The ex-husband was so insidious that he cured the “spiritual cleansing” to deceive the marriage.

In January 2018, after Zhao Yanhong, a 27-year-old from Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, was “caught”, his husband Zhu Zhicong claimed to have “spiritual cleansing” in his marriage and resolutely divorced Dai Yanhong. One year after the divorce, Zhu Zhicong pleaded with Dai Yanhong to remarry and said that his “mental cleansing” had been cured. For the sake of his son, Dai Yanhong came back to remarriage, but the truth is heart-warming, everything is a conspiracy…

Pursued by the rich, divorced from her husband
On January 13, 2018, Dai Yanhong took a bus from Foshan and returned to Zhaoqing. When she entered the house, her husband Zhu Zhicong, like a ignited explosive, rushed to her and shouted out the words: divorce!

Dai Yanhong looked at Zhu Zhicon unclear until Zhu Zhicong threw the phone to her and played a short video. Dai Yanhong looked at the video, his face was red and white.

Dai Yanhong was born in 1991, Heyuan, Guangdong. At the beginning of 2011, when she went to work in Zhaoqing, she met Zhu Zhicong, a native of her age. Then the two quickly developed into lovers, and then married, and in June 2013 gave birth to his son Jun Jun. In 2014, the units where Dai Yanhong and Zhu Zhicong were located closed down. Dai Yanhong proposed to go to Foshan to find a job. Zhu Zhicong is a “Buddha” character, lazy, and comfortable with the status quo. He said that working in a big city is too tired, or staying at home is more comfortable, and someone has introduced him to the blessing to come to work. .

“Go to yourself,” said Zhu Zhicong.

In this way, Dai Yanhong went to work in Foshan alone. At the beginning, she went home every two weeks, and then she became busy once in a month, and even came back in two months. Zhu Zhicong has no complaints, but Jun Jun seems to be not very close to her. The mother-in-law helped her with Jun Jun on weekdays. She comforted Dai Yanhong: “It doesn’t matter, wait for Jun Jun to grow up again. If you know something, you will know that your mother is working hard and will kiss my mother.”

In January 2017, after Dai Yanhong made some money, she decided to open a breakfast shop. The store was not big, but the business was booming. She called Zhu Zhicong to come to Foshan to help, but Zhu Zhicong did not want to. Dai Yanhong thought, when he made the money, he took Jun Jun, and at that time, Zhu Zhicon naturally came over.

Just as Dai Yanhong was full of joy and joy for his dreams, Liao Yuan appeared. Liao Yuan is a Qingyuan person, three years older than Dai Yanhong. Since August 2017, he has become a frequent visitor in Dai Yanhong’s shop. Liao Yuan is very glamorous. He always likes to have a chat with Dai Yanhong. He can feel that he is a rich man and considerate and considerate. After wearing a complex relationship with Dai Yanhong, Liao Yuan did not even regard himself as an outsider. When Dai Yanhong was too busy, he took the initiative to take the handle. In November 2017, Liao Yuan bought a gift and quietly confessed to Dai Yanhong. She also said that she was willing to wait for her divorce and would like to regard Jun Jun as her own. Dai Yanhong was very moved, but refused to shake her head.

In January 2018, Dai Yanhong never imagined that after Liao Yuan was rejected by her, she actually proposed to her in public. Dai Yanhong has not reacted yet, Liao Yuan has been excited to hold her kiss and kiss…

Dai Yanhong did not even think that he was photographed at the time and passed to Zhu Zhicong’s mobile phone.

“When are you together?” Zhu Zhicong asked her. Dai Yanhong shook his head hard: “I am not with him at all!” “If you are not a boyfriend or a girl, how can he ask you to marry him? How should he confess with you first?” Zhu Zhicong did not believe, but also said that he had ” Spiritual cleansing, Liao Yuan and Dai Yanhong kissed him in public and made him feel sick. He will not be close to Dai Yanhong in the future.

Dai Yanhong has a hundred mouths to argue, Zhu Zhicong has a heart to divorce, and also sleeps with her. The mother-in-law also secretly told her that she was not observing the woman. Dai Yanhong called Liao Yuan and asked him to explain to Zhu Zhicong. Unexpectedly, Liao Yuan not only did not explain, but also poured oil on the fire, and Zhu Zhicong was half-dead.

One night, Dai Yanhong suddenly received a phone call from Liao Yuan. Liao Yuan said with deep affection: “Yan Hong, let me go. I was impulsive that day. But your husband is sensitive and suspicious, he does not love you or trust you. You are reluctant and reconciled, he will still be guilty…” After waiting for Liao Yuan to finish, Dai Yanhong had already hung up the phone and cried into tears.

After quarreling with Zhu Zhicong and the Cold War for more than a month, Dai Yanhong finally got tired. This is consumed, and there is no meaning at all. She agreed to the divorce. Zhu Zhicong also accused her of being the fault of the marriage. She earned so much money and she ended up with only a small portion. Son Jun Jun and her not kiss, she had to give up custody.

When Dai Yan’s heart was as gray as it was, Liao Yuan appeared again. He wants to bring Dai Yanhong to Quanzhou, Fujian. It is best if Dai Yanhong is willing to be with him. It doesn’t matter if he is not good with him. To make up for the harm she has brought to her, he can introduce her to a job.

Instead of staying at home and being jokes, it would be better to go a little longer and come back later. Dai Yanhong decided to go to Quanzhou, Fujian. After Liao Yuan gave her a job at a fast food restaurant, she gradually disappeared from her life. He left a text message to Dai Yanhong: I know that you don’t like me, and I went bankrupt recently. I am really embarrassed to disturb your life again.

For the sake of his son, remarriage with his husband
Dai Yanhong was working alone in the unaccompanied Quanzhou. When she touched the door, she quickly established herself and set up a fast food restaurant. Her business has done a good job. Since she missed Jun Jun, she bought some books and toys online and sent them back to Zhaoqing.

At the end of March 2019, just one year after Dai Yanhong and Zhu Zhicon divorced, Zhu Zhicong suddenly contacted Dai Yanhong. He said that he has never forgotten Dai Yanhong and has never been in love since the divorce. “I don’t believe it!” Dai Yanhong remembered Zhu Zhicong’s indifferent face at the time and immediately hung up.

Zhu Zhicong is not discouraged, and he calls the phone twice and asks for help. Dai Yanhong finally couldn’t help but sneer and said: “You are not mentally clean? How do we reconcile?” Zhu Zhicong was silent. Later, he sent a certificate and said that after divorce, he felt that he could not let Dai Yanhong, but could not accept that she had physical contact with other men. He was so painful that he finally chose to see a psychiatrist. Today, he has a doctor who proves that he is no longer suffering from “mental cleansing”. Therefore, he only took the courage to ask Dai Yanhong to remarry with him.

Unexpectedly, this was the case. Dai Yanhong was very surprised and could not help but feel a little moved. “Let me look at Jun Jun.” Dai Yanhong said.

In the video, Jun Jun is a listless look, with a trace of sadness that a child should not have. Dai Yanhong didn’t speak yet, Jun Jun called out: “Mom, come back, come back soon? Other students laugh at me without my mother, saying that my mother doesn’t want me!” “How can mothers not want you?” Dai Yanhong I couldn’t help but cry when I thought of Junjun’s helpless expression when he was jokes.

“Yan Hong, I and Jun Jun need you. You come back, are we remarried?” Zhu Zhicong joined the topic in due course.

Dai Yanhong did not speak. If it is said that Dai Yanhong is still hesitant at this time, then what happened next will let her return to Zhaoqing without hesitation.

On May 14, 2019, Jun Jun somehow unlocked Zhu Zhicong’s mobile phone. When he left Zhu Zhicong, he video chat with Dai Yanhong. He picked up his sleeves and trousers and let Dai Yanhong see his scars. A strip of purple-red scars is shocking. “Jun Jun, who hit you?” Dai Yanhong suddenly felt shocked, angry and sad.

As he said, Zhu Zhicong came back from the bathroom. Jun Jun hesitated and said: “…is grandma, mother, come back soon…” Dai Yanhong immediately asked Ge Zhicong in anger, how the scar on Jun Jun was going on, why did the mother-in-law hit him like this.

Zhu Zhicong hesitantly said: “Yan Hong, Jun Jun grew up slowly, and there has been no mother around, and now it is getting more and more naughty. Usually I have to go to work, I have no time to take care of him, I can only let my mother bring You also know that my mother’s menopause, it is inevitable that the fire is a little bigger…” At the end of the day, Zhu Zhicong’s tone has been significantly weakened.

“You can’t beat a child like this!” Dai Yanhong was angry and difficult. Zhu Zhicong quickly said: “Yan Hong, I am planning this way. When we are remarried, we will not live with my mother. This is better for us and Junjun.”

Zhu Zhicong repeatedly stressed that Dai Yanhong has always been in his heart, and Jun Jun should not grow up in an incomplete family.

“Do not remarriage, see your performance, but Jun Jun, I really can’t let your mother bring it.” Dai Yanhong did not hesitate too much, took out the fast food restaurant, and rushed back to Zhaoqing.

After returning home, Zhu Zhicong and Jun Jun were very happy. Zhu Zhicong is particularly attentive to Dai Yanhong, and Jun Jun is more than ever glued to her, giving her a long-lost touch and warmth. This is no matter how much money you can make.

On June 28, 2019, in the case of Zhu Zhicong, Dai Yanhong finally remarried with him to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

However, Dai Yanhong did not think that after the remarriage, Zhu Zhicong seems to have changed the whole person.

The truth is heart-warming, everything is a conspiracy
Zhu Zhicong does not go to work, idle all day, the equivalent of Dai Yanhong alone to feed the family of four people. In addition, Zhu Zhicong did not mention the matter of letting her mother-in-law return to the country. When Dai Yanhong asked, he said impatiently: “Do you see my mom still playing Jun Jun? Even if things have passed, let my mom go back to the country and let others know how to see me?” ”

“Why don’t you go to work?” Dai Yanhong pressed his anger and asked. Zhu Zhicong said lazily: “I haven’t found it yet?” “Then you are going to find it!” Dai Yanhong yelled at him. Unexpectedly, Zhu Zhicong was not willing to show weakness. He said loudly: “What happened after I went to work later? You are not without money!”

Dai Yanhong thoroughly understood that Zhu Zhicong was bent on eating soft rice. Dai Yanhong is no longer a soft persimmon that she has pinched. She said disappointed: “Zhu Zhicong, I am going to divorce.” But this time, divorce is not so easy. Zhu Zhicong refused to leave life and still hid the marriage certificates of the two.

On August 1, 2019, Jun Jun may realize that his parents are not harmonious and will soon be separated. That night, before going to sleep, Jun Jun hid in the bed and quietly said to Dai Yanhong: “Mom, if you leave, you must take me away. I don’t want to be beaten by my father again…”

Until this moment, Dai Yanhong knew that the injury on Jun Jun was actually played by Zhu Zhicong. In addition, Jun Jun also revealed that Zhu Zhicong lived with a young woman for a while.

The next day, Dai Yanhong immediately asked about what happened in the past two years. She did not expect that the truth turned out to be so heart-wrenching.

As early as 2017, Zhu Zhicong and Fu Xiaoqi came to the youngest daughter of the restaurant owner. He wanted to get rid of Dai Yanhong but wanted to occupy most of her property. He invited Liao Yuan to pretend that the rich seduce Dai Yanhong and photographed her derailed. The photo makes her a marriage wrong party. The results did not expect, Dai Yanhong did not fall into the gentle trap, Zhu Zhicong had to call Liao Yuan hard.

After Zhu Zhicong and Dai Yanhong successfully divorced, they again called Liao Yuan with a tired body and mind, Dai Yanhong walked away from Fujian, and then lied to bankrupt and get rid of him, so as not to break his happy event with his boss’s little daughter.

Zhu Zhicong was lazy in the past. After the boss’s young daughter was married, both of them stopped working and worked full-time. The boss loved the little daughter and had to close one eye. However, the good days have not passed one year. In December 2018, the blessings came to the restaurant because of poor management and closed down. Subsequently, the boss’s little daughter blinked and followed Zhu Zhicong to eat no more, and decisively left him.

In March 2019, Zhu Zhicong heard that Dai Yanhong was doing a good job in Quanzhou, and he could not help but have the idea of ​​remarriage. He regretted it very much. He thought that after the boss’s daughter had been able to eat and drink, it is expected that Dai Yanhong is the real money tree!

In order to let Dai Yanhong come back to remarriage with him, Zhu Zhicong is doing everything he can. First of all, the cold and warm, rhetoric, and then create a false proof of the diagnosis of the psychiatrist, he has no mental cleansing, it is just an excuse for his divorce, the reason for remarriage. The most excessive thing is that in order to let Dai Yanhong come back quickly, he also shot Jun Jun and forced him to lie with Dai Yanhong.

It is said that the tiger poison does not eat, Zhu Zhicong has made Jun Jun like this, and even pretend to be nothing. Greed because of laziness, and poisoned by greed. Dai Yanhong is completely looking through Zhu Zhicong, absolutely can not bear!

Zhu Zhicong does not hide the marriage certificate, and is not willing to go through the formalities of divorce? Dai Yanhong decided to sue for divorce. This time, she is confident that she can take Jun Jun away from Zhu Zhicong and Zhu Zhicong will have nothing.