Stone secret

Boulder dance
There are many large stones and megalithic buildings in various parts of Europe, especially in Western Europe. These thousands of years of history are full of mysterious colors, and there are many kinds of shapes, including stone pillars, stone chambers, and ring-shaped stone groups. One of the most famous and representative of the European megalithic civilization is the Stonehenge ring stone (or Stonehenge) on the Salisbury Plain in Wells, England.

Stonehenge’s past and present
Stonehenge is an annular stone column type in megalithic buildings, representing the highest level of megalithic architecture.

Stonehenge was built between 2500 BC and 1500 BC, when the local ancient people were at the end of the Neolithic Age to the middle of the Bronze Age. In order to protect this ruin, the British government has guarded and protected the ropes. This megalithic site is about 100 meters long. There are four layers of boulder on the high ground, which are concentric circles. The bottom layer is erected with two rectangular boulders. A boulder is placed on top of it. It is horseshoe-shaped, up to 7 meters long and the heaviest stone. There is 50 tons of weight, this is the mysterious Stone Hedge.

Viewed from the air, Stone Hedge is like a mirror with a handle, viewed from another angle, and like a giant ring, forgotten on the ground of the chalk floor. The “handle of the mirror” is called the tree-lined street, the road facing the center of Stonehenge. Near the entrance is the heel stone. In addition to regularly arranged stones, there are also some ditches, caves, round traces, etc., all of which were constructed after more than 1000 years. For its construction process, it can be divided into three construction periods. Its period is about the same as the Neolithic Age and the early Bronze Age.

First construction period:

This period was from the Neolithic Age from 2750 BC to 2200 BC. At that time, the project was to excavate an annular ditch with a diameter of 98 meters, and the excavated soil was piled up into a 2 m high earth embankment. There are also 56 caves named Obri dug on the inside of the ditch. The name Obri is from the 17th century writer John O’Brien who discovered some of the monuments. There are two pillar stones at the entrance to Stoneheng, and there are four positioning stones on the Obri circle. There are also four positioning stones on the circumference of the Obri. A 25-ton, 6-meter-high heel stone was built at the middle of the road to the northeast of the embankment to the main road (forest floor).

Second construction period:

This period is about 2100 BC to 2000 BC. In this period, at the entrance, the Aibon River, which is connected to the east for about 4 kilometers, is transported by the Preseli Mountain in the southwest of Wells. The blue pillars are erected on the inside of the Zhougou and become two-layered and semi-circular (concentric circles). ). The entrance to the Blue Stone Column is roughly in line with the sunrise on the summer solstice, and the nearest avenue in Stonehenge extends along this straight line.

Third construction period:

The beginning of the Bronze Age from 2000 BC to 1100 BC was also the most important period for the construction of a three-story tower into the sandstone ring. This period can be further subdivided into three phases: initial, medium and final.

Initial: This period is about 1600 BC. During this period, the boulder was rebuilt, and the bluestone built in the second phase was demolished and 80 large sandstones were transported from the 36-kilometer sand dune in the north. Thirty sandstones are circled and covered with a circle of meteorites to form a so-called sandstone ring. Inside the sandstone ring is a horseshoe-shaped five-stone tower with a horseshoe-shaped opening facing the heel stone. Each of the three stone towers is made up of two pieces of erect stone placed on top of a large stone. The stone is huge, 9.14 meters long and weighs 50 tons. The surface is very smooth. This structure is unique and unique in European megalithic buildings.

Mid-term: In the medium term, it is possible to renovate 20 pieces of bluestone in the second construction period, and arrange them in an elliptical shape, corresponding to the horseshoe shape formed by the blue stone columns in the circle.

The final period: about 1400 years ago. At this time, the elliptical structure in the middle stage is removed, and the blue stone pillars are re-arranged into a circular and horseshoe shape together with the blue stone pillars not used in the two circular structures removed in the second phase, which is what we are today. The structure that I saw.

Avebury Ring Stone Column
The ruins of the megalithic civilization were also found near a parish in the Kenny district of Wells, England, which is the Avebury ring. It is close to the Marlborough hills and not far from the famous Stonehenge, so it is also known as Little Stone Hedge.

There are many ring stones with natural pores arranged in a regular ring and straight line in the area, which is generally considered to be a relic of the Neolithic Age. The vicinity of the Avebury ring is probably the former British Archbishop’s parish 4,600 years ago. There are many mysterious ancient civilizations nearby, such as the ancient caves in West Condé – the most 260 ancient caves in the UK. famous. There is also the Hilbury Hills in Marlborough, the highest ancient monument in Europe and one of the largest man-made mountains in the world. It is assumed that the Hilbury hills were completed by a 500-year-old captain in 15 years, and the bottom is 167 meters in diameter, almost round; the top is flat, 40 meters high and 30 meters wide. This man-made mountain looks like a pyramid, so it is also known as the Pyramid Mountain. This mountain does not bury anyone’s body, so what is the significance of it is not very clear, it is legendary that it was built by God.

Pyramid Mountain is a big mystery.

Surrounded by hills around the Pyramid Mountain, there are white horse remnants formed by stones. It is very clear from the ground. There are six places, and its manufacture and purpose are not very clear.

The Avebury ring stone is actually located along the mysterious energy line in the UK. In the vicinity of it, there have been many UFO sightings and mysterious round circles on crop fields in the past decade. It is worthy of further discussion.

There are gullies and earth embankments around the Avebury ring stone. It is like a small village. The stones are arranged in a ring shape. They are divided into two groups of inner and outer rings. There are also civilized centers such as museums and churches.

Karnak megalithic group
The village of Karnak in the province of Mobion in the western part of Brittany also has prehistoric remains of megalithic groups. This place is close to the Atlantic Ocean, a relic from 4500 BC to 2000 BC, about the Neolithic to Bronze Age. This ring of megaliths can be divided into three groups, namely, Menek, Kelmalio and Kerresk. The total number of boulders arranged in a straight line in the megalithic group is 2,726, and the other way is about 4,300, with a total length of 3 kilometers. The local residents call it Shilin Road.

The most representative of these is the Meinike boulder group located on the north side of the village and east-west. This is a group of megaliths with 1099 stones arranged in 11 rows, 100 meters wide and 1167 meters long. The stones used in the Meinex boulder group are unmodified, the smallest is only 1 meter, the largest is about 4 meters high, and the total weight is about 300 tons. At the western end of the Meinck boulder group there is also a ring of stone consisting of about 70 standing stones.

On the east side of the Meinke boulder group is the Kelmario megalithic group, which consists of 982 standing stones divided into 10 columns, covering an area of ​​about 100 meters wide and 1,120 meters long, of which the largest boulder is 6.5 meters high. To the east there is a square ring of stone consisting of 39 boulders. Further to the east, there is another group of keles, a group of megaliths consisting of megaliths, divided into 13 columns, about 139 meters long and about 880 meters wide.

The three megaliths of Carnac, in addition to the interval, are almost in a straight line. It’s easy to think that they might be one. If this is the case, the total length of the Karnak boulder group is 3,000 meters, and the total number of stones plus 3,000 attachments is really amazing. In this way, they are less like the remains of ordinary ancient civilizations.

There is a legend in the local reason for the construction of the megalithic group: in the era of the persecution of the Roman Empire, a saint was chased by the Roman army. Because the ocean blocked the road, the Holy One used the power of God to turn all the soldiers into stone. According to this legend, the locals interpreted the megalith as the tombstone of the Roman soldiers at the time of the Christian and Roman wars, so some stone tablets were engraved with Roman statues. After the introduction of Christianity, the local community was also converted to Christianity by honoring these megaliths. This statement is currently considered to be of low reliability because no bones were found beneath the megalithic group and it was inferred from the remains of megaliths that the construction period was earlier than the religious war, from 2500 BC to 1500 BC. If the fact that some of the boulder is not in the sea, the boulder may be completed in 2500 BC – 1800 BC. It can be seen that the remains of megaliths are not the product of Christian persecution. Some people think that this is the relic of the early indigenous “giant family”, but it can not confirm this statement.

Some astronomers have pointed out that the direction of the megalithic group is not related to the operation of the celestial bodies such as the earth, the sun, and the moon. It may be the ancient observatory that predicts the lunar eclipse. If the east-west line is taken, the angle is 21.5°, and it is estimated that the sunrise on April 29 coincides with the sunset on October 30. These two days may be the wintering of the local wheat and the sowing period of the summer crop. But is the ancients making such a huge group of megaliths just for farming? The mystery still cannot be completely solved.

The remains of the ancient megalithic civilizations of France are the same as those of Europe, especially the megalithic civilizations of the United Kingdom, which are related to the high-energy Ray line.

Some researchers believe that this is an indicator for the landing of ancient flying objects. Others believe that the research on the mysterious round circles on the flying saucer and crop fields that often occur near these ancient civilizations in recent years will further solve these mysteries.

Newgrange megalithic building
At 1 km northwest of Dublin, Ireland, 15 km west of the small town of Drogheda, there is a mysterious megalithic building called Newgrange.

Built in 3153 BC, Newgrange is a stone circle made up of 97 giant stones. On the southeast side of the circle, there is a tomb with a walkway extending toward the center of the circle. The 43 boulder-like soldiers stand still there, with a 18.9-meter-long, 1-meter-wide passage between them. At the end of the stone passage, this passage leads to a cruciform plane with a dome of several thousand tons. Finally, at a distance of 24 meters from the narrow passage, various signs of worship are engraved into the stone.

Even more amazing is that this boulder building in Newgrange is not located on the flat ground, and its east-west passage is not horizontal, but slightly inclined upward. The highest point of the passage surface is the last boulder after 24 meters. These angles of inclination are specially designed. If this is not the case, on the day of the winter solstice, it is impossible for the sun’s rays to reach the back wall via the passage and the tomb.

Others believe that the dome of the Newgrange grave itself is a miracle. Below it is a heavy boulder with a slightly lighter boulder. The boulder placed on it is always more prominent than the boulder below. Thus, a narrow, hexagonal, 6-meter-high shaft emerges from the middle of the tomb.

It can be said that Newgrange is a technological miracle of the Stone Age and a masterpiece of measurement technology.

Hodgekal elf
The Hodkalco of Mexico is a ruin of the Mayan culture, located 1,500 meters high.

The megalithic buildings there have only been excavated to a very small part. However, this very small part is enough to make us stunned: the two pyramids named Marinche are standing opposite each other like images. When they are equally divided, the sun shines at their center; there is an observatory Located underground, the tunnel is drilled by rock, and there are many holes in the top cover. When you look out from the hole, you are facing a specific star. The center of the dome has a hexagonal lighting shaft. On the day of the summer solstice, the sun is in the shaft. When the upper vertical illumination, the sunlight will slide along the well wall and fill the shaft full. At this time, the dome is like a crystal.

The boulder not only favors Europe, but also remains in the remains of megaliths in Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and North and South America.

Now let’s take a look at some examples of megalithic culture:

Brahmin Giri Stone Circle on the Narmada River and the Godwary River in South India;

India’s Laiguer district has a large stone circle in Givaji;

Karen Gully Stone Circle in the Murduland De Gem area south of Madras, India;

The Neo Orduripe Stone Circle in Casas, Senegal, Africa;

East Ain Eszterka stone circle;

There is a Silustani stone circle on the side of Lake Titicaca in South America;

The grassland highlands of Saudi Arabia have the Arsenal Wenslas stone circle;

There are Australian stone circles in the southwest of the desert at 132°00 east and 28°58 south latitude;

There are several stone circles in the main island of South Japan and the wild middle road of Hokkaido Island;

There is a Kefrada stone circle in Canito, on the border of Peru-Ecuador;

There are Nave stone circles on the island of Nave in the Tongariwa Islands;

In the United States and Canada, there are various stone circles known for their “cursive rounds”;

There are several large and small stone circles in the Yelhawada Mountains deep in the Libyan desert;

There is a Mzuola stone circle between the towns of Larache (Alaís) and Tetouan in northern Morocco;

There is a small stone circle 72 meters in diameter on the Saint-Béhard Trail (2188 meters long) between Italy and Switzerland;

There are Vesioli stone circles in northern Poland:

There is a Znamenka stone circle on the grasslands of the Soviet Union Minusink;

There is the Thalebine stone circle on the west bank of Lake Renezres between (Palestine) Tiberias and Seferd;

In the northeast of Merkel, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, there is the Keteksu stone circle.

What are the common things in countless prehistoric megalithic buildings all over the world? Who are they and what are they built for? People first put forward various speculations about their use: graves; calendars; observatories; worship places for the winter solstice and the summer solstice; aiming points; units of measurement; time containers for the future;

In 1969, Boston University astronomer Slaruth Birkins published the article “The Great Stone Column Observatory”. In the article, he speculates on the circular arrangement of these boulders and the arrangement of these stones and caves. It is believed that it is very likely to be used by ancient people to observe the angles of sunrise and sunset, and to record the operation and prediction of the moon. Observatory for eclipses and eclipses.

But once this hypothesis was put forward, skepticism followed. Obviously, building such a building requires a deep knowledge of astronomy. However, these astronomical phenomena, which require extremely complex formulas, can never be achieved by people at that time. At that time, people’s knowledge only knew the transformation of the four seasons. Moreover, even they have such a profound knowledge of astronomy. Then why did they spend more than 1,000 years in order to observe an astronomical phenomenon that they have mastered? What is the point of doing this? There is also a general view that if this nation has such a high level of technology, why can’t it completely see the inventions other than astronomy? Therefore, this hypothesis still has a place that cannot be justified.

There are also people based on the characteristics of the Newgrange megalithic group. It is believed that the megalithic building is the tomb of the ancient giant.

Confirmed by archaeology. It is not speculation that there is a giant presence on the earth in the era of the ruins. In 1936, the German anthropologist Larsson Cole discovered the bones of giants on the shores of Lake Eliasia in Central Africa; Professor Denis Sola discovered not only giant bones but also many places in many parts of North Africa. It is only suitable for the development of stone tools used by giants; the legends of the Greeks, Egypt and Sumerians have always been legends about giants…

However, in Newgrange, people did not find giant bones, nor found anything for funeral. And, more importantly, anyone who wants to have a quiet, peaceful place after death wants the deceased to remain quiet, so why does the owner of Newgrange endure being dazzled by the sun every year? It seems that the grave said that it also encountered an unsolvable problem.

Recently, there is a saying that the prehistoric Stonehenge was used by the ancients as a huge “speaker”. According to the BBS report, British scientists recently published an article saying that many Stonehenge have amazing acoustic characteristics. Scientists put advanced recording equipment into some Stonehenge experiments and found that the huge flat stones that make up Stonehenge can reflect the echo inside the Stonehenge very accurately and concentrate it in the center of Stonehenge to form a “speaker”. effect. Scientists speculate that perhaps this feature can be well applied to ancient rituals.

What is even more difficult to speculate is, what is the direct motivation for people to spend more than 1,000 years building huge stone pillars? Standing on the civilization formed by our human history, we have become accustomed to seeing the thoughts of the ancients from the perspective of our own civilization. Before we can’t clearly prove their purpose, it seems that we can only use the existing knowledge to think that this is the behavior of the people of the earth. However, many megalithic buildings, led by huge stone pillars, seem to reject our rational analysis.

On June 30, 1921, the Englishman Alfred Watkins discovered it for the convenience of taking pictures, looking for the shortest path to several megalithic buildings. Everything he tracks is in a straight line! These prehistoric holy sites, separated by hills, creeks and ridges, are silent in a straight line, as if they were built with imaginary ropes thousands of years ago.

Later, he also found that the names of many place names on this line are “lev, lay, lea”, etc., so he called this line “Rye Line” and immediately established the “Ancient Line Club” to it. research.

At first Watkins thought that the Rey line was just a straight road sign when the Romans invaded England, but he immediately corrected his opinion and proposed that the Ray line represents the distribution of cosmic energy. He believes that ancient people may use special techniques to find out the energy distribution map and set up huge stones along the line as a symbol and consider it as a holy place.

Subsequently, the famous geographer Gai Anda Ute confirmed that the underground of these relics had divergence points such as mountain lines, water lines, and road lines. He interprets these underground lines as “using the energy generated by the waves inside the earth to make a network around the surface. This will have a major impact on the germination and growth of plants. Animals and insects act while sensing their flow.”

Perhaps the Ray Line really indicates some kind of energy, just as the Egyptian pyramid has the power of God? Perhaps the ancients used a special method to feel the existence of the Ray Line, and set the mark on the location of the Rey line and build a church or holy well?

Perhaps it is such a huge and delicate relic that is like a huge stone pillar group. Is it really used as an energy station? Some people often witness UFOs near the huge stone pillar group, maybe they are also related to the Ray Line?

Boulder designer
The boulder dances in every corner of the earth and challenges the human cognition. What kind of power is what makes the megalithic builders living around the world create a miracle in unison? Let’s take our eyes back to Stonehenge and see what secrets there are.

The remains of megaliths scattered throughout Europe ceased to be built around 1400 BC, during the period when the Minoan culture centered on Crete collapsed. Around 1200 BC, due to the invasion of the “marine nation”, perhaps because of this change, people near the Mediterranean could no longer build megaliths. But undoubtedly, the construction of these megalithic groups is absolutely related to high technology.

Astronomers have experimentally inferred that these megalithic buildings are ancient astronomical observatories. When the computer is used to check the center of the Stonehenge ring stone column and the important points such as the heel stone, the sun will be known. The left side of the heel stone rises and the sun of the winter solstice rises in the direction of the three stone towers on the right. Therefore, experts believe that ancient people may use the Stonehenge ring stone column to predict the eclipse and eclipse. In addition, there is also a phenomenon in which the celestial cycle is completely consistent with the value of the Stonehenge ring-shaped stone column.

There are many incredible things in the Stonehenge ring stone. Its existence is one of the biggest mysteries, but its construction and technical problems are also puzzling.

For example, the Obri cave built during the first construction period was buried after excavation. Originally, everyone thought that this was because the blue stone pillar was to be erected, but there were no signs of erecting stone pillars or stone.

In 1964, scientists excavated 34 caves in the Obri cave, and unearthed human bones suspected of being cremation from 25 caves. But the strange thing is that these human bones seem to have been buried later. Why did they immediately bury the cave at that time, and why the human bone was buried later, the reason is completely unknown.

About 3 kilometers from the Stonehenge ring stone, scientists also unearthed the remains of a circular assembly site that was built around 2,500 BC and has a diameter of 40 meters. The intricate structure of this conical roof makes us convinced that they have superb technology and even apply this technology to the construction of huge columns of stone.

From a building perspective, how to accurately combine sandstone and three stone towers is technically not easy to achieve. They must not only consider the balance between the stone pillar and the meteorite above it, but also the construction site is not completely flat, but is inclined to the northwest by about 45. Since the meteorite has completely fallen to the ground, the situation at the time was unknown, but some people analyzed that the horizontal error was about 17. At the same time, the curvature must be considered when placing the meteorite on the three-stone tower. In the combination, the enamel and acupoints of the wooden architecture should also be used (ie, one side is convex, the other side is concave, and the joint is used to increase strength).

The sandstone and the three-stone tower are made of stone axe, which is different from the bluestone, like the bulging construction method in Greek architecture.

A total of 2,400 tons of sandstone used to build three stone towers and sandstone rings, produced in the north of Wiltonshire, South Wales, about 30 kilometers from the Stonehenge ring. If it is in modern times, carrying boulder is not a problem at all, but in the stone age with ropes, sleds and rollers, it can only be handled by manpower. According to the estimation, even if it is dragged by a rope, it takes 1000 manpower to move. It is also speculated that it is via a waterway, but it is estimated that the road is at least 300 to 650 kilometers, and the total weight of the bluestone carried is 400 tons, a total of 80.

Then, for what purpose, it took a lot of work to carry it, it is hard to imagine.

The manpower required to build the Stonehenge ring stone is estimated to be about 1.5 million people, about 400 years, or 150,000 days! Therefore, the Stonehenge ring stone column is the same as the pyramid, and it is difficult to give a perfect explanation with today’s science. When the mystery of thousands of years can be solved, no one seems to know!

The Stonehenge ring stone column is known to be a high-tech product, but the immediate question is: Did Europe have a high standard of civilization at the time? Who taught it?

A long time ago, the Stonehenge ring stone column was highly valued by the British. In the British Chronicles and History Books after the 12th century, records about it are often seen. However, at that time, the Stonehenge ring stone column was described as “a giant tomb of 5 meters in length”, “a demon that survived before the Noah flood” or “a masterpiece using magic.”

300 years ago, the archaeologist John Ebury had proposed that the Stonehenge ring stone column is a temple that worships the natural Delois. Droid was a group of priests who dominated Europe in the 14th century BC and had great power among the sults.

However, this statement has lost its persuasiveness as the Stonehenge ring-shaped stone column became more and more clear. Because the Stonehenge ring stone was built 1000 years before the appearance of the Celts.

It was also pointed out in the 12th century that the Stonehenge ring stone was shipped from Iceland and was not manpower, but a magician named Marlene in Arthurian legend who used magic.

In addition, another statement that has attracted attention after the 1960s is the observatory said by American astronomers. In 1969, Boston University astronomer Lalute Birkins published a book entitled “The Great Stone Column Observatory”, which correctly recorded the structure of the huge stone column group, caves and bluestone, and revised 4000. The inconsistencies in the course of the year indicate that the important megalithic arrays that make up the huge pillar group have the role of indicating the summer solstice. According to Laruth, according to the circular arrangement of these boulders and the arrangement of these stones and caves, it is highly likely that the ancients used to observe the angles of sunrise and sunset, and recorded the operation of the moon and predicted the eclipse and the moon. Food observatory. But those who oppose this doctrine also raise the question: These astronomical phenomena, which require extremely complex formulas, cannot be achieved by the people at the time. At that time, people’s knowledge only knew the transformation of the four seasons. Therefore, this theory cannot convince everyone.

Later, people made different speculations about the human bones and excavated goods buried in the British Stonehenge Civilization Field. However, there is no decisive conclusion about who built the Stonehenge ring stone. Because the builders of the Stonehenge ring stone column did not leave any words, the researchers were unable to do further research and discussion.

However, things seem to have made some progress now. On January 30, 2007, archaeologists published a research report that found a Neolithic village site near the Stonehenge ring stone column, and believed that the villagers who lived there were the builders of Stonehenge. . Agence France-Presse quoted an archaeological team expert as saying on January 30 that this ancient village was once home to hundreds of villagers, located near the English city of Salisbury, about 3.2 km from the world heritage site Stonehenge ring stone. .

Archaeologist Mike Pearson of the University of Sheffield is a member of the archaeological team. He said: “We used the magnetic detection equipment provided by the English Heritage Committee to detect about 12 stoves – the entire valley looks like a house.” He said that the wooden houses in the site are square and have a side length of about 4.3 meters. The exterior is very similar to the contemporary stone houses on the Orkney Islands in the Scottish Sea.

Pearson said that the archaeological team “has excavated the outline of a folding box bed, wooden dressing table or cupboard”, which is determined by carbon 14 and can be traced back to 2600 BC – 2500 BC.

Archaeologists believe that the age of the village is roughly consistent with the age of the Stonehenge construction, so the villagers were involved in the project of placing huge stones. These findings have made archaeologists more convinced that Stonehenge does not exist independently, but is part of a large religious facility.

Also. Pearson believes that the pig bones excavated in the site show that they were only 9 months old when they were slaughtered. Since these pigs produce calves every spring, they should be sacrifices for the winter solstice, thus proving that the entire religious facility was built for the winter solstice.

But is this really the truth of the matter? If so, how do you explain the many megalithic buildings that appear almost simultaneously in the world? How did these aborigines learn such profound math and astronomy knowledge?

Professor Alexander Tom, who is known as the most thorough understanding of British megalithic architecture, once wrote: “It is hard to imagine how the megalithic construction engineers designed these megalithic buildings without the aids. It was implemented, but they did it so precisely… For them, for whatever reason, the mathematical principles they studied were extremely important in dealing with stones.”

Is there really a designer of megalithic art that guides the boulder builders around the world and creates one after another mysterious mystery…

Stone Hedge and the crop circle
After Alfred Watkins discovered the secrets of the Rey line, people began to study the energy possessed by the megalithic buildings.

Watkins even believes that the areas where these Ray Lines pass have a strong cosmic energy, so the growth of crops and animals is better. Perhaps it is because of the special energy near the Ray Line that the mysterious round circle appears on the crop field!

In the summer of 1995, Dr. Jiang Huangrong, Chairman of the Chinese UFO Science Society, went to the UK to discuss the mysterious round circle with the expert Colin and others who studied the mysterious round circle. He personally took a helicopter to observe from above and reached the mysterious round circle. The crop field was studied at the scene and the energy distribution was measured, and satisfactory results were obtained.

Dr. Jiang Hongrong and his team mainly studied the famous ancient civilization ruins, the Stonehenge ring stone column. In the vicinity of the Stonehenge ring stone column, there are megalithic civilizations, artificial pyramid mountains, and Avebury ring stone columns, and there are often mysteries within a radius of 20 kilometers centered on the remains of these ancient civilizations. Round circle. This area is also a place where British agriculture is extremely developed. The mysterious circle that appears in these places is becoming more complex and meaningful, and this area is also the first place in 1976 for symbolic texts and sightings of UFOs.

At present, there are many theories about the formation of the mysterious circle and the formation mechanism. They are: meteorological factors – perhaps hurricane-like natural forces; fireball phenomenon – plasma formation; fertilizer – chemical phenomenon caused by fertilization; Associated with underground archaeological remains; vortexes caused by aircraft wings; UFO landings or energy released; satellite technology – interplanetary war experiments; man-made mischief; Earth’s energy; energy released by the Earth’s outer atmosphere – highly complex Natural response.

Some of these theories have been considered impossible. The mysterious round circle on some wheat fields is an artificial mischief, which is ok, but it only accounts for a very small part of the round circle that appears every year, and it is easy to distinguish. UFOs have appeared in many places where mysterious round circles have appeared, and then there are mysterious round circles that have been discovered one after another, and there have been quite a few reliable witnesses – how should they be explained in science?

The formation of UFOs and mysterious circular circles is often isochronous, forming a collection of electrically neutral substances. Plasma can also be present in solids (excited electrons in metals) and liquids (salted salts in water), but it is generally considered to be more closely related to gases. As the solid continues to heat, the solid first melts, followed by vaporization. Finally, the electrons are detached from certain neutral gas atoms and molecules to form a mixture of positive ions and electrons, but still maintain an electrically neutral charge density overall. When the gas is mostly ionized, its properties undergo a major change, which is quite different from solids, liquids, and gases. The fourth state, called matter, interacts with itself, the electromagnetic field, and the surrounding environment in a unique way. Plasma can be thought of as a mixture of ions, electrons, neutral atoms and molecules, and photons. Some of these atoms are ionized, while others recombine with ions into neutral particles, and photons are continuously produced and absorbed. It is estimated that more than 99% of the matter in the universe exists in the plasma state, and most bright stars (including the sun) are in a plasma state.

Although most of the matter on Earth is not a plasma, plasma can be found in lightning, flames, and gas discharge lamps (xenon lamps).

In some climatic conditions, the plasma generated by the sky is often mistaken for UFO, and some plasmas form a circular circle on the crop field, but a circular circle with a complex shape like the one in the UK is almost impossible. It is caused by plasma.

Everyone has heard that some mysterious round circles are legends of man-made mischief. These people quickly learned to copy the mysterious round circles with beautiful shapes, but they are like a glass beaded to the diamond pile. The circle is very uncoordinated.

One TV producer and journalist, John Markis, spent two years studying the circular circle of man-made mischiefs, and spent hours working with the pranksters on the scene. The most famous mischiefs are David Crowley and Dongge Bowie, who have mentioned the motives of their mischief – not that they deliberately want to do this, but that someone or something else forces them to do this. do! Another group of young people who had admitted to making mysterious round circles in central England said that when they made the last one, there was a large, golden fireball flying in the air. Because they are very close to them, they are very scared and they think that the fireball is monitoring them.

In 1991, a few days before the formation of two mysterious circular circles, wonderful objects appeared in the nearby sky, and the inside of the object also glowed. This scene was captured by the camera, and the video recorder also recorded a disc object with a diameter of about 20 cm. The surface of this small disc is reflected by light and the recording time is about 5 minutes. Another TV station staff had followed the shooting of the mysterious round circle for six years, during which time it had witnessed and photographed a cylindrical object flying over the mysterious round circle.

An Englishman named Chaser is driving her mini-car along the A272, next to her lover Ted. Suddenly, they saw an orange-red fireball falling from the sky, not far from them. When they left the road and went a few hundred meters to the path, the car lights and the engine were extinguished at the same time, and the car stopped just opposite the wheat field, next to the orange-red light. When they got out of the car and checked the car’s electronic system, they suddenly saw several tall, human-like creatures floating in the air. These creatures are wearing silver tights that look similar to humans but have red-haired eyes. Both of them suddenly lost consciousness, and it has been two hours since they woke up. In this “time gap”, they couldn’t clearly remember what they had done, but after waking up, they found that their car had left the original position and traveled 24 kilometers to the south! As far as memory is concerned, they vaguely remember that these creatures told them that “this is our territory.” There are also circular patterns such as single circles and concentric circles on the nearby wheat fields. There are also straight lines between the circles, which are typical symbolic characters. In the vicinity of the same place, the same circular circle appeared before, when many residents witnessed the emergence of UFO.

The researchers cut down the plants on the mysterious round circle, grind it, and then distill it. After the distillate is baked, it will get powdery crystals. This conclusion was first discovered by Germany and later confirmed by the UFO laboratory in the UK. The powdery crystals observed under a microscope were found to be significantly different from those obtained from general crops. Experts believe that this difference is most likely caused by residual energy. Subsequently, further traditional botanical analysis procedures were conducted by the well-known American biophysicist Rebinger, at the Biophysical Laboratory in Michigan.

Rebinger found some important results: First, the depression in the plant cell wall has broken and left a scar in the mysterious round circle crop, which he believes may be due to low doses of microwave radiation; secondly, he found The conductivity of the plant scales is higher than that of the control group; the third and most important conclusion is that after the seeds of the mysterious round circle sprout, the yield is 27% higher than the original! In addition, the roots of plants are also distributed more widely, and plants grow taller.

The results of measuring the electromagnetic effect show an interesting anomaly. The experiment first selected a dumbbell-shaped circular circle and conducted experiments. The results show that the magnetic energy inside the circular ring is nearly 10 times larger than the external magnetic energy! Circular rings of other shapes have similar electromagnetic distributions.

Colin worked with other researchers to explore the energy distribution of the mysterious circular circle and plotted the distribution of the energy lines inside and outside the circular circle. They found that the distribution of this energy line is very similar to the energy distribution of a round boulder civilization (such as the Stonehenge ring stone), and the mysterious round circle on crop fields that appeared throughout Europe was actually unearthed in Europe. The patterns left in the ancient tombs or ancient caves are also very similar. All of this shows that the energy distribution extending outward from the remains of ancient civilizations is obviously closely related to the emergence of the mysterious circle. Perhaps it is because of the energy of these megaliths that the mysterious round circle appears on the crop field, which has created a new discipline: round circle crop science, and the United Kingdom has thus become the birthplace of this discipline.