New cane can navigate

The blind cane has evolved from a wooden stick into a metal cane that can be stretched and shortened. Although it becomes more portable, the blind people still have to rely on the feel and touch to explore the road. However, according to Spain’s “20 Minutes” report on the 16th, a Turkish electronic engineer who is also a disabled person has developed a smart electronic blind cane, a blind can with navigation function can be described as a technological innovation.

According to the report, the smart cane uses Google’s navigation function as a guide for the blind. It has the function of listening and releasing voice commands. The blind person only needs to speak the instructions. After Google finds the target and responds and confirms, it can start. In addition to the navigation function, the intelligent blind can also be equipped with a touch sensing device. After setting the distance, the blind can issue a voice warning to the obstacles within the set range. After many times of using data feedback and software precision adjustments, the smart cane has fully met the design standard and sold on the shelves. The price is 500 euros (1 euro is about 7.8 yuan), but the current language is only English and Turkish.

Japanese politicians, like celebrities, are well-positioned and even worn out, including the brand of watches they wear.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prefers Japanese-made watches. According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on the 16th, on the 11th of this month, Abe announced that he had worn a Japanese-made “MINASE” watch when the cabinet was reorganized. The blue dial is very individual. He was recommended by his wife at the G20 summit in June this year and the G7 summit in August. Abe said that he hopes to support local companies by wearing domestic brands at international conferences. Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso loves foreign-branded watches, especially the classical dials that are simple and clear, with a clear text, mainly for convenience.

Defence Minister Kono Taro had been questioned by netizens when he met with the South Korean foreign minister. Because the watch looked at the golden, some netizens criticized: his official second generation show off the rich, actually wearing a gold watch! Kono immediately returned, saying that the watch he wore was bamboo, how can he show off his wealth? It turned out that he wore the souvenir of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN. It was made of bamboo. Some netizens found that their online price was equivalent to RMB 200. Kono was smashed, but this watch became a net red. Many netizens dumped this cheap and chic bamboo watch and said they also wanted to buy one.

The Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping plans to use 300 drones to help map the map so that the country has a more accurate map in the future.

For a long time, India maps lacked higher precision and electronics. According to the “India Times” reported on the 16th, the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping for the first time plans to use 300 drones to map. A national map policy previously adopted by India clearly stated that all socio-economic development activities, natural resource conservation, disaster mitigation planning and infrastructure development require high-quality stereo data. Officials involved in the project said that the use of drones would enable them to produce high-resolution images of rural areas, which would facilitate the digitization of maps. Gilish Kumar, Director of the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, said: “Our goal is to provide high-resolution maps.” He went on to say that aerial photography was used to map earlier, but this method is very expensive and has limitations. The drone can fly freely over a wider area, helping to capture sharper and higher resolution images.

the recent documents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) show that the agency had high hopes for training animals to monitor Soviet projects during the Cold War. The animals involved are varied and include cats, dogs, dolphins and a variety of smart birds.

One of the Ravens named “DoDa” was the “star” role of the CIA’s 10-year project. It is said to be good at carrying heavy loads and avoiding other attackers. In addition, the CIA is also trying to use the cat as a “sound monitoring tool” for roaming around, implanting electronic devices into the dog’s brain to see if they can be remotely controlled. However, such projects have not made great progress.

The CIA has devoted more energy to training dolphins as potential “deliberate vandals” and trying to train them to secretly sneak into Soviet ports to place explosives, sonar buoys and missile detectors to help the United States detect the development of Soviet nuclear submarine fleets. However, these projects were eventually abandoned by the agency, and the US Navy, which still uses dolphins and seals, is developing projects.

the London Police Department, which provides services to more than 8 million people in Greater London, admitted that at least 300,000 cases were abandoned in 2018, accounting for 36% of the total number of cases reported. In 2017, 34% increased slightly. The Northamptonshire and Cleveland County police even said that their abandonment rate was as high as 40%.

According to the report, due to the police force, it is necessary to optimize the use of resources. When the police decide that the crime is not harmful or the evidence is too small, it will abandon the investigation or perfunctory. Activists believe that the conviction rate of theft and robbery is decreasing every month, which will inevitably weaken the shock of criminals.

Goodwin, of the British Criminal Lawyers Association, said that this number shocked law-abiding citizens. She is indignant, how serious is the burglary and theft to reach the standard worthy of handling the case? Although politicians are constantly talking about fighting crime, the victims are easily overlooked!

The study found that half of Spaniards lost an item on average every week. This means that Spaniards often spend a lot of time looking for lost items. In order to solve the problem of wasting too much time in the search for lost property, IKEA and the Spanish research institute are designing a simple signal receiver that can be installed on items such as keys and glasses that are easily littered. The corresponding number is connected to a dedicated transmitter. When people can’t find these items, they can press the corresponding number on the transmitter, and the micro buzzer on the item’s signal receiver will make a “beep” sound to help people determine the position of the item.