Peerless thief: a poor man with 1.4 billion

He used to be in Europe for 10 years, committing crimes every 15 days, stealing more than 170 museums in 7 countries, and stealing more than 200 worth of artworks, with a cumulative amount of $1.4 billion! However, the number one thief in history in order to “satisfy his own aesthetics”, while sitting in a collection of hundreds of millions of dollars, lived a poor life…

The art thief who is not greedy for money is named Steven Brett Weiser. He is particularly fond of places like art galleries and museums. Whenever he sees a rare treasure, he will think about it forever.

Once he met Annie at the museum, the two quickly fell in love. A few months later they went to visit the museum in a village in Tann. A beautiful, classical pistol that was built in 1730 deeply attracted Brett Weiser.

He remembered that his father had also collected a classical pistol, but it was far less beautiful than this one. Brett Weiser has an impulse to think of himself as a madman. This is a very small museum with no decent security and the box with the pistol is open. Annie, a girlfriend on the side, whispered, “Do it!”

In this way, Brett Weiser completed the theft of the first classical art in his life under the cover and cover of his girlfriend. Since then, the Pandora’s Box has been opened, and the two have never been able to become a “stolen thief” across the European continent. The two of them drove the action, museums, art galleries, galleries, art exhibitions… but whatever he saw, no matter where he is, he must get it.

In the next six years, Brett Weiser has stolen more than 200 pieces of classical art worth 1.4 billion. What makes people most confused is that they are not sold in the same way.

He carefully hangs the stolen artwork in his bedroom, in the storage room, and with professional decoration and lighting! His stolen masterpieces can even form a museum comparable to any of the world’s greatest museums.

In November 2001, Brett Weiser went to the Lucerne Museum in Switzerland to sneak a picture. After stealing a classical bug from the museum, after only two days, he ran back to prepare to steal another item. This time, what he didn’t expect was that he was stared at by a reporter and was quickly captured by the police on the spot.

It is a pity that Breitwiser’s mother got the news of her son’s arrest, and in the first place, she threw all of her son’s seemingly “stolen things” into the Rhine. But the Swiss police quickly found the seemingly inconspicuous but expensive collections that the mother did not know.

Brett Weiser was arrested in an instant! After many years, he was released. He seemed to “make a big deal” and decided to abandon “ethics” and no longer obsessed with possessing “guarding” the artworks, but resolutely “realizing” them.

So he returned to steal the old business, but in early February 2019, he failed to escape the high-tech law and was arrested again! The court announced that he would not be able to access museums, galleries and other related places for life.

The most burgeoning thief in the history of stealing in order to “satisfy his own aesthetic temperament” finally realized that the true love of art is to try to make it last forever, instead of treating them as their own… …