Spot product, the last straw to crush customers

From the explosive growth of a decade ago, to the squeeze-up growth of the price drop in the past few years, if the business is not good, it will fall off the cliff and silently withdraw from this category. You can’t see your back and can’t hear you. The voice… In this alternating process, the dealer will have a large number of immediate products. If there is no channel to digest in time, and work hard all year, the profit will be returned to the pre-liberation, which is to suppress the customer’s psychological defense. The last straw.

Why are there a large number of spot products in recent years? My personal opinion is analyzed as follows:

First, FMCG has changed from explosive growth to squeeze growth, and overall capacity is declining. In the absence of brand advantage, your product will not work, and your product will not be sold immediately.

Second, with the increase in online shopping and convenience stores, consumer buying habits are shifting, from full-box purchases to single-package purchases (which is why pre-packaged short-term products are prevalent), only on open shelves and consumers. When you meet, you will have the opportunity to make a deal. Your terminal maintenance is not in place, and the product itself has no pull, so you can produce the immediate product.

Third, the Sanlu incident and the Shuanghui incident in previous years were an education for consumers. Consumers raised their brand awareness and paid great attention to the production date. Basically, the products with a shelf life of half a year passed the dangerous period and Processing period.

Fourth, due to the extremely rich products and the competition of multiple brands in one category, the attention of consumers to the activities of the stores is decreasing, because every time they go to the store, there are activities, every time the consumers buy the noodles and instant noodles. There are promotional items, and the activities are normalized, resulting in slower processing of the current products.

Fifth, in the past few years, due to the guidance of the society, a large amount of people’s wealth has been transferred to houses and cars, and consumer purchasing power is declining. Chinese people are not short of money, they don’t lack big money, and they lack small money. Every family in my hometown is carrying a wallet, saving money and using it to find a wife. In this society where the ratio of men and women is seriously out of tune, there is not much in the countryside. 100,000 really can’t find a wife, this is not a family problem, which has risen to social problems.

Sixth, ten years ago, consumers were not sensitive to the date of production. In some channels, even if they were on the verge or expiration, they could be digested. At the time of expiration, there was still a handcuff – changing the date of production. This is the entire past few years. The secret of the product industry is not open, but the food law is strict today, who touches the red line, the fine is fine, and the heavy one is in jail.

The above is the main factor for the formation of immediate advance products for fast-moving consumer goods. Dealers do not do business well every year. After a year and a year, the most difficult days are always next year.

Throwing out the last straw of the customer, how to remove the straw is the key.

Dealers generate a large number of spot products, and there is no absolute relationship with any brand of agents, and it has a direct relationship with the mode of your business. In the past few years, the first-line brands have lost their homes.

Combining the experience of more than ten years of experience, I have summarized the following methods to avoid the production of immediate products:

First, no matter what products you operate, you must find the right channel for your own products. BMW’s 4S shop opens the wrong place. The incentives are big and the transaction probability is not big. The right products should be put in the right channels. The production of products.

Second, develop some special channels for digesting spot products. These channels do not make money on the surface, but can digest your spot products. If you don’t lose money, you are making money. Manufacturers are obliged to help customers develop such outlets. One such effective The outlets will be able to position you in the minds of your customers.

Third, maintain the terminal layout, do a good job of terminal image display, help consumers to buy, meet the trend of consumption products on the shelves, the products in the recession period rely on FCL retail. It is not enough to do this. It must be stipulated that for a few months, the product must be recalled. When the expired product is found in the market, the salesman must bear the corresponding proportion of the loss. Responsibility is not born, employees will not do what you want, employees like to do your assessment, assessment is not a derogatory term, there are rewards for assessment, avoiding punishment is the salesman’s duty.

Fourth, the normalization of the spot products and the preparation of the materials will help the promotion of the brand image and the digestion of the spot products, form standards, do a good job of scheduling, and strictly enforce them, which will help our front-line salesmen to combat. The improvement of ability. I have always had the idea that I can sell instant products to consumers through activities, and there is no uneven outlet in the process of opening up the market.

Fifth, now KA system and Shangchao are so developed. Each township has two large super-energy monopolises that 80% of the business in a street. If you are worried about the billing period and don’t supply them, it is basically doomed that your business is not big. The key is to help you digest the spot products with promotional items.

Sixth, customers should not be stupid, selling products to make money is their own, processing the spot products is the company, do not wait, look, guess. Leading to your warehouse, you have to bring the leadership to the spot product-specific library for the first time, and you can’t stop complaining. You only have one purpose, the company is wrong, the leadership is wrong, you are right.

Remember one thing: since you represent the brand, you have the responsibility and obligation to digest and process the spot products. The smart way is to deal with the company’s support first.

The spot product is the last straw to crush the customer. You will also crush you according to the old experience.