Peter Lindberg sees the soul at the flaw

Seeing the soul is not an easy task. It requires the viewer to have a pair of “human eyes.” It is not an easy task to have a double eye. It requires the owner of the eye to be snobbish and not blind. When looking at another person, he can remove the identity and status of the other person and capture his bravery and courage as a person. Toughness and hesitation. This is an ability and an option. In fashion photography, Peter Lindberger is such a photographer who can travel through the fog and eventually through the fog.

“There are carnivals everywhere, there are decorations everywhere, people must look crazy and exaggerated. Everyone must look young and dress young. I think it’s a pity that there is a little humanity and the effect will be better.” Peter Lindberg has commented on the current state of fashion photography. Today, as PS technology matures and stars and models become more and more “sold people”, many fashion photography works have become a brand’s promo in fact – in those crazy creative ideas, people are more like business. Tools are no longer beautiful interpreters. For this, Lindbergh has been fighting for more than 40 years: “I don’t like fashion, but fashion is not my focus. Fashion is for women, not for women.” They are too concerned about fashion and forget women.”

Since the publication of the first fashion photo in the German “Star” magazine in 1978, Lindberg has become a unique presence in the field of fashion photography. He refused to exaggerate the decoration, did not guide the model to pose a tweak in front of the camera, and thought that repairing wrinkles and pores with PS was a “human tragedy” and insisted on black and white photography. This kind of stubling has given many stylists a problem, because when the stylist moves out of a pile of high-end fashionable clothes, Lindberg always asks: “Is there a white shirt and jeans?”

Straightforward, naked, and honest, Lindbergh’s photographs are always trying to restore the original appearance of the characters. This casual style made him once marginalized by the fashion circle. Until 1988, the fashion devil head Anna Winter was in charge of Vogue, and he ushered in more opportunities to shoot covers and topics. Many people ask him why he loves black and white photography. He said that black and white is more real than color. This is also the evaluation of Lindbergh’s work by American Photography: There is a surprising truth.

On September 3, 2019, 74-year-old Lindbergh died in Paris. His widow, the same photographer, did not announce more details. In their later years, they lived next to Picasso’s former studio, very close to art, and far from popular. There are many fashion events in Paris every year, but Lindbergh is interested. He prefers to shoot around the world compared to flying around Vanity Fair. In his photo, the black model Naomi Campbell danced naked in the rain. French actress Sophie Marceau was tired and lazy standing on the wall with messy hair. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi once filled The face of the pregnancy is facing the lens… After Lindberg’s death, Zhang Ziyi expressed his mourning on Weibo. She recalled the first process of working with Lindberg. She said that his request is the simplest and most challenging in the world, because he “No make up no fancy clothing”, as long as the most real people. At that time, Zhang Ziyi had just had a baby, and his body and skin did not recover. Lindbergh persuaded her: “Those who are brought by small life are the most authentic stories! You have attitude, strength, and you will shine the most moving light in my lens.” Later, that The photographic work became one of Zhang Ziyi’s most courageous photos, and Lindbergh also passed on the photos to convey more common and simple values. He said: “To let women, let everyone, free from the fear of youth and perfection.”