Mastitis caused by soup and “comb”

I have encountered a variety of patients in the breast department, there are some lactating mothers, they are affected by the incorrect health knowledge of the older generation, unfortunately suffering from mastitis. In recent days, several emergency breastfeeding mothers have come to the emergency department. After reading their stories, it may be helpful for breastfeeding mothers.

– Mastitis from bowl of soup

Xiaomei is 29 years old. Just 6 days after cesarean section, she came to the emergency room of the hospital in a wheelchair. After a gynaecological examination, the infection of the incision and inflammation of the pelvis were ruled out, and she was advised to go to the breast department. A tired and painful little beauty was in a wheelchair, and her husband pushed into my clinic. Her mother-in-law took a big bag and followed them, and she was nervous.

“How uncomfortable?” I asked.

“It took a day to burn. Starting this morning, my body is also very soft. I have no strength and my head hurts. Am I catching a cold?” Xiaomei replied.

“How much is the highest burn?” I asked.

“39 degrees.” Xiaomei’s husband answered.

“Is there a runny nose and a sore throat? Is there any discomfort in the breast?” I asked.

“The breasts on both sides have a little pain, but it is very hot.” Xiaomei said.

“The top coat is untied and I check it out.” I said.

After examination, Xiaomei’s breasts have some scattered tenderness, but there is no obvious lumps, and the milk is also relatively smooth, but the milk in some of the milk holes looks sticky.

“I forgot to feed my baby last night?” I asked.

“Children are in the neonatal intensive care unit, we are all squeezed out.” Xiaomei’s husband replied.

“How often do you squeeze it? How many times a day?” I asked.

“5 to 6 times a day, about three and a half or four or five hours to squeeze.” Xiaomei’s husband replied.

“What did you eat last night?” I asked.

“I ate chicken soup and trotters soup last night. I felt uncomfortable in the middle of the night, and it became more and more serious during the day. I had a fever in the afternoon.” Xiaomei said.

“Why are you drinking soup? The child is not around, the milk is not lacking, do you drink so greasy things?” I asked.

“When you see it, I said that I should not drink so greasy things, let me drink, the teacher said before the pregnant women school.” Xiaomei was unhappy and looked at her mother-in-law with Yu Guang.

“You are still in the month, the body is empty, thinking about giving you up, we gave birth to a child who eats 10 eggs a chicken a day, and you are not like that.” The mother-in-law seems a little wronged.

“Auntie, 40 years of reform and opening up, people’s material living standards have been significantly improved. It is not necessary to make up the way in the past. Excessive nourishment will make the milk thick and sticky, which will cause siltation and inflammation.” The mother-in-law said.

“That gave birth to a child to eat?” Xiaomei’s husband rushed to fight.

“How do you usually eat your wife when you have a baby? You have to live with the moon.” I said.

“The moon has been a day, oh, understand.” Xiaomei’s husband said to himself, thoughtfully.

“What do you do now?” Xiaomei asked.

“First check the blood routine, see if the infection is heavy, and then decide whether you need to use antibiotics. If the infection is not heavy, you can get it through scientific breast management,” I said.

The three of them took the test application and left the clinic.

An abs with a “comb”

In addition to a bowl of soup, as a doctor in the breast department, I am still afraid of a “comb”. The reason why the comb is quoted is that it is not just a comb for combing hair, it refers to “all violent breast dredges.” What happened to Xiaoli reflects the power of this “comb”.

Xiaoli is 32 years old and has two children. Dabao is 5 years old. Erbao is currently 4 months old and is breastfeeding.

Things started 5 days ago. Because I slept in the evening, Xiaoli felt that the left breast was too hard to get up in the morning, so let the child suck again. The two treasures sucked most of the place, but there was a hard block about the size of the walnut above the breast. No suction, slightly painful.

Xiaoli’s mother said, “Nothing, it’s blocking the milk. I will open it for you. When I fed you to stop the milk, your grandmother used the back of the comb to push it away. Because you don’t know it here, all 揉It will hurt a bit, you have to bear it.”

Xiaoli thought, isn’t it just through the milk, how much pain can the mother release? I have experienced twice in the delivery, is there any pain than this? So let my mother start giving him milk.

However, this pass of milk made her unforgettable. According to her afterwards, the pain is several times more painful than the birth. Her mother also used a comb back, scraping the slab to make the hard knot, toss for nearly 2 hours, did not get through the hard knot, but it hurt Xiaoli half dead. It was passed for two more days, and it was also treated with very hot water. Every time she bit her teeth, she insisted on the theory that “the general rule is not painful, the pain is not acceptable”. In order to let the child eat breast milk, it hurts again. Also have to endure.

In this way, three days have passed, and I have experienced nearly two hours of hell-like torment every day, but the induration of Xiaoli’s left breast has not narrowed, but has become bigger and bigger, more and more painful, more and more red, and finally At the time of the hospital, there was already an egg size, the surface was red and swollen, and it was fluent.

On the same day, Xiaoli made a puncture of the abscess, and took out 30 ml of yellow-green viscous pus. After a week of treatment, 3 punctures, she finally came home, and continued breastfeeding.

Is there a mistake in the theory that “the general rule is not painful, but the pain is not acceptable”? There may be nothing wrong with it, because when the milk is unobstructed, the breasts certainly don’t hurt: when the milk is not well deposited, there will be pain. However, it describes the local symptoms and signs of the breast, which is static, rather than an excuse for violent lactation. Breast dredge can be non-violent, painless or painful.

There are many reasons for induration in the breast during lactation. The milk deposition caused by simple catheter blockage can be alleviated by changing the child’s breastfeeding posture, through the correct and gentle method, and the local cold compress. However, if a cyst, a package, or a localized pus has been formed, it cannot be discharged by hand. Even some breast-feeding breasts during pregnancy and lactation show breast lumps, and it is even more difficult to confuse.

Advice and advice

Breastfeeding should be scientific, and don’t follow the old experience. No excessive nourishment during lactation, excessive intake of greasy food, but easy to cause milk deposition, increase the risk of mastitis.

As a breastfeeding mother, when breast induration occurs during breastfeeding, remember not to violent massage. When you can’t get rid of it, you can ask an experienced breastfeeding instructor to help you to clear the induration by adjusting the breastfeeding and the attachment posture, and assisting with a gentle massage technique. If the induration is not absorbed for 48 hours, the breast ultrasound examination should be performed in time to understand the nature of the induration, and if necessary, a diagnostic puncture should be performed to exclude the breast abscess.

Regular diet during lactation, maintain a happy mood, breastfeed on demand, learn breastfeeding knowledge in advance, find active breast milk guidance and actively intervene, help to improve the success rate of breastfeeding, prolong breastfeeding time, and reduce the occurrence of related diseases.