Mercedes-Benz SUV: A legendary journey requires a good car

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz’s advertising style, most people will use the atmosphere and life feelings to evaluate. Recently, Mercedes-Benz advertising is like poisoning, and the style of painting is abrupt, and it is on the road of selling cute and funny.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz SUVs used the classic film and television bridge section to launch three exaggerated viral advertisements. These three commercials were created by the BBDO Beijing team and named “The Summit”, “God of Heaven” and “Sansei III”, which tell a series of legendary journeys by astrologers, elves and reincarnations. The commercial film reversal in several classic dramas, highlighting the Mercedes-Benz SUV’s driving comfort and performance, and pointed out that driving a Mercedes-Benz SUV will make the legendary journey no longer difficult.

In recent years, the attempt to change the style of car advertising has not been the first example. This is not only to break the stereotype of car advertising, but also to attract consumers’ attention. It is also an attempt by the brand to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers and to draw closer to young people. By borrowing the spoof form that young people like, the brand image will be more intimate, so as to enhance the goodwill of the new generation of young people to the mid-to-high-end car brands.

Of course, for traditional car brands such as Mercedes-Benz SUVs, the change in advertising style is a double-edged sword. While pulling closer, it may also cause some middle-aged consumers to accept incompetence or make the brand image unclear. But no matter what, the brand’s courage to dare to try is still worthy of our praise!

As a very influential national mother and baby brand, the company launched a public welfare project on the issue of children’s companionship in welfare homes on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and helped the children with the help of music.

The charity event invited the mothers from nine countries to sing a traditional lullaby, recorded a “Lullaby of the World” album, and used the H5 form to spread the “One Dollar Lullaby Companion Program” to users, guiding users to spend Buy an album for one dollar, participate in fundraising activities, and pay attention to the issue of orphan companionship. At the same time, the warmth of the public interest TVC “Pillow Love Song: A little more companionship”, from the perspective of an ordinary mother to see the children’s precious “first time” and sing a lullaby warm companionship. For children in Hope House for Children, getting enough care is not easy, let alone getting other emotional concerns. Therefore, the funds raised by the event will be used to hire more caregivers for the children and give them better care and companionship.

The use of music’s delicate and gentle touch to the public, and the public’s initial heart and responsibility to the public, so that they feel the social value in such a more temperature-sensitive activities, this is the meaning of the brand’s charity activities. Just like a child who is accompanied by a lullaby, the brand of the bird will grow up with vitality.

In recent years, Oreo, who is “uneasy”, is always changing the pattern to sell biscuits. This is not the case. On the day of Tmall Super Brand Day, it still continues the delicious and playful brand tonality, and it has launched a black and full-featured taste. Oreo DJ, once again played the biscuits to a new height.

This DJ stand consists of a black main unit and a white sub-machine. It looks like a mini, but its function is not to be underestimated. Simply change the shape of the cookie and place it on the tray, you can switch 55 pieces of moving melody at will. Together with the position of the auxiliary machine, it can also successfully unlock the four genres of ethnic, jazz, electronic, and hip-hop, and play 525 different cool patterns. In addition, the joint brand ambassador Wang Yuan, Oreo also launched a customized gift box with the exclusive song “Baby” on the network to spread widely, not only earned enough eyeballs, but also brushed the sense of existence.

Adding new and trendy gameplay and making eating cookies more interesting has always been a feature of Oreo. It not only positions itself as a casual snack, but also creates itself into a textured “artwork”. From color-filling, music boxes, AR game consoles to current DJ disc players, Oreo constantly refreshes consumers’ perceptions of its own, making full use of its creativity and imagination to attract the attention of the audience. Infused with more fresh energy.