Mysterious paintings found in the Parpa Canyon of South America

Huge ground paintings were discovered in the Parpa Canyon in the suburbs of Nasca, Peru. Draw a subtle painting on the surface of the mountain, as if it were “outside the sky.” Palpat’s various huge paintings are far from the “old astronauts” – the information left by aliens? !

A Peruvian archaeologist, led by Dr. Luis Jamie Castillo Butlers, used an unmanned aerial vehicle to investigate the area and found 25 paintings.

“The ground paintings discovered this time are mostly depicting the image of warriors. Because the size of the paintings is huge, they can be seen from far away places. However, as time goes by, some of the paintings are partially missing. Some have even disappeared completely,” Dr. Butlers said. The PhD also said that from the shape of the “Palpa painting”, it is highly likely that it belongs to the era before the Nazca civilization, that is, the Paragas civilization that existed between 200 BC and 500 BC, or Topala The product of civilization.

The famous Nasca paintings are found near the paintings. The Nasca paintings must be seen from the air to see the whole picture. However, Palpa’s paintings are drawn on the surface of the mountain, and you can see the whole picture from the ground up. Maybe the ground painting was drawn in such a position to be able to see it from the ground.

In addition, Nascar’s paintings are mainly composed of straight lines and graphic elements. In contrast, the characteristics of Parpa’s paintings are more inclined to depict humans and animals through realistic shapes.

As Dr. Butlers said, Parpa’s paintings contain important information that is closely related to the two civilizations of Paragas and Topala. Because of this discovery, you can learn more about the timeline of the ancient civilizations of South America from Paracas to Topala and then to the Nazca.

Part of the ground painting discovered this time. It may be a person with a mask.

Among the ground paintings found, because the paintings are not “warriors”, but creatures with multiple skulls and creatures with two faces on the body, there is a view that the content of the paintings is drawn by aliens.

This ground painting may depict a killer whale.

In the land paintings found, there are also several images of animals.

This time, I also discovered a painting based on the image of the Kachina doll “elf” and “out-of-the-way” who mimicked the North American Hopi.

According to the framework of mainstream archaeology, as the doctor said, the head with a bold ornament is the warrior. However, considering the nuances of the Hopi khaki dolls, the paintings resembling the Kachina’s figures are unlikely to be “outsiders”, that is, ancient astronauts or aliens.

There is also a painting of killer whales. It is impossible to know the existence of killer whales in a nation that lived in Peru 2000 years ago. This painting has always been the center of the topic.

A warrior resembling a khaki doll, and a killer whale that was completely impossible to know at the time. Therefore, there is a view that the paintings in the vicinity are actually creation myths in the form visible to the naked eye.

George Gio A. Zocalos, the producer of the series “Ancient Cosmic Man” on the history channel, spoke of Parpa’s paintings. “I think that the mountains around the area, including the mountains painted with paintings, are intentionally designed and created by human means.”

Erich von Denigan, who is famous for his “old astronaut theory”, believes that “Nascar paintings may follow Parpa’s paintings.” He added, “The reason for the religious nature of the paintings is more reasonable. Whether it is Nascar or Parpa, the current elements of the exploration of the gods and the sky are lacking.”

If Denigan says that it is true, then Parpa’s paintings are the product of the reverence of the heavens or the aliens.

According to the creation myth, more than 2,000 years ago, ancient astronauts (aliens) came to the earth with great pains. Perhaps they used devices like launchers to appear directly in front of people at the time. So the people of Paracas Civilization painted their own views on the mountain. The place to become a “canvas” is actually the terrain caused by ancient astronauts.