team responsible for investigating the incident was called the UFO Action. The investigation lasted for a short time and was later recalled. Until the 1990s, action files were archived and classified as confidential.

7. Japan Airlines, 1986
In November 1986, Japan Airlines’ 1628 cargo flight was filled with a batch of wines flying from Paris to Tokyo. Captain Kenji, who has 29 years of flying experience, knows this route very well. When the plane flew over Alaska, both passengers and crew members noticed a shining flying object that was three times the size of the aircraft carrier. The captain immediately contacted the ground control tower to confirm that there was an unknown object on the tower radar. The aircraft kept track of this unknown object for 50 minutes, with a range of more than 480 kilometers.

6. Phoenix Light, 1997
On the night of March 13, 1997, if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you will definitely look up to the sky, full of doubts: God! How is this going? What the hell is this? In fact, this strange light group can be seen in the sky in five cities in Arizona, but the first city to report is Phoenix. At first there was a row of 6 light clusters in the sky, and then a row of 8 light clusters moved in sync, followed by 9 connected light clusters. These light groups also appeared in several other cities, and all the light groups slowly moved and circled over the state, and they were lined up in a V shape. The witness time was from 22:00 to about 2 am the next morning.

5. Chile, 2010
I don’t know what else is more dramatic than seeing UFOs at the air show. Well, this is indeed a real thing, it happened at the annual air show held at the Al Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago, Chile. The airshow also included inviting the world’s top pilots to perform aerial skill flight performances. The videographer did not find any abnormality in the video at first, until he went home to watch the video to discover the mystery. He felt extremely uneasy and immediately reported it to the authorities. Skeptics claim that this unknown object is nothing but a machine, but believers and experts believe that the recorder has recorded something unusual.

4. Jerusalem, 2011
Time came to 2011, and the UFO sighting report of that year seemed to be much more than in previous years. More interestingly, this is not the first time that a UFO fleet has been seen over Jerusalem or a single UFO hovered over the city and then flew away. Moreover, the following year, witnesses discovered a UFO fleet in the same area where the incident occurred. Until now, the Israeli government has been trying to convince the public that these incidents are just a scam, but there are still people who are thinking about the unusual meaning.

3. Olympic Games, 2012
Anyone who watches and participates in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games will definitely remember this. At the opening ceremony, a UFO appeared at the time of the fireworks. Skeptics believe that it is most likely to be a small spaceship or helicopter. However, the on-site supervision and the organizer of the organizing committee confirmed that there would never be any aircraft near the airspace at that time, and there was never such a plan. Of course, the Olympic Games as the most grand sports event on the planet, it is hard to say that visitors from another planet do not want to come together to see what is going on.

2. International Space Station, 2012-2013
From the special position of outer space, there are no more stories to tell, which makes people somewhat incomprehensible. In the second half of 2012 to 2013, there were many witness reports on UFOs, but if the astronauts saw UFOs in space hundreds of kilometers away from the Earth, that would be another matter. They are professionally trained people and the source is absolutely reliable. For astronauts, the report is more trustworthy because they are in a space station and can see the UFO in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere at a better angle. There are also a large number of videos on the website of the International Space Station, so that you can help and search for UFO at home comfortably and safely.

1. Melbourne, 2013
The sighting report for 2013 was reduced compared to 2012. However, the witness report has been uninterrupted, and the sighting report from Melbourne, Australia is particularly special. A well-founded case occurred in September 2013, when a probe over Carlton Manor clearly captured a UFO suspended above central Melbourne. Many people took this picture with their mobile phones, and some people used the infrared camera to take a similar activity.

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