“Singapore Commander” – the world’s most famous cocktail in the Garden City

Before I traveled to Singapore, a friend said to me: “Knowing Singapore can start with a Singaporean commander.” When I arrived at the Lion City and stayed at the Raffles Hotel in Beach Road, I really learned the charm of the “Singapore Commander”. And influence.

Don’t get me wrong, the “Singapore Commander” is not a person, and it has no relationship with the commander of the army. It is a unique cocktail and one of the top ten cocktails in the world.

In fact, Singapore is not a place to produce wine, but I believe many people have heard of “Riesling”, a white wine. In essence, the “Singapore Commander” and “Riesling” have nothing to do with the commander we usually say, just transliteration, and the two “Commanders” are irrelevant. The English name for the “Singapore Commander” is Singa-pore Sling. The original meaning of the word “Sling” is sling and sling. You can think of it as “Singapore Ribbon”.

The “Singapore Commander” cocktail was prepared 100 years ago by the overseas Chinese Yan Chongwen at the Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar in Singapore. The formula has been changed. The current version of the recipe is the final version of his nephew. . This cocktail was originally designed for women. The specific method is roughly to add brandy, lemon juice, syrup, etc. to the gin (also called gin), shake it evenly, put it into ice, filter it and add soda. Finally, it is decorated with a variety of fruits such as cherry and pineapple. The red color is refreshing and has the effect of relieving fatigue. Nowadays, the unique cocktail of “Singapore Commander” has been regarded by many as Singapore’s “national wine” and has become one of the most famous cocktails in the world. The British novelist Maugham once mentioned it in his works, which spread his reputation to Europe and America.

Everyone knows that Singapore is particularly concerned about environmental hygiene. If you throw a melon husk on the ground, you may be fined hundreds of thousands. But what’s interesting is that the tourists who are now famous, in the “long bar” of Raffles Hotel, can sit in the colonial bar before eating peanuts and drinking “Singapore Commander”, throwing peanut shells on the ground, it is said This is a tradition for many years. This way, the “Singapore Commander” is both relaxed and relaxed, and can feel the vitality and enthusiasm of Singapore, the cosmopolitan city of Southeast Asia.

Now almost all foreign visitors who stay at Raffles Hotel will have a drink of “Singapore Commander” to appreciate its flavor. In order to promote Singaporean culture, Singapore Airlines also provides the Singapore Commander free of charge to all passengers. However, due to its ingredients, Chinese passengers may not be very used to it, and they will feel a little herbal.

The night in Singapore is beautiful. Drinking a “Singapore Commander” on the roof bar and watching the city galaxy shine is definitely the heart of Singapore’s trip.